38 thoughts on “YOU’LL HAVE TO JOIN THE €…”

  1. Did he lie or is he just clueless about the EU? I tend towards the latter. Corbyn is a particularly insular leader. For example, we never see him meeting other European socialist leaders or attempting to form international alliances with like-minded political groups. This is the kind of thing we should expect from someone who intends to be the next Prime Minister. Hey, don’t laugh! I honestly don’t think his world stretches much further than his rusty bike can take him.

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    1. Well, you could be right.

      But I was counting on the fact that a man making a speech to a branch of a political party (HIS political party), even one with as few adherents as the Scottish branch of Labour, would try to get his facts right. The alternative is to open himself to ridicule.

      I also thought that Corbyn was inherently a decent bloke, even if he was a terrible leader. Playing fair would have been something I’d have expected of him.

      I really feel badly let down… and I haven’t a clue why, because he owes me nothing.

      But maybe he just simply doesn’t know. In that case, he would have been better to let his commoners and lords have a free vote, rather than shipping them on something he clearly knows sod all about.

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      1. You’re right that he probably didn’t write his speech but I’m guessing that his inner circle are people just like him – old Labour types with the same policy fixations and insular views. I’m sure they’re great on Marxist theory and historic Left schisms but detail and the modern world is not their bag at all.

        I felt badly let down, too. I’ve actually managed to move beyond that and now I’m just frothing mad every time he opens his mouth and puts his foot in it.

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        1. Rather like the branch office, it is hard to know who could follow him.

          Someone who could command the respect of the hard right faction of MPs (most of them), but left wing enough to get the grass roots out to chap the doors, or I suppose knock, as it’s England.

          It’s the biggest party in these islands, but if they topple Corbyn and replace him with a Blairite, I’m not sure that they won’t fall behind the Liberal Democrats.


    2. I’m with Terry on Corbyn simply being clueless.

      But what gets me is, what is do special about the £? I don’t care what you pay me in our what currency you accept so long as I earn enough to but the things I need & most of what I want. Brits & their £…

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        1. Did you see, Terry, that Nissan have demanded £100 million from Davis to stay for a while in the UK? It’s not a lot in terms of a massive debt, or of the cost jobswise of letting Nissan relocate to Ireland or Hungary… but once they get it, who else will?

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  2. I know! Jezza and Kezza have been replaced by simulacra from a different universe, or the same very top secret factory in the asteroid belt that makes Donald Trumps and their hairweaves, and their programming has gone awry because reasons! Jezza is still in 2014 and still doing one of Project Fear’s favourite singalong numbers! Kezza has a programming glitch that forces her to say “federalism” at random and inappropriate intervals between the “SNP Baaaad!” bits!

    By the way, the orangutans on Sunday were lovely. I liked them very much. Thank you.

    P.S. That Lord Mandelson’s one too – he was singing that ol’ trade embargo song just the other day, and for a minute I thought the lyrics were about Europe putting an embargo on England, which sounded more likely, frankly, but in the end I decided the tune was the hokey-cokey.

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    1. LOL. You should comment more often. I was rocking about laughing there. Brilliant.

      Glad you liked the orangs.

      I could do a Soppy Sunday about Mandelson if you like…

      …OK OK OK. I won’t. Promise.

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      1. Thank you! No, no, Mandelson is not an orangutan, because I like orangutans. Actually, he’d pretty much fallen off my radar in recent years – I do remember him starring with Alastair Campbell in the Blair Snitch Project, but thought he’d retired into well-deserved obscurity since then.

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  3. It’s all they have Tris, lies and deceit, threats and scaremongering. A complete lack of respect for the electorate and the office they hold. They are the so called law makers, and can barely string two sentences together without burying the truth. They are not fit for purpose, at least not our purpose, honest, caring government.
    They won’t be missed, but they will be remembered.

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    1. I’m trying to remember what their purpose is Golfie.

      Something to do with self aggrandisement and enriching. Possibly in some cases a good deal to do with sex. And a fair amount to do with alcohol.

      Can’t think of much else.


  4. It must be something in the air in Scotland that affects mainly Labour politicians.
    As soon as they cross the border,the lies just keep on coming out of their mouths and there is nothing they can do to stop it.
    That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it.

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    1. It’s as good as any, I have to admit.

      Funnily the Liberal Dems are quite good at it too. (Look at dear old Alistair).

      I guess the Tories will pick up on it when they are sent up to protect their empire.


  5. However, we all know that more than a few of our immutabley content country men and women will hear and read his comments and with their mouths hanging open like gold fish, will take on what he says without further question. These thousands are hearing him and not hearin us, what to do????????
    I’m running out of steam to come out of my ears!!!!!!

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    1. I find that another glass of Merlot is good for that!!!

      I guess the answer to that is happing doors, writing blogs, getting other people to speak and…getting rid of the Daily Express. Although how you do the last, I’m not at all sure!


  6. Just in case that DIMWIT of a “leader” reads Munguin’s Tris I’ll leave a couple of pointers here for HIS education!

    First up, in order for ANY country to join the Euro they must first of all satisfy FIVE distinct criteria:

    Price Stability
    Sound Public Finances
    Sustainable Public Finances
    Durability of Convergence
    Exchange rate stability

    You can see how these criteria are measured and what the actual criteria are in the link below.

    Now as far as actually using the Euro is concerned as you will well remember Tris I have made a few points about this over the years so here I go again. *YAWN*

    There are, currently, 28 countries who are members of the E.U. Of this number there are NINE countries who have have joined the E.U. but incredibly do NOT use the Euro. The nine countries in question are:

    Bulgaria joined 2007
    Croatia joined 2013
    Czech Republic joined 2004
    Denmark joined 1973
    Hungary joined 2004
    Poland joined 2004
    Romania joined 2007
    Sweden joined 1995
    U.K. joined 1973

    So basically if countries have been joining the E.U. since 1973 and are STILL not using the Euro then it makes utter nonsense for an independent Scotland to use the Euro on two fronts.

    Firstly joining the Euro is a VOLUNTARY decision that is made by the country in question.

    Secondly a country like a newly independent Scotland would be unable to join the Euro on day one of independence because as part of fulfilling the FIVE criteria listed above there is a two year minimum limit that these criteria MUST be met and MAINTAINED before acceptance into the Euro.

    “According to the Treaty, at least once every two years, or at the request of a Member State with a derogation, the Commission and the European Central Bank assess the progress made by the euro-area candidate countries and publish their conclusions in respective convergence reports.”


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    1. I know this is a pet subject of yours, Arbroath, and that you have a good knowledge of it.

      I’m pretty sure that Mr Corbyn will have been briefed on it too.

      I lose respect for politicians who knowingly lie to present their case. Making suppositions is one thing. Openly lying is another.

      I wonder how long it will be before they start telling pensioners [again] that their pensions will stop the day after a YES vote?


  7. Goodness, a mere pleb like me knows about convergence and how you go about avoiding it.

    I am not sure he is a liar, exactly. He just seems a bit thick.


  8. I think Corbyn would be well advised to stay in Islington and concentrate of the problems he has there. He’s been their MP for circa 34 years and Islington has the highest recorded rate of child poverty in England – or should that be London? Same difference, really). Please rearrange the following into a well known phrase or saying; mote-eye-thine- out-take-own-the. Well, you get my drift.

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  9. When JC was elected leader of the Labour Party I had some hope that it might be a good thing, an antidote to the poison of Blairism.

    Since then I have moved through disappointment, disbelief and anger, to arrive eventually at contempt for his failure to effectively oppose Tory welfare cuts and lunatic austerity and his wilful arrogant ignorance about Scotland, and indeed, it seems, anything outside his Islington bubble.

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    1. I supported him fully all the way through the hard history he has had. Perhaps I just wanted to see the Hariet Harmans and Hilary Benns of this world put in their place. But I think I had hoped for a Labour Party like a Labour Party should be.

      Really, if there ever was time for a really strong opposition, it is now.

      There is a not very competent prime minister, out of her depth on Brexit, her relationship with a mentally dubious American orange thing, a situation in Northern Ireland, and economic problems on a massive scale, who is being pushed further and further to the right by someone as ridiculous as Paul Nuttall (who makes Alistair Carmichael look like he tells the truth)… and the real opposition only has 56 members.

      I’m furious about the abstentions and the disarray on the Labour benches.

      More than with him, it’s the right wing plotters I want rid of. I really hope they are deselected.


  10. Further to Arbroath1320

    I note that the UK has been in the club since 1973 and still doesn’t use the Euro.

    We need to be told why! Mr Corbyn please explain! I am too stupid to understand this conundrum.

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    1. Because the UK was always a semi detached member of the EU. It always supposed it was better, and that the pound was a superior currency. It would probably only be happy using the dollar.

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      1. Well, the pound is trading at about $1.24 right now (28 Feb 2017), and in the past couple of years it’s been as high as almost $1.59 and as low as just over $1.20 (source: xe.com). As we haven’t even started Brexit yet, even if the regime has already started doing its damnedest to chuck out as many “foreigners” as it can, my crystal balls tell me that the pound has further to fall… maybe they’ll start using the dollar instead when it hits parity…

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        1. Zimbabwean dollar?

          When they get going I can imagine the bottom falling out of it. heaven help us.

          Lets have our own currency and f tis a problem we can link it to a similar type currency… I dunno, Scandinavian or something.

          Not the pound though .

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  11. tris, I’m sorry, but this guy knows exactly what he is saying and knows it’s a lie. This is the start of scaring the bejesus oot ‘o our auld folk again, to try and ensure another “no” vote. “You’ll loose yir pension” will be the next thing on the agenda. It’s all they’ve got left. We need to put these two items to bed so our auld folk can vote yes with confidence.

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    1. Ha, yeah Tree, I’m waiting for the pension scares and the attacks from North Korea and the man on the moon.

      It’s going to get worse before it gets better.


      1. I thought we made a mistake during the last referendum by saying that a Scottish government would take charge of existing pension arrangements.
        However,having seen how those b******s operate in the London establishment,I wouldn’t put it past them to declare anyone who no longer lives in Blighty would be ineligible for their state pension.
        No,we need to be able to demonstrate our ability to continue existing arrangements but under our management.
        Pensioners should be more afraid of what might happen under continuing Tory control of their income and health services.

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        1. I’m not sure what that was about. Probably that they would enhance the pension which is one of the worst in the developed world when compared with average earnings.

          For sure,though, people who paid into the UK pension scheme have to get their pension. Unless of course, the UK decides to become North Korea and cut off all contact with anyone outside their shores.


  12. Weird, all else aside, I was under the impression he campaigned to stay in the EU, why he would argue against those who have the chance to do just escapes me….oh wait. The pesky Scots with a leader like Sturgeon did vote to stay in while England, and Labour Wales where he is the Leader, voted out. Sort of rankles I suppose, though if he was a Leader he would have have come up with a more measured, intelligent response than ‘I can’t have so you can’t have it’.
    After seeing all the tweets from people in England despairing of what has happened to their country, it seems to me if a few million of those remainers, if they wanted to make a strong statement, were to join the SNP for a couple of years, that would scare the holy shit out of the Tories and Labour. At the very least they would have taken a realistic opposition position.
    Maybe we could start a campaign.

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    1. I think there are a lot of SNP members in England. I heard that there was a branch in London.

      Last night I read a tweet from someone who said he was moving here from England so that he could vote in the referendum and gert away from permanent Tory rule. And the thing is that this woman, driven as she is by Paul Nuttall and the Nutjobs, makes Thatcher look almost human.

      I dunno if we have readers in England. If we do, maybe they’d like to do some campaigning. They have the benefits of at least 56 Scottish MPs rooting for decency.


  13. Just as a wee aside, sort of, Tris.

    Apparently there was a vote in the House of Lords last night on Mayhem’s A50 bill that is going through Westminster.

    As we ALL know, because oor wee Jeremy has told us it is so, the Labour fight back starts here … apparently. Well just so there is NO mistake the Lords voted DOWN Peter Hain’s amendment to keep the U.K. IN the Single Market. This is from Faisal Islam last night:

    “Lords just voted down Peter Hain’s attempt to amend the Article 50 Bill to keep UK in Single Market: 299 to 136 – Labour voted with Govt”

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’m just so glad that oor wee Jeremy informed us all that the fight back by Labour had started otherwise we’d all be thinking they were STILL siding with the Tories. This Lords result is clear evidence of that fight back … obviously!

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    1. No no no, Arbroath, pay attention.

      The fightback is a fight for the Tories to rule forever, and without any nasty interference from those unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, but plenty from the unelected House of Peers, as long as they do what May wants.


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