Added to what Liam said (above), the conference saw Jeremy, a man I used to respect, being economical with the truth about the EU referendum and harking back to that old chestnut, the Euro. And warning of a hard border turbo-charged austerity and having to eat flags. Jeremy really needs to go read up on the conditions and terms for joining the Euro. He’d find that we couldn’t join it even if we wanted to. As for the hard border, Ed Miliband tried that threat, and what’s he doing these days? The size of his audience reflects the import of what he had to say.

Then we had dear old Sadiq, another guy I had some respect for, lying through his teeth about nationalism and racism. We all know that that ended badly despite Kez  trying to tell us that he didn’t say what he said.

And then there was Kezia bleating on about ‘Stronger Together’ and saying it wasn’t in any way a rehash of Better Together. No Sir, not at all. Entirely different. I mean “better” starts with a B and “stronger” with an S. There, what did I tell you?

Image result for sadiq khan in scotland

I wonder if being Better… sorry Stronger… together no longer refers to being stronger together in Europe. I mean, only a few short months ago Kezia was telling us, as was Ruth, that we were stronger in the EU. And now we, the Scots, who voted to stay in by a whopping majority, nearly 2-1, are, according to Kezia and Ruth, better or stronger (or whatever) apart. Who knows what they will say next week.

I’m beginning to think that the Labour Party’s branch office don’t really have any policies at all, except for Kez’s “F” plan. (No, not Firmer Together or Fairer Together… and no suggestions from you, Conan!)

I’m talking about the Federal plan, which Gordon Brown promised but then they voted heavily against when they had an opportunity to join with the SNP and Greens and get that outcome in the Smith Commission discussions, or in amendments to the Scotland Act where they voted against the SNP’s proposals. Still, a branch office can change its mind, can’t it?

But, seriously, Kez, do you really think the Tories will go for that?

No, me neither.

And when were you imagining that there would be a Labour government in England again?

Yes, me too.

So it’s not exactly much of a plan, is it? In fact, it’s not a plan at all. It’s something to say that you know will never come true, because neither the Tories nor your own MPs will ever vote for it. So basically it’s bullshit.

Still, Stronger Together sounds catchy. It’s a pity that in reality it is “Stuffed Together”.


  1. What a shame eh? There’s poor Kez trying her best to deny what was said despite it being repeated. Still, Kez, for what it’s worth you remain leader of a moribund branch office. How sad, too bad, but never mind, eh?

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    1. They don’t really have anyone else.

      They’ve gone down as far as they can go.

      There was Donald and then Jack, then there was Wendy, Iain and Johann. Each one worse than the one before. (Well, maybe not Johann. I mean who could be worse than Gray?)

      Ah yes, who indeed. Well, then they went completely bonkers and had Murphy, a right wing nut job Blairite.

      Kezia fits in nicely at the end of that line of failures.

      Of course, if they want to take it a stage further and completely disappear then they could, I suppose, have Sarwar.

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  2. “Of course, if they want to take it a stage further and completely disappear then they could, I suppose, have Sarwar.”

    I wouldn’t put it past them. Such a scenario would dovetail nicely with his innate sense of entitlement. Ability is not a consideration.

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  3. I genuinely believe SLAB could go into single figures in the council elections and they’ll only have themselves to blame. Like you I had some time for Corbyn and Khan but they have lost my respect. They nailed it in their speeches – the nail unfortunately is in SLAB’s coffin.

    BTW I preferred the pictures in the last post 🙂

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    1. The last post was of agreeable primates. This one is of disagreeable ones.

      It shows how they treat their people. Corbyn was out and out lying. It’s not hard to see that they would go about telling pensioners that their pensions finished the day they voted YES.

      They open their mouths and say anything.

      They seem to have an obsession about foreigners and abroad and racism, which we don’t seem to share.

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      1. Am I alone in this? I quite like foreigners and abroad. Some of my best friends on this internet thingy were, and presumably still are, Asians.

        It really annoys me that our government sets a ‘price’ for entry to the UK.

        No-one consulted me on that.

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        1. I can’t understand all this nonsense. It’s who you are, not what colour, nationality or religion you are. Like you many of my closest friends are “foreign”.

          It doesn’t occur to me most of the time, although I suppose some of them have accents. And sometimes it’s me who has an accent.

          Who cares?

          May is using human beings as a bargaining chip. Funny, I don’t remember that in her Bible.

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    2. Who will form the core of Better Together 2? This time around it would need to be the Tories, who are now Scotland’s 2nd party. The Tories might be the 2nd party but they’re still not exactly all that popular north of the border. Given the disaster of Labour-led Better Together 1, I’m not all that sure if the disappearance of Labour is a good or bad thing for the next indy ref 🙂

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      1. That’s a very good question. I don’t think Alistair would want to do it again. He’s got his ermine. Brown was made a fool of by Cameron. I’ve no idea what his relationship with May is.

        But Labour said that they wouldn’t join Better Together? No Thanks, Ukoks Two this time. It will be hard not to though, because they will be saying the same stuff.

        Who could lead for the Tories? Someone who is Scottish would be best, and with a bit of gravitas. So that lets out any of the people in Edinburgh coz they are seriously crap.

        Liam Fox is too busy making a complete mess of Brexit and he and gravitas don’t belong on the same planet…so who does that leave?

        Wee Govey?

        They could look to a minority party… One of the Liberal Democrat ‘grandees’? Alistair Carliar? Danny Alexander? David Steele?

        Nope, I don’t see it.

        There’s that bloke from UKIPS, the large one. Coburn?

        OK. I give up.

        And remember Labour will have to participate in some way. So they will need a person to front THEIR campaign.

        Anas? LOL LOL LOL.

        Suggestions on a post card to Munguin @ Munguin Towers.


        1. I don’t know if he has any sway with ordinary voters. I expect he does with some. He probably has no sway with May and her team. I wonder if they were going to have him as their bagman, wouldn’t he have been invited to the conference to start getting the faithful (all 200 of them), motivated? My feeling is that they should have someone who wasn’t much involved in the lies that were told last time. Yes, they worked at the time, but one by one the promises have been broken and the threats made have happened anyway.

          I agree that Davidson is probably the best bet, but she can’t possibly do that job and be leader of the opposition at the same time.

          It would be too much of a job and it would look like they were a one man band.


      1. That the way it works on here. It’s fine. There’s no other way on WordPress. Yeah, I did see it. It’s awesome. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Wouldn’t have wanted to miss it.


      2. I don’t know if I’m getting the wrong end of the stick here but it occurs to me that if they disguised female pandas to look like that guys wellies then their legendary breeding problems would be solved.

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  4. Aye but Kez is the gift that keeps on giving. If she falls on her sword when they get humped in May, who gets the VX lined crown next? Sarwar would obviously be a gift to us in Indyref 2, but there’s a couple of evil hexen in their ranks who are both nastier and more Machiavellian than that eejit.

    Remember they still own the Truth Ministry – and its going to have its new wonderful all wheechin and birlin Scotchland channel up and running in the crucial 3 months before we go again.

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    1. Oh yes, there’s hardly an inch between ‘Scottish’ Labour and ‘Scottish’ BBC. Everyone is married to, or the auntie of someone. Very very unhealthy. Kirsty Wark is one of the worst. Amateur or what?

      I’ve always thought that Sarwar would inherit after Dugdale. And he would just be the greatest of gifts.

      But maybe you know others.

      We all know it must be decided somewhere else, otherwise the right wing extremist Muphy would never have got the job.


  5. You know, I actually don’t care if there are border checks between us and England. I don’t like the place, I rarely visit it, and there will be border checks for their people coming here as well. That will be popular I’m sure. And if they inhibit our trade, we can inhibit theirs. We are their biggest export market. Mind what I wrote about Poland? Ireland exports way more than we do, and surprisingly the UK is no longer their biggest export market either. Nobody is pretending this is going to be easy, but we need to break the dependency on those bast@rds permanently anyway.

    If they want to play funny buggers we should join Schengen. Then I will be free to fly to and from the airports in Holland and Germany I transit already without the bloody passport queues. Cos lets face it, Heathrow is the crappest transit airport in Western Europe.

    I don’t hate the English, but some of the bawbags they send up here tae lecture us bring out the most base feelings of contempt in me.


    1. Until you get rid of Kez, and settle the other MPs down, there will be no followers in Scotland. As a member of the SNP, I am delighted but she is frustrating to listen to.

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      1. They could do with some MSPs of calibre. Most of what they’ve got are just third rate.

        And it’s unfortunate but she really doesn’t have a pleasant voice.


    2. Well, I don’t ever go to England these days, but I used to live there and I love it. (Although I loathe London.)

      I’ve used Heathrow as a hub and it’s awful; as is Birmingham. I was coming back after a long time in France and was stuck in the transit lounge in Birmingham (Lyon-Birmingham-Edinburgh). It was a hot day. I was tired. I wanted a tonic water. I just couldn’t remember what a Tonic Water was called because in France they are just called Schweppes. I just asked for a Schweppes in English, and got my head bitten off by the ignorant little bitch serving. International airport???? My backside. After a prolonged period of “la politesse francaise” it was a harsh reminder that I was back in the USSR.

      I prefer to use other hubs. But I can’t remember the last time I was in England. must be 8 years ago. I doubt it would bother me if I never went again. Skye is a good way to keep in touch with friends.


      1. “Skye is a good way to keep in touch with friends.” Especially after the SNP abolished the tolls – somebody tell John Hayes.

        Only taking the P Tris…

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  6. Comparing the Soppy Sunday post with this one, it appears that evolution is going backwards. Perhaps we’re heading for a Planet of the Apes scenario.

    When are Labour going to give up on the border guards bollocks? The Baron Foulkes mindset is as strong as ever. Losers.

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    1. LOL.

      They really will have to come up with some new ideas this time. The Euro is passé, border guards are just ridiculous, and the austerity supermax was done to death in 1979 when Alistair Darling said we’d all be fighting over the last can of beans. (I don’t like beans, so count me out of that.)

      Let the Orangs be in charge. They’d do a grand job.


  7. Tris

    I got through half of Kezia Dugdales speech then just had to switch it off. The politics of vacuous SNP bad. She had nothing to say at all, her interview with Andrew Neil was a total car crash and I just can’t see her surviving much longer, although who would take her place that is not as bad is anyone’s guess. From what I saw of the conference there were very few there, those who were looked beaten and dis interested, and the real Labour politicians from the big smoke demonstrated an ignorance of Scottish politics that beggars belief. Scottish Labour are only good for comic value now, they have nothing to say and nothing to add to the debate. Taking their core vote for granted and standing with Tories has killed them off pretty much and while we badly need a decent opposition I just don’t care if it’s the Greens as the rest are either irrelevant or filled with hate, ignorance or xenophobia, in the Tories case all of that. If soft NO’s are not convinced now they never will be.


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    1. It was turgid, Bruce.

      Imagine being there and being obliged to sit through it.

      They do seem to be finished. Unless they can pull something out of the hat before May.

      Before everything else they seem to put their love of the UK. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that vast numbers of their traditional vote can see, even if they can’t, that the UK means right wing, USA driven politics regardless of which party is in. UKIP in England re driving them all to the right.

      Some people can see that giving up on the poor, privatising the health service and schools and charging £9,000 a year for education is coming here if we don’t do something about this.

      I feel let down by Corbyn. He sounded good, but really he couldn’t run a bath. mind you the right wingers and Blairites in the party are out to get him. So he’s up against the Tories and his own back benchers. But he is woefully ignorant of Scotland.

      It’s a total mess.


  8. My boss who is a ‘foreigner’ is invariably chatted-up by HM Customs. She claims that this is because she is gorgeous and nothing to do with her colour or country of origin. She feels that Scotland is the friendliest and most welcoming place she has ever lived in and, in this instance, feels that, apart from the general public, some immigrants, often mistreated by their own governments, who have settled here and especially new arrivals will be a tad worried that the Scottish Government and their voters are portrayed as being racist when nothing could be further from the truth. Even if the remarks are bollocks – not my words – they got plenty media coverage and the more gullible will give them some credence.

    It is nigh on impossible to demonstrate that you are not racist even if you are married to or friendly with ‘foreigners’ and the head-lines generated by the original remarks and the attempted cover-up are solely designed to denigrate those who seek independence in the same way as constant unfounded accusations of ‘hating’ the English.

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    1. Mind you, it could be that being seen with you causes her to be called over by immigration folk. I mean they could she’s smuggling you in…

      My pals Dani from Hungary, Zek from Malaysia, Yemi from Nigeria and Stanislav from Bulgaria think that Scotland is the most wonderful welcoming place they’ve ever been. So, rather like your boss in that respect… Mind I’ve never noticed anyone chatting them up at customs. Maybe they aren’t as gorgeous as your boss though.

      The only way to prove you aren’t racist is to treat everyone with the same respect. I’ve enjoyed being friends with people from all over the world. I’ve learned so much, and by showing friendship and love to people who are here for a short time I hope I’ve shown Scotland the way it generally is.

      Certainly it has earned me invitations from all sorts of places, some of which I’ve taken up, and been shown equally warm welcomes …only this time I’ve been the foreigner.


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