1. Brilliant stuff though did I spot a non orang primate sneak into the picture 🙂 And Dave I think we’ve all looked like no 1 at some point. LOVED no 3 and the group picture. Did you know that they were thought to be one species until it was realised that the Sumatran and Bornean branches were different species. Filthy separatists.

    Of all the Great Apes, they are are most distant relative but they remind me of us much than the two gorilla species do. Yeah they are filthy separatists too – mountain and lowland gorilla are different species too.

    That fair cheered me up. Thanks Munguin and your primate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are damned separatists everywhere. Fortunately, as Mrs May has told us, Britons are all behind her, so it doesn’t apply on these islands, no matter what Mr Khan says.

      Munguin says that you are welcome. His primate is on cleaning/gardening duties today and won’t be able to come to the computer.


    1. LOL @ number 3… I have had a different reaction… my eyes have been wide in wonder. But I can see where the little one is coming from there.

      True @ No 9. Lovely touching scene. I don’t usually include that species in SS, but …well, it was too good to leave out.


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