London’s mayor has described Scottish nationalism as “as divisive as racism”.

So, I wonder what he thinks of this guy

I seem to recall that he had a burning desire for independence for his country.

Anything to say about this, Sadiq?

Oh look, there’s a party that backs Independence. And you’ll find any number of videos on Youtube showing our first minister making it clear that immigrants are an important part of Scottish society.

Seriously Mr Mayor. I thought you were better than this. The Labour people in Holyrood, maybe not, but you?

You need to get out more.


  1. Even Gorgeous George Galloway has weighed in saying directly to him he has been very badly advised to say what he wrote although he has nuanced the actual speech a bit. Not enough,

    Labour less than 10% in May LG elections

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  2. Why is it for some people that having your government in your own country is regarded as dangerous racist thinking?
    The British state and it’s supporters are the anomaly,except the reality is that the British state is just cover for an English dominated one.
    When it was touted that Scots might have a say in England’s government during the last Westminster elections,there was an outcry by certain English politicians and it’s right wing press pack in rejecting this idea.
    Scottish democratic wishes are completely ignored when it doesn’t suit the London establishment (which is most of the time).
    The fact is that the English state doesn’t want to share power with anyone else,including Scotland and given recent developments,it is they who can be regarded as having isolationist racist tendencies and certainly not us.
    We are the ones who wish to remain as a participating partner in the nations of Europe.

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    1. Well, I’d say that the English are quite happy to defer to the USA in most stuff. You only have to look at their prime minister falling over the USA’s disreputable golden/orange president.

      But apart from that they still seem to live in the 19th century.

      I think the Scottish government is totally non-racist. Parliament is progressive and frankly we leave the rest of the UK behind.


  3. More Fakey news from snp propaganda branch…bad

    Khan’s revised speech used a more qualified phrase, which said dividing Scots from the English was akin to those who used race or religion only in the sense it pitted one part of the country against another.

    He added the new paragraph: “Now of course I’m not saying that nationalists are somehow racist or bigoted – but now, more than ever, what we don’t need is more division and separation. Now is the time to build unity.”

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      1. Yep. The social media outrage caused him to tone it down.

        What he meant and what would have been passed was that the Greens, SNP, Labour for Independence and the rest of us are all racists.

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      2. His change of delivery message was just to nuance his erchie back from this real answer

        “Ford!” he said, “there’s an infinite number of monkeys outside who want to talk to us about this script for Hamlet they’ve worked out.”
        ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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    1. Ha ha. Are you a tweet writer for an orange faced moron, by any chance?

      Well, after he caused a storm, and people all over the country called him out on it, he changed what he had been going to say.

      So, credit to him from not doing a Trump and ignoring all advice. But his original sentiment was that it was racist.

      Things that divide us…?

      There are a lot. Maybe we should ban football and religion? They seem to be the cause of more divide over the years.


  4. The British state adopts a Good Cop/Bad Cop approach to Scotland. The Tories are unashamedly the Bad Cops, you know that you’re shafted when they are in charge.

    Labour like to play the Good Cop, but scratch the surface and they hate us just as much (if not more) and of course shaft us just as much.

    It’s just a choice of which kind of British nationalism you prefer. For all the optimism of people had about Corbyn, all he offers is Trooping the Colour with a bad suit and a beard.

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    1. They used to like us a little bit more when we sent some representatives to London and let them run the Scottish government with a little bit of help from the Liberal Democrats.

      Yep. I think Corbyn is a good man, and I had high hopes for him although I disagree with him profoundly about Scotland.

      But he’s no leader. And of course, his unpleasant right wing extremists are doing their damnedest to unseat him. They desperately want him to fail so they can get back to the business of being Pink Tories.


    1. Mr Malky is saying the Khan is blaming Baron (in waiting) A Sarwar for to “direction” of his speech, my word within quote.

      I find that quite plausible.

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