25 thoughts on “NOT A FAN OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS”

        1. They probably put it down to the fact he’s English and doesn’t really know what happens outside the City of Westminster. That he has actually heard of the outreaches of the Empire is something of an achievement.

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      1. Order ORDER! will the honourable member take heed that I distinctly said he should NOT take a disputatious approach to a minister?
        sit down Mr Douglas Clark!

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    1. There you are. The Tories are right on top of their remit. I trust that someone pointed out that the bridges are still open and indeed a new one is about to be opened. And we do it with Scottish money, unlike them who do with British money.

      Ignorant little twerp.

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  1. Both the Scottish Independence, and E.U Referendum results were “won” on the basis of lies being told to the electorate. But whereas we in Scotland will have an opportunity in the near future to put that to right, the chances of another vote on Europe are non-existant.
    When Cameron promised an referendum on E.U membership, firstly, it was because the Tory party were running scared of U.K.I.P, and secondly, he didn’t expect to be re-elected as the party of Government. And of course he fully expected Remain to win.
    So to think May, and her intellectually deficient bunch of cohorts, will back down is a non-starter. Just look at the reaction yesterday of the Leave campaign largest sponser when David Davis revealed there would be no substantial reduction in immigration for many years to come.
    And all this is happening even before Brexit is triggered.
    When you read of over 100,000 British companies registering in Ireland, its clear that many have an inkling of the economic disaster that is about to engulf all of us, that is unless Scotland can extricate itself from the shambles that is Westminster.
    While the second Scottish Independence Referendum will not be all about Brexit, it remains to be seen how people react, especially previous No voters, when the chaos that is about to envelop all of us takes hold.

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    1. I think a substantial part of the vote, particularly in some of the northern cities of England, was about immigration from the EU.

      Another chunk was a vote for £350 million a week for the NHS.

      You can’t help thinking they were suckered by liars.

      It seems that what they have done is force England into a closer alliance with the USA, for the moment presided over by an orange faced right wing crack pot who behaves like a spoilt child. With firms moving out of the UK and the only new jobs being created in Amazon…minimum wage, we’re looking at a dismal future.

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      1. Agreed tris, and not only immigration from the E.U. The M.S.M, who despite their failing influence are still a force to be reckoned with, deliberately set out to misrepresent the situation, in other words, blame the immigrants for the austerity foisted on the UK by the rich and powerful.
        As usual, the poor, the disabled, the vulnerable, are paying for this mismanagement, in some cases with their lives.
        Also, some of the rhetoric being used in the media is a disgrace, all designed to inflame the crazier elements in our society to take action against anyone who dares criticise an increasingly authoritarian Westminster elite.
        I really do fear for the Second Scottish Independence Referendum if this is the type of hostile atmosphere that accompanies the campaign, because make no mistake, what we have seen so far are just the warning shots across our bows. Far worse is to follow.

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        1. Theresa seems even more determined that the British Empire will not crumble further under her Emperorship. So yeah, they will fight dirty and fight to the death.

          And leading from the rear will be Fluffy Muddle, the poor man’s idiot.

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  2. reads

    “Absolutely scandalous”

    Umm business as usual in the Republic must be about Westminster !

    Obviously the English torys consider the referendum (eu one ) as
    a super vote which outweighs any other democratic vote but then
    many extremists nats would apply the same to a yes win for Independence .

    Ill say one thing about ( Trump ,what only one ? ) his lies are right in your face
    and even with a mountain of evidence which proves his lies he still keeps on .
    You see in his boardroom surrounded by a bevy of brown nosers who daren’t
    contradict him the Orange one gets away with it.
    The problem is on the other hand many seem to want to believe his
    blatant and easily provable lies as a yoon I understand this phenomenon .

    Still one should be grateful for small mercies he has been a gift to Saturday
    Night live which has given me many laugh out loud moments.

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    1. Hey, Niko. I just drove over a bridge the SNP had to close because it didn’t have the money to keep it open.


      Anyway, I agree about SNL. He’s the best thing to happen since Sister Sarah Palin, the Hokey Mom.

      Hilarious. But I have to warn you Trumpy is not happy with people laughing at him. You and I are BAD HOMBRES.


      1. What!

        You drove over a closed bridge?

        And it didn’t collapse under you?

        It is fantasy like that, akin to some Indiana Jones movie or summat, that allows Unionists to twist our tail.

        I bet the very next thing you will be saying is that you didn’t have to pay for it!

        Or that it is bought and / or very nearly paid for.

        What an insane way to run a country.

        These Scots, what are they like?


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        1. Obviously I didn’t go across a closed bridge. That would have been illegal. I clearly drove on the bottom of the river in my submarine car.

          Inventive. That’s what we’re like when some wicked government takes our bridges, and the queues that tolls used to cause, away from us.

          Oh yes!


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