43 thoughts on “HOW EMBARRASSING!”

  1. If ever a speech was regarded as excessive it was Maurice Golden today, when enacting the last post for Tories, when delivering their resignation notice to Holyrood. Has anyone ever heard such staccato performance, whilst reading words so unfamiliar to you, that you become Max Headroom whilst performing, mistakenly, the coup de grace question which enables others to question why you asked the question in the first place. Why? He asked why spend so much chasing the Brexit question, while his party spent millions defending an untenable position purporting to establish that the Prime Minister is sovereign over parliament. Not only that but then refusing to publish the costs involved in defending that untenable position. Irony? Indeed, why not go the whole hog and ingratiate yourself to the whole assembled great and good, by going completely off topic and descending into some irrelevant smearing, while you eventually get back on track to finally divulge the question you hope to ask and cause embarrassment to the incumbent government. At least that was the plan! Not everything goes to plan as Maurice found out to his and his party’s detriment. Seek the video, above, when you can draw your own conclusions. It is painful! Thankfully, there were leaders on hand to develop that juvenile enthusiasm for Tory party politics and to initiate some thoughts to regard seriously any question flippantly developed.

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    1. LOL. I can’t really add to that, Steve.

      My advice to little Maurice would be to

      a) get a job that doesn’t involve any public speaking;

      b) learn not to take on someone quite so superior to you in intellect;

      c) if you ignore the above two, at least ask yourself, “what can go wrong with this little wheeze?” and if you can’t see the obvious, ask a grown up.

      No, don’t thank me, Maurice. Always glad to be of assistance to rank beginners.

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    1. And he didn’t think to run it by one of his elders and betters?

      Duh, Maurice, ask yourself::

      Q: Did my party bring a case or was it just the Scottish government that did it?

      A: Well yes, indeed, not one, but two. Having lost the first case in the ordinary English courts, your party appealed to the Supreme Court of the UK. Twice the expense.

      Q: How much did it cost for my party to do that in order to thwart parliament? (And was it wise to try to thwart parliament?)

      A: No one knows. Because, according to the department responsible (I use the word loosely), they didn’t keep a record of the staff hours/costs.

      Q: So, who comes out of this looking better organised… the UK government or the Scottish government?

      A: Well, I’ll leave that to you, Maurice my dear, but to recap, the Scottish government has published how much it cost, to the last pound. The British government threw up its hands and said… oh, were we supposed to keep a record. Oooops! My Bad!

      Still, in the absence of Dad’s Army, you’ll do, Mr Jones, I mean Golden.

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      1. It seems to me that this was a question trailed by none other than Tompkins who, true to type, did not have the courage of his convictions to ask it but got one of the village idiots to ask it instead.

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        1. Wouldn’t surprise me. For a professor he’s remarkably dim sometimes.

          I suspect though, that Tompkins doesn’t much care for Golden. Like the schoolboy prank of an unpopular boy. He certainly played him a curved ball there.


    1. Nicola is allowed to practise them in the chamber.

      Actually Ruth and Kezia are allowed to as well. But they aren’t good enough yet because they always have to check with their bosses in London.

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  2. Nicola Sturgeon is the best. I was going to talk about holding a brief against idiots, I was going to talk about remaining calm under fire, or all the rest of it.

    She is just the best.

    That damn simple.

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  3. Definite proof that the old saying “Silence is Golden” is still appropriate. Surely, in preparation for FMQ questions to the First Minister have to be approved by party leaders to avoid such an embarrassment? Still, I suppose the media will report it as “FM grilled by Tory MSP!”

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    1. LOL yes. That would have made a much snappier title.

      As an opposition member without any shadowing responsibilities, he might have been expected to ask questions of a less political nature and more about problems in his area, West of Scotland.

      But I agree, with a bunch of beginners in parliament they might do well to have them check questions first with someone a bit more experienced, so that they don’t make fools of themselves.


  4. I particularity like how whilst the eejit on his left nods vigorously, Brian Whittle (a former runner so I recognise him!) behind him has this look on his face of “what a bawbag, gonna shut up”.

    In other news, I’ve been accused of being clingy but I don’t know why (funny video!)

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    1. LOL You’re persistent, aren’t you? But anyway, you’re adorable.

      There were quite a few looking a bit embarrassed when he went on and on.

      Sit down, Mr Golden!


  5. A dreary monotone reading from a script just isn’t a winning combination. I had never heard of this guy before, and given he’s sheepish look during the FM’s response, I don’t think we’ll hear from him again unless, like Murdo Fraser, he’s going to go all out for laughs, realising his political future is behind him. Thoroughly enjoyable, though.

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    1. Not a sparkling orator, and yes. I imagine someone will have a word and tell him that if you don’t have anything to say, it’s best to say nothing.


  6. Such a pre-rehearsed grandstanding speech could be interpreted as looking to be noticed, showing some leadership or even having an eye on the top job someday. It’s reassuring to know that this is the type of feisty go-getter coming up through the Tory ranks. If this is so then we can look forward to a great deal of future Tory misfortune.

    Delusions of adequacy, what a dope.

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        1. Challenges are made to be overcome, Conan.

          I’m sure the Golden fellow will be up to the challenge. And if mr Trump takes him on a trip to Russia…


  7. # Panda Paws

    The eejit on his right is Ross Thompson who is in the habit of doing his nodding within camera behind Ruth Davidson usually. In the Article 50 debate he opined that the First Minister lacked interest in the subject because she left the chamber part-way through. Unfortunately for the bold Ross his own leader had done the same.
    As I said in my letter to the National, the Tories have a habit of shooting themselves in the foot.

    Ruth needs to disarm them before they are a complete joke. On second thoughts, she is too late.

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    1. LOL. They really are forever doing this kinda stuff.

      They complain about the SNP doing something that they’ve just done, or are doing, or do the next day.

      It’s a bit sad that they are so poor quality. It would be an excuse if you could say that they send their best people to Westminster… but Fluffy?


  8. Have a look at Jackson Carlaw trying hard not to laugh out loud. Golden’s delivery was like Ricky Fulton playing a drunk Reverend I.M. Jolly!

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