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  1. As one who lived through the Scottish Covenant in the late 1940s in which my parents voted for Scottish Home Rule, to 1979 when I voted for a Scottish Assembly, to 1997 when I voted to create a Scottish Parliament, these were part of the reason during the Scottish Referendum campaign I fooled myself into believing that the Scottish people wouldn’t be duped again.
    Wrong, not for the first time, and probably not the last. I think it was because in our constituency we were getting such a good response on the doorstep, that I convinced myself that the Yes campaign would win. Well, we did just that in our area, but of course it wasn’t to be enough.
    And as ever, the “fake news” continues unabated, whether it be the B.B.C or the M.S.M, and it will only increase in its intensity, and viciousness, as Indyref2 approaches.
    If only, I know, I know, we had a fair and honest media, these liars would be brought to book in no time. But as we on this side of the argument know only to well, that will never happen.
    Will the people be fooled again? I don’t know, but the M.S.M is probably the most powerful tool in the Westminster establishment’s argument that we should remain in an increasingly dysfunctional U.K.
    Make no mistake, despite their decreasing influence, a lot of people only see their headlines, and still believe them to be the gospel truth.
    The U.K press will never let up in their hatred of supporters of Scottish Independence, and it would be foolish to think they ever will.
    It’s only through this, and an ever increasing number of independence supporting websites, that we have any hope of getting the truth to the electorate. That, of course, and the many thousands of campaigners who are out on the streets doing their best to spread the message, and debunk the lies of the M.S.M.

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  2. Independence within Europe offers Scots far more opportunities than dependence within England’s union ever will,especially now that the mad hatters in charge of Westminster are now hell bent on splendid isolation (their claims of becoming an independent world power are delusional to say the least).
    Even many of the died in the wool Scottish unionists can see where the butter is for their bread (or toast after Brexit) and it’s not London any more.

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    1. Yes. All this “trade” stuff is serious nonsense. And that old fool Mandelson with his threats that England won’t trade with Scotland. What the hell was that about?

      Remind me exactly what his position is! Disgraced and then disgraced again ex cabinet minister that they had to put in the House of Lords to bring back for a third time becasue they were so desperately short of someone to control Brown?

      But he’s hardly today’s man, is he?

      And I think it will be a while before Labour gets into power in any case. So even if it held any water, it wouldn’t likely matter for a long time.

      No fool like an old fool, huh, Mandy?

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      1. Something else on trade which has just sprung into my ageing mind is that a country (England) which is clearly desperate to do trade deals with anyone who will,is telling it’s immediate neighbour that it won’t be interested in any sort of deal with an independent Scotland.
        That will be right!

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        1. Yes, of course. Unless we are a bit too decent for May.

          After all she is cosying up to the Saudi king, the Orange eejit, Erdogan and Netanyahu. Revolting characters all.

          I doubt that Nicola would fit in with the rest of her trade partners.

          In any case, the UK, to begin with, will trade on WTO terms. If no specific deal is made then trade with Scotland would be on these terms.

          I wonder if the Noble “Socialist” Baron (snigger) is suggesting that a future Labour government would make it illegal to trade with Scotland. Dictator or what?

          I’m betting that if they did there would be a fine old trade across the border of an evening… and in any case, the Brits would have to buy their whisky from somewhere else… that was buying it from us. Adding to the cost.

          And what about electricity in the peak hours?

          And so many other things.

          Away ye go ye silly old Lord.

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      2. Now take an EU country like say Poland. It was recently part of an empire. It used to trade with that empire pretty exclusively. It exported 205 Billion dollars worth of goods in 2014. Surprisingly that year only 9% of its exports went to its much larger, neighbouring, non-EU, former imperial overlords. Indeed Poland’s trade has tripled since it joined the EU in 2004. Largely to other EU members.

        England has a serious trade problem. It is the second largest net importer in the world. It exports allegedly about as much to Scotland as Scotland exports to it. But Scotland has a slight net trade surplus. Without Scotland’s contribution rUK has an even bigger trade deficit. Are we to believe that out of spite, this country which imports produce even from Argentina, is going to decide to stop buying anything Scottish?

        And when in retaliation we decide that English contractors cannot supply the Scottish North Sea Oil business, is that a vote winner anywhere? When we cut all those English middle men out and trade directly with the other EU members – many of whom are happy to sanctions bust everywhere else in the world – in what way does that help solve England’s huge trade deficit? I would demand payment in a hard currency if I was smuggling cases of Macallan south btw.

        Scotland will benefit disproportionately from EU membership if England leaves. Will it be more or less likely that ports on the East coast will be developed to ease single market transits of Scottish ( and hopefully Irish ) goods to the EU and EU goods back, rather than be held up in a hostile transit territory?

        If Scotland joined Schengen then a common tourist visa would be open to visitors from growing markets such as China. Faced with the need for a separate visa for England is your cost conscious Chinese visitor more likely to visit Edinburgh castle or Windsor castle? http://archive.is/93dGV

        I could go on.

        We do not have to take a soft line at all with a country that does not wish to treat us as equals, and with respect. After we are independent our status is the same as any other country in the world. We are not the plaything of the former colonial power.

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  3. Not quite on topic Tris but according to article in the National we may on the verge of a new referendum being announced for May or September 2018. Looks like we will all need to start digging out all those *cough* “promises” from Porky, Tankette girl, wrong button girl and F**k you Scotland Broon to throw back in the faces of the Better Together LIERS Mark II. Perhaps a wee egg addition might get the point firmly across. LOL

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    1. I wonder if the humiliated Eggman will be sent up again with his crate, or is his record of having lost 97.56% of his seats during his embarrassingly brief leadership of the Glasgow branch office of Labour preclude him from involvement?

      Oh well. Munguin is ready for the fight.

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    1. Ho ho ho.

      Seriously, you have to wonder who gives a … well, a damn about the marital ‘affairs’ of Mr and Mrs Paxman and some young blonde.

      Seriously I’m trying to think of something I care less about. Nope, can’t think of anything.

      The Daily Mail competing with the Star for trashiness.


      1. Erm… of course, it was, David. You know Munguin likes a wee bit of a gossip. Tomorrow we shall examine what happened to Princess Diana, using material researched exclusively from the Daily Express.

        Bet you can’t want?



    1. I know. Munguin’s sharp eye and even sharper tongue drew my attention to it.

      He mentioned, by the way, that he’s partial to some Port with his cheddar of an evening… Probably just wants you not to be embarrassed when he asks for it and you have to admit that you drank it all the day before.



  4. Now I’m not one to get personal about folk and I’m no oil painting myself but see that Paul Nuttall, he looks like exactly what he is on all levels. An evil ugly git.

    Just imagine what a tit you would have to be to vote for him.

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    1. Aye, well, looks are not everything. (Thank goodness says Tris).

      I once was at a concert in Paris and the person on stage (Pétula Clark) was talking about Piaf.

      Piaf was, let’s be honest, no oil painting, and by the time Pétula saw her, she was already old and ill, indeed she was dying.

      Pet said she was singularly unimpressed when she hobbled on to stage in a shabby black dress, with nothing but one spotlight. (“I don’t think I’m going to enjoy this much”), until Piaf opened her mouth and started to sing and then “… elle est devenue belle parce qu’elle était belle à l’intérieur”.(She became beautiful because she was beautiful inside”)

      That left a lasting impression, because we so often judge people by their looks, clothes, deportment. And there is much more to people than that.

      So yeah, Nuttall is hardly Adonis, but that’s not his fault. What matters is that he is NOT ” beau à l’intérieur”, In fact, more than that, he is a horrid ugly little man inside.

      I bet he never stands for ANY POSITION ever again in Liverpool. In fact if I were him I’d not go back there.

      Besides his imaginary degree and his imaginary football career and his imaginary experiences at Hillsborough, he is a disagreeable, unpleasant little hating nyaff.

      I fear that he may win on Thursday, but I really hope with all my heart that he loses miserably.

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  5. Dear all,

    If you read this blog and your name is not Niko, the chances are that you are, ahem, independently minded. You may have been taking some relief that opinion polls seem to be again – oh! so slowly – moving pro independence. You may have thought that politicians of the Union persuasion couldn’t get any more Janus faced.

    You have maybe felt quietly confident that the wind was in our sails.

    There are, for instance a lot of infrastructure projects coming in on time and on cost, the new Forth Road Bridge, the electrification of most of our Central Belt railways with the boost that that means for renewables. A carbon neutral transport system that can be extended throughout the country. These are things we really ought to be proud of.

    And as a country that ought to have benefited from fossil fuels we are miles ahead of anyone else in leaving them in the ground. We should embrace our bad luck as well as our good.

    And not just in financial terms. For instance the Forth estuary now makes San Francisco, scenically, look like an also ran.

    It is a tad fascinating to read some of the more rabid unionists, who appear to think that the SNP, as was, were fascists before the Second World War. As far as I know it is just another calumny. One was arrested on suspicion and subsequently released because there was no credible evidence. Nothing whatsoever about the leanings of the Tory Party, actually during the War- read “Five Days in London” by John Lucas.

    I would pose a challenge to the people that read this blog. What does it take to flip-flop a unionist? For they seem to live in a very grey space where no sunlight ever enters, and only darkness illuminates their souls.

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