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n-the-land-of-ice-and-firen-stonechatn-yellowhammerN rhododendrons out in Argyll.jpgn-spring-has-sprungn-skogafossn-kingfisher-2n-kingfisher


25 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. ah lovely. Fair makes Sunday. Loved the elephants, the dog hiding the cat and the orang feeding the cat! Spy in the Wild recently showed a wild orang at an abandoned human outpost pick up a saw and start sawing a bit of wood, using her feet as braces. Clever primate! And she made a better job of it than this female primate would with a saw 🙂 Apparently a rescued primate had observed humans using a saw and copied them but how that was transmitted to the wild population they are unsure.

    Ok I should have asked this long ago but didn’t want to appear ignorant. Who or what is Taz and indeed Niko and why do we put up with the latter’s haverings?


      1. thanks John and sorry to hear about your illness. Hopefully it’s one of the illnesses they’ll find a cure for. Michael J Fox apparently funds research – he’s had it for years.


  2. Hi, Tris,

    Having to give up work because I need steady hands and have just been diagnosed as having early-stage Parkinsons. Thinking of moving to Stornoway or the mainland to enable the boss to start working in the nearest sutgical hospital again

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    1. John.

      I’m truly gutted to hear your news. But, knowing you, you will deal with it with your customary good humour and stoicism. It is, fortunately, not the diagnosis that it used to be.

      But don’t think that by moving to Stornaway you can avoid Munguin descending on you for his holidays.

      Look after yourself and do what the doctors say…OK? Otherwise I’ll bring Niko up with me when I come!

      Take care, John.


  3. Sorry to hear of John Browlie’s diagnosis. For him, and for me: more orangutans, please – I’m sure they have a beneficial effect on all who see them.

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  4. Sorry for not replying sooner but belated thanks for the best wishes. I suspect that we will be much nearer to you and Munguin than Stornoway. Personally I would move to Edinburgh and my pals in the Guilford but the boss would prefer smaller places like the Fife villages or the Dornoch area so will be looking fairly soon. Incidentally I told the boss that the consultant recommended several large whiskies a day but that was before she told me that she knows him. As far as my illness I feel I’ve achieved much of what I wanted out of life apart from independence and I feel that that is getting nearer by the day!

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    1. Ahhh, now I know why you want to move away. You want the specialist to be someone the boss doesn’t know?

      There’s some lovely villages on the Fife coast, but they tend to speak Fife, which isn’t in the least like Scots or Gaelic… Some times sounds to me like a mixture of Finnish and Serbo Croat.

      Just think, if you moved there you’d probably get away with Munguin visiting for a day, instead of the three weeks he was planning for islands.

      He’s got his little nose in a “Gaelic for Munguins” book as I type. I’ll not mention the possible change of plan right now though.

      I’d kinda bet that you’ll be achieving a great deal; more, John, ere very long. You’ll find something useful to do now that you aren’t working.

      And we are going to make it happen this time. For sure.



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