One of these days this man is going to take responsibility for something. If I worked for him I’d be seriously considering my future.



The crisis in the NHS won’t go away. It’s largely down to inadequate spending, an ageing population, more treatments being available, and staff leaving because of job insecurity (Hunt said he would replace then as soon as he trained some Brits up), racism or overwork. Maybe Mt Westminster’s totally legal tax dodge being challenged would be a start to solving one of these problems. Or maybe the government needs to find that £350 million a week that it promised the taxpayers.



Of course one of the reasons we are short of staff may be that Europeans don’t want to work here anymore, and who could blame them when all you need to deserve to be murdered is a fluent knowledge of Polish or any other foreign language?



I’d be inclined to suggest that Ruth speaks for herself. I think that by and large most Europeans and those from farther afield think we are rather nice. Maybe Ruth’s experience is down to something more personal.



21 thoughts on “SNAPS ON SATURDAY”

  1. bbc incite hatred really I mean really any evidence ???? or just fakey news.

    Somebody posted on Nuttals website he didnt look at it well
    he must know who has access to his website so ask them why they
    posted this misinformation.
    then they can explain to the world why they put up the misinformation
    Obviously it wont happen.
    If he wins election to Westminster our politics are more broken then I
    imagine .

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    1. As the national broadcaster, I thank the BBC could have done more to explain the xenophobic nonsense that the newspapers and some of the politicians were spouting. A lot of the papers were out and out lying on their front pages. Surely the BBC should have done some investigation as a supposedly “neutral” broadcaster. Additionally, the appearance of Nigel Farage on so many of their programmes was out of proportion to his party’s representation in parliament.

      Of course they weren’t as bad as the papers, but they had a duty to be even-handed, which in fairness the lower level papers do not.

      Can you remember them exposing the £350 million for the health service, that an intelligent 7-year-old could have told them was rubbish?

      Still, all that will come back to bite the government. To keep the rabid anti-EU happy, the health service will have to improve dramatically and to satisfy the rabid racists, the bulk of foreigners will have to disappear from Albion’s shores. We’ll see how that works out.

      Ah bless him, Nuttall really is a pratt. As if routine maintenance would happen on his website the week before he was standing for parliament. I’m not sure that this will do him much harm though

      It looks horribly like the people of Stoke may well end up with a lying racist homophobe as their MP. The other parties (Labour in particular) need to do what they can to mobilise their vote.

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  2. The comment about the Ruthless one is bang on the money.
    Do we want an inclusive society or an exclusive one?
    That will be the real choice in the next referendum.

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    1. Well, it’s certainly what I want.

      I’ve always asked myself, why can’t we be more like the Scandinavians?

      And yes, I know that life isn;t perfect there, but it’s a lot better than it is here.

      I think an independent Scotland would be more like the Norden countries. And less like the 51st state of the USA. No offence to our American readers, but I think that would suit Scotland a lot better.

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  3. You know how the powers that be are always telling us that we need to be more creative in using resources and we need to think out the box, well here’s a great idea I’ve just had that does all that.

    As has been suggested, put the retirement age up to 75 and then on retirement everybody gets a job as their own carer. This would not only address staff shortages due to xenophobic expulsions and banning immigration but it would help the employment figures as well. Another upside is that instead of being viewed as a useless old git who’s house is too big that has had the cheek to live for too long, you become a valued member of society, performing a valuable service. There would have to be procedures of course to ensure FairPlay, which means the job would have to be advertised and then you would attend a short interview with yourself. After writing yourself a short reference and the police check being ok you could start immediately. This would address any legal aspects like equal opportunities, fit person etc… On exit from the EU we won’t have to bother about any of that however. No working time directive will mean you can look after yourself 24hrs a day and no unelected eurocrat in Brussels will be able to say a thing about it.

    This may seem far fetched but believe me at 75, it’ll be a lot easier than picking fruit for a living.

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      1. For sure. One of the big Brexit problems is that the £350 million they promised will have to be delivered. Brits don’t bother much when the people at the top pee on them, but they do care about the health service. It had better get better… or else.

        And, rather inconveniently, the health service depends heavily on foreigners.

        Who’d be Tessy?


      1. That’s the problem Conan. I’d be saying… look., he never even bothered to get dressed up for the interview… at the same time as I’d be saying that he never even got dressed up to interview me.

        And I’d want too much money and a lot of time off too. And what when I was sick?

        Dave, mate, it’s back to the drawing board!


    1. OK. That had me rolling around laughing.

      I was wondering though, what would happen if you failed the check, or if at the end of the interview you didn’t really think you had the requisite skills… or were a bit scruffy and lazy… or even worse, if you were a foreigner?

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      1. Tris

        If you’re skills weren’t up to snuff you would put yourself through a performance management process with clearly defined aims and objectives and a timescale for improvement.

        If you failed the police check then you’d have nobody to look after you.

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  4. In all the years I have been out campaigning for the S.N.P, a lot of times on my own especially when leafleting, I haven’t really given a thought to my personal safety, but lately after the venomous rhetoric used by some during the E.U Referendum campaign, I have began thinking about it.
    The tactics that will be used by Westminster to try to deny us our independence once Nicola announces the date of Indyref2 doesn’t bear thinking about, and I really do think that the whole affair could turn rather nasty. Hopefully not, but as you point out the failure of the B.B.C to condemn the excesses of the print media doesn’t bode well. But then it is the State Broadcaster, and such has a vested interest in maintaining the status-quo. Unfortunately, the M.S.M has a history of lurid headlines, followed by articles designed to undermine our independence campaign, and no matter that there is either no truth, or very little in the piece, it will still have an effect, despite the print media’s falling sales.
    But it’s the content of such articles that bother me. Will they be an subliminal invitation to violence to those nutters who see our independence as a threat? I’m afraid I wouldn’t put it past them.

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    1. I find it frightening too.

      Actually, I find a lot of stuff frightening at the moment.

      Trump; Brexit and the rise of the right in England; the rise of the right all over Europe and the mess that french politics is in; the fact that Putin and Trump both, for different reasons, want an end to the EU… all of that fills me with fear.

      The rabid coverage of everything in the London press is scary too. Once you let the genie out of the bottle and make racism and fascism respectable, it’s very hard to calm the baying mob.

      I’d leaflet in twos if I were you, if only for a witness. And have your phone ready to record anything that goes down.


    2. I’ve been expressing similar concerns to my pals for a while Alex and they’ve been upbeat saying let’s take things one step at a time and don’t worry about things that may not happen. Me I don’t believe that, I think forewarned is forearmed. I’ve read too much about the behaviour of the British state in Northern Ireland to believe that shit is not going to happen.

      There may be troubles ahead, take care.

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