Democracy at work?



16 thoughts on “Democracy at work?”

  1. Oh look it’s a picture of inside the home of the Walking Deid.

    It’s a bit early for pictures of Halloween isn’t it Tris?

    Just think folks, THESE dozing dozy bastards have got MORE say on Brexit than OUR Scottish Government has.

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    1. Old folks home for our betters, Arbroath. And you know Munguin likes to be ahead of the curve.

      We’re just very grateful for their wise counsel, and of course, we know that have the best interests of Scotland at heart, don’t we?

      Don’t we?

      Ah …

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        1. I know David. I was being sarcastic.

          On the rare occasions I’ve met any of them, I’ve always made it clear I thought I was their equal… to the embarrassment of a series of bosses.

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  2. Tris

    It is funny and we can all have a laugh it does have a serious side doesn’t it. This is democracy in the UK, wealthy unelected people getting £400 a day to sleep while people go hungry and poverty increases by the day. I know I am getting angrier by the day and while having a wee look at Rev Stu’s polls on Wings today you just have to wonder what the f will it take for certain people to wake the f up, do they have be starving first. I spent my free time trying to get info on the election fraud and couldn’t find much, cover up and my money is on the Police deadline of May for a prosecution being allowed to run out. What are the opposition parties doing about this? Nothing as far as I can see, I will tweet Chris Law and ask him. Some days I feel like giving u redo, this shithole is beyond saving some days it really is. I did watch an interesting docu on the EU and it is in trouble and is running out of time to change. Germany is about the only part that is doing ok and done very well out of the euro, everything is set up to support Germany and the trickle down effect hasn’t happened. What a mess.


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    1. Of course it is serious, Bruce.

      This is what we call democracy. This is what we brag about to the rest of the world.

      A few posh rich people who have bought their titles dozing around on very comfortable benches. Most of the rest of them not bothering to turn up because they really don’t need the tax free expenses.

      I know it sometimes stuffs the government and that’s always a good thing as far as I’m concerned, but seriously this is NOT the way to do it.

      The EU is probably at risk from a mix of far right fascist parties, Donald Trump who hates it and President Putin who wants his hinterland back.

      Lord knows what will happen if it breaks up.

      I’m not sure that the € was a good idea. On teh otehr hand the € works across an equally diverse continent from rich states like New York and California, Texas and Florida, to arctic wastelands and great empty spaces like Alaska and Montana, to tiny little states like Rhode Island and Maryland…

      Maybe there are a lot of people in Scotland who like being stood on and told what to do by Mrs May.

      Can’t say I enjoy it. The sad thing is that after we come out of the EU, we’ll be kinda stuck here. Can’t just up and leave for France or Malta.

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  3. I definitely prefer the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Fewer of them and better value for money. What is more they are actually very competent – as we shall see when the BREXIT negotiations get going.

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  4. I think in this case you could strike both Democracy and Work from your headline and that would be nearer the truth.
    I hear a rumour that Trump is very impressed with British “democracy” and is thinking about replacing the Senate with something akin to our HoL but only getting a say when they agree with him.
    This lot are being threatened by the Brexiteers with the loss of their £300/day plus expenses unless they rubber stamp May’s blank cheque on European exit terms.
    Still,at least they are being “consulted” which is more than can be said for Scotland’s democratically elected representatives.

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    1. OK. I’ll replace the heading with “AT” . How’s that?


      I imagine that The orange faced one would love someone somewhere to agree with him.

      If he wants some creepy aristos, he’s welcome to ours. All of them. In fact he can have the royals too and he won’t have to come over here and annoy us.


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