I’d just like to note here our deepest sympathies for Dennis Canavan who has announced the death of his only daughter, Ruth

It is, unbelievably, the fourth time that he has lost a child. His son, Paul, died of skin cancer at the age of 16, in 1989. Seventeen years later his son, Dennis, died of a brain tumour and a year later, Mark died from Motor Neuron Disease.

I can’t imagine the pain of losing even one child.

I’ve always had a real admiration for  Dr Canavan, a man of principle and integrity.

Our thoughts are with him, and with his son, Adam, tonight.


15 thoughts on “DENNIS CANAVAN”

  1. Just like to echo what Tris has said. Terrible thing to lose 4 of your 5 children. My condolences to him and to Adam. I’m sure the thoughts of the Yes movement, and indeed many of the No, are with him.

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  2. Like everyone else I am stunned that Dennis is having to go through this heartache for fourth time. No parent should have to bury their children far less do it FOUR times.

    My heart felt condolences go to Dennis and his family at this sad time.

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  3. Heartfelt sympathies for Dennis. I know, for an absolute fact, that I would not have survived what he has. I am more than a little cut up today because one of both my son’s friends died at an early age, 28 or so, just yesterday. It does not bear contemplation. That generation, their generation seems to me to be losing folk at an early age.

    It is completely tragic.

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    1. Sorry to hear your news, Douglas.

      I’ve always been pragmatic about death. It’s one of the few certainties and it doesn’t respect class, money, race, religion, or indeed, species.

      But at 28. No, that’s not easy to take.

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      1. It all just feels like the famous speech:

        “In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons.”


        I think most fathers and mothers can accept the first half of that, but they find the latter half just too painful to contemplate.

        Some of our younger generation are finding their economic prospects pretty well blocked off. If they come from a poor background, the chances are they will remain there. They do, relatively cheaply, have the ability to tune in and drop off. Effectively commit suicide, wrapped up by the state as drug induced. That seems to me to be yet another cheat. If we cannot provide a decent future for young folk, then why wouldn’t they and what the heck is the point of us?

        The older generation will go out of it’s way to avoid responsibility, avoid compassion – at least those in power – to people who are now dead. Is it something we should just brush under the table? I doubt anyone reading this site would think that.

        Some older folk do the same, just using alcohol and tobacco, ’cause the god above, the government has allowed them that form of euthanasia.

        And they take it.

        No, it is not easy to take.


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