Who wouldn’t take Kate’s picture and make lots of money if she does the nude sunbathing thing. Come on Kate!

Theresa May would have done well, as we may have mentioned before, to resist the temptation to dash to Washington before Donald Trump had found out where the bathroom was in the White House. Her undue haste showed her to be inexperienced and desperate by comparison with her more knowledgeable and mature counterparts across the world.
Inviting Trump to have a state visit in the first week of his presidency, given his reputation for faux pas was nothing short of moronic. It is normal for a state visit not to be arranged until some time, a least a couple of years, has passed.
Trump has apparently made a list of conditions to his visit. Reportedly he wants to play a round of golf at Balmoral on the queen’s private course with her watching. Additionally, he has allegedly warned Prince Charles not to lecture him about green matters, unless he wants a fiery response. He wants to meet and have a photo opportunity with Kate and William and their children, just like Obama did.
But the above tweet, dating from 2012,  may have put the kybosh on that plan. The tweet related to photographs taken of Middleton sunbathing nude in the south of France that year when she and Willie were on yet another holiday
“Kate Middleton is great – but she shouldn’t be sunbathing in the nude – only herself to blame,” he additionally tweeted. 
Also, the petition to deny him the State visit, now probably the largest ever on the London government’s website, has topped 1.8 million signatures and today the Speaker of the House of Commons took the extraordinary step of making a statement in the House saying that he would not invite Trump to speak in parliament.  The state visit, he said, was a matter to be agreed “well above the pay grade of the Speaker” (although as he is the most senior commoner in England, I’m not sure that there IS anyone above his pay grade), but, speaking in parliament was something that was an honour, not a right, and it had to be earned. Normally an invitation to speak would be issued by both Speakers (Commons and Lords). Bercow’s statement was greeted with cheers from sections of the House, and clapping by the SNP, who this time were not told off. Denis Skinner rose to say “Well done”.
I can only imagine Mayhem is fuming. All that creeping just to be smacked down by Bercow. The whole thing is becoming a massive embarrassment.
I wonder if her rush to meet with two other deplorables, Erdogan and Netanyahu, will come back to bite her as swiftly. Hardly any wonder decent heads of government snubbed her in Malta.

24 thoughts on “TAKE THAT, MAY”

  1. I saw this in several different places:
    Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite was more scathing, telling the BBC: “I don’t think there is a necessity for a bridge. We communicate with the Americans on Twitter.”

    I think that is a double pop – one for May on bridging and one for Trump on being a Twit-terer.

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  2. May’s crass conduct is seen by everyone,except the mad Brexiteers,as the act of a desperate woman and puts paid to all the B/S about how wonderful things are going to be once Westminster is back in sole charge of world affairs (in their dreams).
    The sad thing is that a lot of people are buying into their nonsense and believe that there is nothing to worry about….”it’s not all that bad and some good will come of it …..” and so on.
    The main thrust of HM government’s policy is now to manage public opinion into agreeing with them and particularly in Scotland where we are being told that implementing a policy we specifically rejected is not really a big deal and we just need to shut up and support them….or else.
    However,will the Scottish electorate accept this blatant denial of our clearly expressed democratic wish and go along with the Tory assertion that Scotland,as a nation,no longer exists?

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    1. Aye, first of all they tell us the will of the Scottish people, by 55-45 MUST be accepted.

      Then they tell us that the will of the Scottish people by 62- 38 can be totally ignored, because 52% of the English adn Welsh people want it that way.


      But what must other countries think?Trump’s lickspittle?

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      1. tris
        Daft it is to conflate a snp arranged Scottish referendum
        With a UK wide referendum . If God forbid the snp had won
        The referendum YOU would expect the people to abide by the
        Decision .
        The U.K. Referendum was a free and fairish one the Scots took
        Part as citizens of the U.K. And having done so should accept
        The democratic outcome, now obviously the hard done by chip
        On me shoulder nats would find spurious excuses to cry whinging wolf over the outcome to use it as a wedge issue in the vain attempt at destroying the U K

        If you nats do not wish to be bound by a vote in a referendum
        The answer should be do not take part at least your whine not in our name would have some validity .

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        1. First of all, Niko. I was unhappy, but I totally accepted the result of our referendum.

          There was never a question about it.

          Even though nearly every promise they made was broken.

          But the SNP and the Greens both had in their manifesto a commitment to revise this situation if we were taken out of the EU.

          That is a majority in parliament, in a proportional representation vote.

          All council areas voted to stay in the EU. All parliamentary constituencies voted to stay in.

          58 out of 59 MPs voted against triggering article 50, including your man and the Liberal. The only one who voted with the Brits was Muddle, who is May’s poodle. His constituents voted against.

          The effects of coming out of Europe will be dire for Scotland, because our situation is different from England as a whole. We are not even as closed minded to immigration. Indeed we desperately need it as so many of our young people (like elsewhere in the UK) head for London where for the last 30 years most of the investment has been centred.

          Mrs May has said that there are special circumstances for the north of England because they are so dependent on Nissan and other Japanese car manufacturers. She has indicated that there will be special measures for London because they are so dependent on Finance and that Northern Ireland will be protected too because of the interdependence of trade between the proper Ireland and the English Ireland.

          Scotland and Gibraltar can, it would seem, go stuff themselves.

          If you think that’s fair, then that is fine for you.

          I think that once again we have had sand kicked in our faces.

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      2. Fairish? The leave side lied just as much as Better Together did. Where is that 350 million promise for the NHS now eh? The wheels on that particular bus came off pretty soon.

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  3. I cannot see her lasting. She is clearly out of her depth. The middle class must notice the humiliations. She must elicit distaste kowtowing to the Erdogans, Netanyahus and that obviously boorish Trumpet.

    Google the images of Teresa May ( you’ll have to filter it, it seems there’s more than one – and the other one may shock Munguin! ). There are few “nice” images of her. She is routinely pictured in all sorts of facial contortions, few of which flatter. She is clearly not liked in some quarters.

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    1. Yes Theresa May… minus an H is in an altogether different role. The funny thing is that the White House had her listed as Teresa on the schedule they made out for her visit.


      Yes. Absolutely out of her depth. At best she’s junior minister material. Any fool would know not to make too much of a maverick who could come out with anything sexist, disgusting, racist or plain embarrassing.

      Her choice of friends says a lot about her.


  4. Bercow’s comment to Commons sounds extraordinary. At least an announcement from the American Speaker of the House that a foreign leader who is in Washington would NOT be invited to address a joint session of Congress would be seen as quite a remarkable public snub.

    The photographers are getting some really awful pictures of Trump these days. His hair (or the small furry animal he wears on his head,) is looking less and less well coiffed.

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    1. It’s caused a lot of controversy here, too, Danny.

      Despite the fact that he was once a Tory, he is despised by the Conservatives. They are incandescent about his comments, which are incredibly embarrassing for May.

      But at the end of the day, the Speaker of the UK Parliament is more senior in the hierarchy than the Prime Minister. She can be as angry as she likes. There’s nothing she can do.

      Trump’s hair is looking whiter these days, and there seems to be less of a satsuma about his face. More like a grapefruit these days.


  5. Niko, a UK wide referendum eh? The UK consisting of two kingdoms, one of which voted to remain, the other did not, as equals in this union of unions, one part should not be subjected to the will of the other.

    How mad, bad and dangerous to your wellbeing, must the union get before you denounce it, as the farce that it so plainly is.

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    1. Another part of what we were told. We are equal partners… but clearly we have to do what the English very narrowly voted for, and we very narrowly voted against.

      In a way I feel even more sorry for Gibraltar which voted in the 90%s to stay and are being totally ignored.

      Still it doesn’t affect those who live in Tyneside.


      1. There are rumours about frightening hair treatments that involve cutting bits out the scalp and then stapling it all back together to give the impression of a hairline. Sounds grisly. Anyway, Ivana Trump claimed he assaulted her because it was her surgeon that performed the procedure and Donald reckoned it went badly went wrong. I’ve not read it but the story is told in “Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump” from 1993. There is sworn testimony from Ivana but she now denies it.

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      2. Is it possible, Terry, that they cut away bits of his brain when they were doing that?

        I see that Ivana isn’t any more truthful than he is. Must be a family trait.


      3. “There are rumours about frightening hair treatments that involve cutting bits out the scalp and then stapling it all back together to give the impression of a hairline.”

        Those techniques exist. The best use I’ve come across for them is fixing transgender ladies’ hairlines, in ladies who only realise that they’re transgender later in life. (fixing male pattern baldness really helps with reducing harassment)


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