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19 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Thank you for another collection of nice photies. Although I had to look twice before I realised that wasn’t Ruth Harrison astride the BMW. I like the Orangs, but Iceland looks braw ( as they say in all those Scandi policiers we buy ).

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    1. I love these Nordic Noir books, specially the ones set in Iceland… although I’ve read good Finnish, Swedish and Danish ones too.

      Glad you like the photos.


  2. Now that’s a collection that draws forth a few emotions. I never expected to be smiling and sighing over my first coffee. The Northern Lights and the crescent moon are my favourites. The big coo gave me a chuckle, which might be a first. 🙂

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    1. I used to work in a business park that had a nature reserve in it. All sorts of animals there but also otters, according to the information signs. I looked out for the otters for months on end at lunchtime. Never once saw one. They are elusive little blighters. Today’s otter reminds to redouble my efforts at otter spotting this summer.

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      1. A business park with a nature reserve. Now that is definitely a good thing.

        I’ve never seen an otter either, although I’d love to. I’ve seen some great Attenborough programmes including them though. Cute little fellows, but very clever and industrious.


  3. Another great selection Tris. Signs of Spring everywhere and unseasonably mild.
    Favourite definately the young tiger and the baby orang( if it is an orang)
    Now for my first coffee of the day.

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    1. I can’t believe it, Gerry. My daffodils are straining to blossom and the snowdrops in the garden and in the woods have been out of a couple of weeks.

      I saw the Robin in my garden with a mate the other day. I just hope there isn’t a very cold snap or a lot of snow.

      Ahhhh coffee. My only addiction!


  4. I echo David, Iceland looks lovely. There is a new Icelandic tv programme on c4od – Case. I’m planning to watch even if Ken MacIntosh, Presiding Officer thinks Icelandic tv is rubbish! And yes Gerry it’s an orang though I tend to think your kitty cat shouldn’t be as big as you are!

    I think other than the orangs, my favourite is the kangaroo – hope its burns heal up soon.

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    1. Iceland is fantastic, isn’t it.

      I assume that the show “Case” is a murder sort of thing… Nordic Noir”?

      There are some superb writers in Iceland if you like gruesome murder stories. The best in my opinion is Yrsa Sigurdardotter. If you like that kind of thing, check her out on Amazon.

      I love the kangaroo. What the poor wee thing has been through, I can’t imagine, but thank heavens there are some decent humans who do this kind of work helping wild animals.


    2. Lovely pictures! Looks like the Aurora Borealis will be blooming early this year.
      I too felt sorry for the little Kangaroo.
      Don’t know if entertainment links are acceptable for Soppy Sunday, (if not, Mr. Munguin can delete,) but our Mr. Trump does have Scottish roots. People may or may not know that his Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, (who ran a de facto right wing white supremacist website), is sometimes viewed as being an evil alter ego president. Then there is Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer, who has a high voice, and is perpetually enraged at the media, and may be certifiably insane.

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      1. Don’t remind me about him having Scottish roots.

        The worst president ever and he has to be half Scottish. Jeeeeez.

        Entertainment is what we are about…

        SNL is always welcome.


      2. Yes, I loved Zimbabwe too. The look on his face as he was trying to show America’s “might”. :-))

        Spicer is going to be a great SNL target. Took me a little while to figure out that “he” is one of the females on the show. The voice should have been a clue…..LOL.

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        1. He’s such an incredibly ridiculous figure for the Tangerine House. I take it he is less than thrilled?

          I wish they’d done May simpering and creeping, like she did with Erdogan and presumably with Netanyahu today.

          She’s just got to be a figure of fun. Pathetic.


      3. There hasn’t been a time like this on Saturday Night Live since the days of Sarah Palin and Tina Fey.
        I too wish that they had taken a nice swipe at Theresa May when she was here. That would have been great fun…….LOL.

        The Saturday after the inauguration didn’t go well for Mr. Spicer. First there was the angry tirade about fake news reporting about Mr. trump’s inaugural crowd. Apparently scheduled on short notice for him as he appeared in the press room on national TV in a poor fitting light gray pin striped suit with tie askew. THEN, afterwards, it’s reported that Trump called him in and gave him a royal ass chewing for not berating the reporters HARD ENOUGH……AND for appearing in the poor fitting light gray pin striped suit with tie askew…..LOL. (Seems that Trump likes his people to look sharp.)

        So now Mr. Spicer goes out of his way to pick fights with reporters. BUT he does it in a really sharp, well fitting dark solid blue suit with straight tie……..LOL.

        Yes, although he had no White House briefing today, Spicer had some interviews and declared that SNL isn’t funny anymore. It has just started to be “mean” he says. Of course knowing that Trump is simply pissed out of his mind at Alec Baldwin and SNL makes it SO much fun for everyone involved at NBC’s SNL. 🙂

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        1. There is a certain joy in knowing that all of this really gets Trump angry. What a silly wee man. If you can’t stand the heat…

          I see what you mean though about how his telling off from Trump changed his dress codes.

          He surely looks a lot smarter. The chap suit gone to be replaced with something that cost $2000+.


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