alexander-mackinnonAlexander MacKinnon

He may or may not be a solicitor, or a businessman, or a stockbroker in Glasgow. [Edit]

He was travelling first class on the Virgin service from London to Glasgow and was offended by the presence in the carriage of a foreigner.  He didn’t feel she and her 4-year-old son should be allowed to share First Class accommodation with the likes of him.

Perhaps he felt that the air that British First Class passengers breathe would be in some way tainted were foreigners allowed to breathe it. (I wonder if he has ever been abroad and, if so, did he hold his breath for the entire time?)

Anyway, instead of just thinking these things to himself, he actually told her she should be in ‘Common Class’ (You see, he’s so superior he doesn’t even know where the lower orders travel.)

MacKinnon is originally from London and was a boarder at what the record describes as the “exclusive” Milton Abbey School in Dorset, where boarding now apparently costs £11,780 per term. Just a wee suggestion to this exclusive school: maybe they’d like to review their courses on behaviour when mixing with other human beings.

MacKinnon was arrested and charged by transport police. He appeared at Carlisle Magistrates Court on Tuesday and admitted a racially aggravated public order offence. He was fined £1154, plus £50 compensation, a £150 victim surcharge and £85 in court costs.

Nothing to him really. However, hopefully, the bad publicity will mean that his law firm will wish to dispense with his services and that no decent person would now engage them to act for him.

He was drinking wine from a bottle on the journey, not something you’d necessarily expect of fellow passengers when you are travelling First Class. We can assume then, that he was drunk at the time of the offence. But that’s not an excuse for breaking the law.

The woman he verbally abused is a Glasgow-born lawyer. She had been visiting her husband who is currently working in London.

Shockingly, there were around 12 other people in the first class carriage, none of whom said or did anything to protect a young mother and a very small boy from the abuse of this unpleasant foul-mouthed old drunk. (He swore violently at the 4-year-old!). Shame on you people. I’m pretty certain that had they been in Common Class, as MacKinnon suggested they should be, someone would have told him to sit down and shut up. I’m sure I would have. It’s not like an old drunk could have posed any kind of physical threat. Shame on you First Class people.

I’ve put this up on Munguin’s Republic because I think it is fair and right that as many people as possible see the story. After all, the fine and expenses in themselves will hardly be a disincentive for someone like him to change his ways. Bad publicity and public opprobrium might do the trick.

I don’t know what company he works for, but if anyone does, please feel free to share it.

I dunno about you but if I’d forked out for First Class seats I’d not want to spend a long boring journey in the company of an abusive bigoted old soak drinking from a bottle as if he was on the Buckie. how about you?


107 thoughts on “DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN?”

    1. I don’t actually think anything rings true about this man. He’s not a solicitor in Scotland or England as far as I can verify. Someone mentions Thomas Miller & Co in London but they have an Alan Mackinnon working for them.
      Best I can find is a dissolved Company PROMISING DEVELOPMENTS LTD address Moray House, 23 Mansionhouse Road, Glasgow, G41 3DN.

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      1. Thanks very much for that research Kenneth.

        He vaguely looks like someone who might have a dissolved company somewhere in their history.

        Apparently, and understandably, he wanted o keep the whole thing quiet.

        We’ve been part of the campaign to make sure that that failed.

        Probably the best we can hope for.


      1. Hi Sandy.

        Excellent work there.

        I think we should complain. Ok, he’s not registered in Scotland and I assume that the offence took place as the case took place at Carlisle Magistrates Court. But he assaulted a Scottish woman and a Scottish kid.

        Let’s get him.

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      1. never bothered as he appears to be associated with a London Firm but his area is not criminal law but business so he could be associated in Scotland with a Scottisg group.

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  1. This excuse of a human being is a mysoginist, racist, xenophobe, abusive drunkard.

    Don’t worry though Tris he supports the EDL, BNP, and apparently a number of Tory organisations. I’m just surprised he doesn’t support UKIP. I wonder why not … probably too xenophobic and too racist for him. LOL

    I think we can all look forward to this “lovely gentleman” becoming another “legal expert” in Rooth the mooth’s Tory government after 2021! LOL

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  2. It is indeed remarkable how a picture of a person, with a potted history of their “achievements” makes you want to punch them in the face.

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    1. Yep, I reckon. Drunken behaviour; threatening behaviour in front of a lad who’s little more than a toddler; racist comments, disturbing the peace. Fined in a court of law.

      Imagine needing a lawyer and ending up with a wee ass like him.

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    1. Right. We did look on the site to see if we could find him, but if Aamer has confined it, then that’s it.

      I wonder why he’s living in Glasgow then if he can’t practise in this country?

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  3. Seems to be registered as a stock broker.

    I may have got the solicitor bit wrong? He used to be a company director.

    He now appears to be a stockbroker.

    If I misled you I apologise.

    I’ve amended the story.

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    1. Solicitor, Company Director, Stockbroker, Racist Tory Arsehole, Golf Club Bore, Drunken Prick a la Farage…

      And he wears double breasted pinstripe suits with all the aplomb of an in-character Gorge Cole.

      Shall we say there is a theme here, and no need to apologise whatsoever.

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  4. If he is Alan Alexander John Mackinnon then he works for Thomas Miller & Co Ltd of Fenchurch Street in London.

    According to the website of the Law Society of England he was admitted as a solicitor on 01/02/2000

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  5. A drunken, racist solicitor registered in England but not in Scotland and so cannot practice here. Connected to a London based outfit but exiled to Jockistan. Wonder why?

    His name, apart, a template for a bovine Little Englander Faragista seeking to emulate the type of University Union Tory Society old fogey pose in his retro late untalented Nicholas Fairbairn tailored look (the look also favored by Brillopad when not adorned in his wifebeater semmit with a hanky hat on his wiry rug).

    Again I wonder why his London HO sequestered him in barbarian Caledonia where he has to plough his trade as a “stockbroker”?

    I wouldn’t want him as mine as the options he would offer for investment would probably be in the BNP, EDL, UKIP, and the brain-dead Kipper wing of the Tories.

    What’s he really upto here in Alba Siberia? Whatever it is, he doesn’t look or act as if he is too happy about it.

    I smell a story here.

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    1. Wow… that was scathing!

      I was trying to work out who he reminded me of, and that’s it Nicholas Fairbairn.

      If it’s definitely the same guy (not just a guy with the same name) he may have been dispatched because they didn’t want him hanging around head office!!

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  6. Laughing so much at these comments . Can’t beat a good old Scottish verbal bashing . If I had been on that train I’d have rammed that silver tipped cane where he most probably would have loved it ! 👊🏼✊🏻💦

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  7. My opinion, fwiw: Alexander John MacKinnon, born 11 Jul 1969 1939 in Paddington district, mother’s maiden name: Salas del Carrie. Back in Oct 2008 ‘AJ’ MacKinnon was a Stockbroker and his flatmate George MacDuff (Tel: 07518 496007) was “Property”. Currently at Moray House (Flat B1 ?), 23 Mansionhouse Road Glasgow G41 3DN.
    *My guess only*: currently working in London and he’s NOT a solicitor.


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    1. LOL Jackie…

      Man of mystery.

      We keep on getting different information about him. That address seems reasonable.

      Nothing much we can do about him. If he is a working solicitor all the publicity he has got will definitely have damaged him with his clients and employers. So I guess that is good news.

      All of you guys have been working hard researching him. I guess it makes me proud that so many folk feel the same horror and disgust for him that I do.

      Thank you.


    1. Thanks Rob.

      I reckon that it’s not him though. That guy goes under the name of Alan.

      I think we’re nearer the place with the idea that he’s an ex director of a failed company. He kinda looks more like that than a successful solicitor.

      But your research is much appreciated.


  8. might i hazard a guess and offer that as the others who said nothing; being in 1st class agreed with the fascist racist minger, and was a prime example of the fascist racist rainbow tories in wastemonster, aided by the north british quislings

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      1. Cheers, but one comment is still awaiting moderation so I assume it’s not visible. Maybe this is because it contains four links to the sources I used. Whatever, here it is without the sources:

        My opinion, fwiw: Alexander John MacKinnon, born 11 Jul 1969 1939 in Paddington district, mother’s maiden name: Salas del Carrie. Back in Oct 2008 ‘AJ’ MacKinnon was a Stockbroker and his flatmate George MacDuff (Tel: 07518 496007) was “Property”. Currently at Moray House (Flat B1 ?), 23 Mansionhouse Road Glasgow G41 3DN.
        *My guess only*: currently working in London and he’s NOT a solicitor.

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        1. Thanks Juan, for your research. I’m investigating why your post hasn’t appeared. Maybe because I went to bed really early last night. I’m working my way through them now.

          I’d certainly have put it up with the links.

          This site is still a bit of a mystery to me.

          Thanks again.


  9. I am really not sure what the junior school he went to about 50 years ago has got to do with anything? And to make the assumption that it is a failure by them that he is a drunken arsehole?
    He’s done enough by himself without demonising a different generation of teachers and kids.

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  10. What are the chances of this not being the one you are looking for :0)

    Mr Alexander John MacKinnon
    Financial Services Register Reference number AJM01319
    FIXI Plc, 10th Floor, 110 Cannon St, London EC4N 6EU

    “Alex Mackinnon Non-Executive Director – Alex has 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, running bank and broking house trading desks since 1990. His background includes finance, securities and investment in more than a half dozen large financial institutions based in global financial hubs across Europe, the USA and Australia. “

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  11. This guy seems fairly consistent about having been born 18 JUL 1971. Nevertheless, he is a bit confused about whether he’s British or Australian and even where he lives or is resident. So he could well be mistaken about his birth date as well 😉

    Loads of stuff here for anyone wanting to follow up further. Looks like it’s designed/structured to hide what’s going on, to me.

    see also:

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    1. Hi Ronnie. Thanks for that. Seems he’s got form for being a drunk.

      I think they treated him lightly. The weapon was worth a very great deal more than the fine. I’d have forced the sale and made him give the money to charity. But I suspect that was outwith the court’s competence.

      He’d been at a party? With a gun?

      Ah well. How the other half live. But I see that at that stage he was a marketing executive!

      If you see him again, Ronnie, do let him know what a piece of lowlife we think he is.



  12. Those are old reports Tris. The gun incident’s from 1997. Devonshire Gardens Hotel includes No 4 now. It seems to have changed hands for £660k on 22/08/2006. Dunno if our man gained anything from it.

    The guy Juan is tracking is not the right one. He’s an Aussie with the same name, but there are photographs of him about here and there and he bears no resemblance.

    I like this manhunt. Its like the Real Radio Renegade except you don’t win a pile of money 🙂

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  13. “The guy Juan is tracking is not the right one. He’s an Aussie with the same name, but there are photographs of him about here and there and he bears no resemblance.”

    I have asked his company for such verification and, so far, answer came there none. Can you help with this??


    1. I want you to find him. I dug around a bit a few nights ago, but I couldn’t get far. It looks like he has scrubbed his tracks a bit. I think the Mansionhouse Road address is a company address. It strikes me as strange if he is a Solicitor. That he doesn’t show up on registers of those.

      I checked several of the press reports, but they mostly seem to be rehashes of a single source, maybe 2 sources. They pretty much all give the same handful of “facts”, which implies one story.

      He seems to have been a director of one single company – the Manshionhouse Rd registered one. I would have thought if a Solicitor was a director of a building firm. then he would be a serial Company Director. Just the one seems strange.

      But its fun.

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      1. @ davidbsb – cheers. The search continues!

        Between May 2015 and up to at least Nov 17 2016, this Investment Committee page included the rest of the committee such as Goran Drapac. Now the page only mentions Alex. A committee of one, it would seem nowadays.
        The pictures of Alex was, back before this were such as:
        /wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Alex-Mackinnon-White-400x400px-300×300.jpg or
        But these photos don’t seem to be there any more. Probably just a bit of admin tidy up 😉

        Any other photos?

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      2. Re, the ‘solicitor’ thing that has baffled me (and several others). The first version of the story that I have found is at:
        at 03 Feb 2017 12:31 (Last Friday).

        Where the British Transport Police themselves headline it as “Solicitor fined over £1k for racially abusing mum on train – Carlisle” Another report/follow up indicates that “MacKinnon pleaded guilty to a racist offence at Carlisle Magistrates Court on Tuesday”. That court report does not seem to be available at the moment. Maybe soon.

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        1. I saw that.

          Solicitor fined over £1k for racially abusing mum on train – Carlisle
          A solicitor who racially abused a mum in front of her toddler son on a train has been fined more than £1,000 following a British Transport Police investigation.

          Alexander MacKinnon, aged 47, of Mansionhouse Road, Glasgow, pleaded guilty to the Racially Aggravated Public Order offence and was fined £1,154. He was also ordered to pay £50 compensation, a £150 victim surcharge and court costs of £85.00.
          The court heard how on 29 December last year, MacKinnon, who had been drinking and was seated in the first class carriage of the 2.30pm train from London Euston to Glasgow, shouted at a four year old child, telling him to be quiet.
          When the child’s mother asked him not to shout at her son he replied with a barrage of racist abuse, demanding to know where she came from, why didn’t she go back there and that she shouldn’t be travelling in first class.

          His victim began to cry and reported the man to a member of rail staff. The train manager was informed who told MacKinnon he would be taken off the train at Carlisle and met by police.

          He responded by continuing his racist rant, accusing his victim of wasting police time by reporting the matter and adding that she shouldn’t be in this country.

          In police interview MacKinnon continued to be abusive and racist about his victim.

          Investigating officer PC Mark Mellenthin said: “The victim was visibly distressed and shaken by MacKinnon’s frightening racist outburst. Thankfully the train manager stepped in before the abuse escalated.
          “People like MacKinnon must understand that abusive, racist behaviour like this has no place on the railway and will not be tolerated. Everyone has the right to travel in safety without fear of abuse like this, violence or intimidation.

          “When it does happen we will do everything in our power to bring them before the courts. Hopefully MacKinnon’s substantial fine will make him think twice before unleashing such vitriol on other members of the public.”

          That’s where I got the solicitor as an occupation. He must have said that to the police.


  14. October 3, 2013:
    . . . “AxiTrader, the largest retail forex brokerage in Australia, has gone outside the ranks and hired Alex Mackinnon as its new CEO” . . . . . ” — most of the growth recently at AxiTrader has been international, and the previously London-based Mackinnon has lots of international experience — as Head of FX Prime Services at FCStone Europe, and as Head of Trading at ODL, which was acquired by FXCM in 2010.

    – from

    November 2, 2016:
    . . . “said Alex MacKinnon, Head of New Products and Institutional Sales at AxiTrader” . . . . .”AxiTrader is the trading name of UK-based AxiCorp Ltd., which is part of Australia-based AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd. The brand is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Autorities (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The broker works with retail and institutional clients in more than 150 countries.”
    – from


        1. LOL. I don’t think so. I’d not use him to clean the toilet with.

          But that’s a police report that says he is a solicitor. That doesn’t mean it’s right of course, but maybe he lied to the police… you know the sort of thing posh drunks get up to. Now look here my good man, don;t you know who I am. I’m a solicitor and my father’s related to the King of Norway, or some such nonsense.


  15. Moray House in Mansionhouse Road is a flatted development. The guy residing there at B/1 23a has the right dob ( July 69 ). That property last changed hands in April 2006 for £155k. That ties up with the 4 Devonshire Gardens Sale, registered on 22/8/2006 ( few months apart registered ).

    He was a director of one single company registered at Moray House, and with another male director citing the same address ( B1 etc ). It was an off the shelf company, but it appears the company did not trade and was eventually struck off.

    There is some ambiguity as to our man’s employment. He may or may not be a solicitor.

    And thats it. We know where he lives and his age. He is still listed on the electoral register at that address. And we know how much he paid for his flat ( and that its probably worth about £240 k, so he’s maybe not as rich as his attitude would suggest ).

    What else do we need to know?

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    1. Maybe shouldn’t read too much into the electoral roll thing. I haven’t lived in the UK for many years and I’m still on it, at an address I’ve long-since sold. The 2011 Census would be a better indication.

      Also, anyone owning more than one property would probably be better recording the cheapest one for poll-tax? Just a question here as I’ve been out of the country too long to have kept up with these things.

      As for employment/profession I would say that not only don’t we know whether or not he is/was a Solicitor or Stockbroker – we can’t be sure he’s even employed. He might just be a pure Walt and living on his inheritance.

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