I’m not at all certain that that is what we pay you £60,687 for. Maybe you should spend less time on that a bit more on reading up on economic theory, given that you are the shadow finance person in our parliament. It read that Ivan McKee made a bit of a fool of you in parliament in these matters.

Grateful thanks to Gerry for the clip of Mr McKee taking Murdo down.

26 thoughts on “MESSAGE TO MURDO”

    1. The thing is, before Ruth took over, when he was Annabel’s deputy, he had some good ides. Rebranding as Scottish was one of them. Instead they rendered themselves “Teh Party of Ruth Davidson. Of course there are those who would say that worked, but I’m inclined to think most of it was down to the fact that Labour at both English adn Scottish levels are an utter shambles.


      1. Saw it over on Wings Tris.
        I love the way that having been humiliated by his lack of knowledge on the subject, he is then told by Christine to “SIT DOWN”

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  1. I always used to think of Murdo Fraser as a stolid solid gents’ outfitter from the 1950s, but he’s not even uo to that role. This tragic tweet reveals so much. He defers to his superior colleague as “Prof Tomkins” (“I’m ever so humble, Your Magnificence. I know my place.”) despite two-public-salaries Tomkins barely having plonked his arse on his seat. This is a revealing insight into how Tories view their hierarchical world.

    Even sadder is that he is thrilled to be allowed to play the scamp with Prof Tomkins. Fraser is the Professor’s best pal and they’re having fun. “Mummy, my best friend and I had a midnight feast in the dorm and we were ever so naughty.” Fraser didn’t go to a Billy Bunter private boarding school. He went to IRA (Inverness Royal Academy), a very good public school. Again there’s that Tory need to try and appear like one of the upper class. That’s so pathetic.

    Last of all, the jolly japesters were trying to piss “cybernats” off. That tells us Fraser was furious at having lost out on something. He’d come off second best again and was whistling in the dark.

    So revealing in under 140 characters.

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    1. He has a history of ridiculous tweets. My favourite is the one about Rangers, or rather the team that replaced Rangers… New Rangers or whatever.

      He referred to them as the Queen’s Eleven. I was seriously surprised that the queen had expressed a preference for Rangers over say, Aberdeen or Hearts or any other team. It is unlike her. But I was even more surprised that she had chosen to share her preference with Murdo. Odd company to keep. Maybe Phil was getting fitted for a suit?

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  2. These britnats must ken their time is running oot. I was going to say their’s was gallows humour but there is usually intelligence and dignity in true gallows humour; these two britnats have neither intelligence nor dignity.

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    1. Nor, it seems a sense of duty.

      Maybe if he spent a wee bit less time on his competition with Tomkins he’d know a wee bit more about his brief.


    1. I think it is all a bit of a joke to them. Many of them just play at it. Some are just lamentably stupid… eh Jackson? But I thought a few years ago, that Murdo had more about him.

      Wrong again, Tris!


  3. Wow Ivan! That was a beauty.

    My first thoughts on Murdo Fraser is that he is a pompous oaf. He has never won an election. He was a small town solicitor who had thoughts above his station – a bit like bulls in the mooth, Fraser Nelson who also hales from Inverness.

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  4. God, the utter roaster ( roaster is my word for the day, as it appeared in a previous post ), made an absolute idiot of himself. This should be on all broadcast channels. Wonder why not?

    Ivan telt him!

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  5. I sometimes wonder if the level of intellect on display on the unionist benches is not some deliberate ploy,is stupidity a requirement for selection? There is barely a day goes by without some gaffe, lie or misreprentation being hurled about, they might not be embarrassed, but I sure as hell am. They are supposed to represent the people of Scotland.

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    1. The quality is abysmal.

      I don’t think it’s a ploy.

      I think maybe it always was like that, but we tended not to see it.

      Of course social media has allowed people to display their stupidity with a great deal more ease than before.

      Once upon a time they would have made idiotic statements to each other in the canteen at Holyrood, or the restaurants and bars at Westminster.

      Now they do it for all to see.

      As I say, I’m not exempt from being idiotic on social media. It’s just that when I do it no one gives a damn. I’m not bidding to run the country.

      But of course it’s not just on social media that they display ignorance, as this clip shows.

      Even that a few years ago would only have been seen by other members and a tiny minority who watch or listen to debates. Now you make a faux pas and you’re all over the net.

      A good thing and a bad thing at the same time, I guess.


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