Embarrassing: Because Mrs May is fond reminding us that she is a Christian. Mr Cameron reminded us that we were a Christian country. The Queen apparently lives her entire life according to the teachings of Christ. Maybe a bit of bible study would be in order.


Embarrassing: Because, “Take my hand”, she sings, “I’m a stranger in Paradise.” Kismet?


Embarrassing: Because….eugh, no comment! I feel sick.

Embarrassing: Because the NYT has figures which prove that subscribers and audience at all-time high:

. Fact check: subscribers & audience at all-time highs. Supporting independent journalism matters.


Embarrassing: Guys, this is the 21st century! You’re old men, not children. Stop playing at fancy dress parties and get a bloody job.


Embarrassing: Didn’t their very first manifesto make it a matter of priority to get rid of the House of Lords?


Embarrassing: Just how heartless and thoughtless and downright bloody wicked was it to harass this lad?


Embarrassing: Theresa May has just signed a £100 million deal to provide President Erdoğan’s government with fighter jets.  President Erdoğan has an appalling record on human rights and is seeking ever more powers. It seems only a short time ago when Westminster was warning against Turkey being allowed anywhere near the EU. They are becoming as inconsistent as Trump.


Embarrassing: Because this moron once tweeted something to the effect that his parents hadn’t come to ‘this great country’ so that their way of life could be ruined by immigrants. Dufus or what?  But amusingly, I see that part of the 2,000-mile wall that he’s going to build runs through territory “given” to native Americans. The  Tohono O’odham Nation have a border with Mexico which they cross regularly to meet with friends and family who live in Mexico. They have stated quite clearly that they will not allow the wall to be built on their territory. A war with a native American tribe would be all sorts of embarrassing for Dumbo. But a wall with a 75 mile gap in it would be completely useless. A little research before he made his vow  might have saved him.


  1. “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel”……………Mark Twain

    So what does the orange faced moron do? He vows warfare with the New York Times and the Washington Post.

    Eugene Robinson is a prominent columnist and Associate Editor of the Post.

    The New York Times did not respond positively to White House Strategist (far right wing blogger and de facto white nationalist) Stephen Bannon telling the media to “keep its mouth shut.” The Times and the Post are now fact checking Trump’s statements and are using words like “falsehood” in HEADLINES about White House statements. Fact checking footnotes are being used too for the first time. Trump is in for a fight about facts that he simply can’t win. Steve Bannon (and Trump for that matter) are scum.

    Speaking of scum. If Theresa got away from the White House with only her a** being grabbed, she came out of it better than lots of other women who’ve had dealings with the orange faced sexist.

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    1. LOL Mark Twain knew a thing or two! So, I suspect do the Post and the Times.

      Just how thick can these people be? Is it them or is it him telling them to do this stuff and them too afraid to refuse to comply?

      His press spokespeople are laughably amateur.

      And is he going to rule by presidential order or does he intend to use his majority in Congress at any time?

      He’s a bloody disgrace, and he’s a laughing stock. Even I can work out that you can’t run a country he way you run a company (or companies) that you own.

      Still, only 4 years to go… or eight?

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    2. PS: Danny, I can’t read any more Post articles, but I got the Times one.

      Maybe someone should tell him that referring to your voters as “the working-class hobbits and deplorables.” is probably not the best idea.

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      1. Rachel (MSNBC) had a nice piece last night on the Trump so-called “Executive Orders.” I’ll send it if its up on her website. Many of the Executive Orders have been mostly political window dressing, since they tend to not “order” anything that does not require an appropriation by Congress. (The Congress controls all the money of course.) He ordered a hiring freeze that had to be largely rescinded for the Veterans hospitals. He ordered Obamacare enrollment ads to be taken down in advance of the sign-up deadline. THAT was immediately rescinded. He issued a gag order for federal employees that even applied to talking to CONGRESS. THAT CERTAINLY got rescinded. He ordered climate change information taken down from the EPA website. That was rescinded. It goes on and on. Hard to know whether the problem is Trump or his staff, but it’s true that there is very little governing experience ANYWHERE in the White House.

        AND……..the White House spelled the name of the Prime Minister as “Teresa May” in a press release of her Washington schedule. (It was reported that Teresa May without the “h” is a porn star in Britain.) It’s really Keystone Cops time at the White House.

        Have you previously gotten Post articles? They may have a free access limit. The Times gives you ten freebie articles per month, and then cuts you off until next month, unless you send them some money. When I run out of freebies, I’ve discovered that there’s a little used browser I can use on which the Times doesn’t recognize my sign-in name. So I can usually get around the ten article limit and see all the Times articles I want.

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        1. LOL. Danny, Sounds like most of what he’s done has been binned.

          What a complete idiot he’s making of himself.

          Yes, I’ve got previous articles but I guess I’ve reached my limit, because I’ve been picking up quite a bit from Twitter.

          LOL You cunning fox.

          I’ll look forward to Rachel. You know I think she’s quite brilliant.

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  2. I just posted my comment and it’s on my screen with a note that says that it’s “awaiting moderation.” OMG……do MR comments have to me “moderate” now? 😉

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    1. I’ve not idea how that happened Danny.

      It happened the other day to Panda Paws and I think to John Brownlie. It’s this site. It’s weird.

      I apologise.

      Even more importantly Munguin apologises.


      1. No apologies necessary! I hope Munguin was not devastated in his concern about the matter. I was just wondering if my comments about the orange faced moron in the White House for example might have to be “moderate” in the future. 😉

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        1. Ha ha… Munguin has already forgotten about it. He’s on his second bottle of Krug and feeling no pain.

          Munguin has no qualms about calling trump an Orange Faced Moron. After all, that’s pretty much what he is. Call a spade a spade.

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  3. Quite a lot to reply to.

    This is my best shot:

    Seems to me that the only option for Teresa May is for the UK to be subsumed into the USA. Which would be a disaster, but perhaps popular. No-one else likes us. And ‘Breaking Bad’ was epic. So, a done deal?

    Skipping on. I cannot credit a socialist party having anyone in the House of Lords. The SNP have zero, nada, peers. What has our pal Niko have to say about that?

    Proof of disablement should rest with a GP, or at most a consultant. It should not reside with a bureaucrat, who hasn’t spent years in becoming familiar with illness or disability. It is the cart leading the horse. It is, indeed, the idiot loose in the stables.

    Theresa May is an idiot. Nuff said.

    I support the “Tohono O’odham Nation”, of whom I know little. But, if it is their land, then I know whose side I’d be on. And it ain’t Donald’s.

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    1. I can’t disagree with any of that, Douglas.

      Maybe what they are aiming for is a USA/UK union like the EU but with just us two in it “leading the world”. Question is where?

      I’m with the native people too, of course. I hope they stuff it to the orange faced moron.

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      1. The Freemasons were infilltrated by the illuminati many decades if not centuries ago. They are now in charge in the shadowy world. Witness various satanic stuff, paediphilia, pizzagate and spirit cooking. The USA and UK are in this with the other obvious cohorts. They are taking us down a terrible path. Donald is their pied piper.
        Again inauguration day minus the Donalds birthday is 70years 7 months and 7 days.

        Whilst to many this “isn’t possible”, “it can’t be”, think again. There is no such thing as a coincidence.

        2015 62 people owned as much as the bottom 50% of the planet.
        2016 8 people owned as much as the bottom 50% of the planet.
        2017 ??

        We are going where satan takes us.

        Just for the record I am an aetheist.

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