David writes:


I couldn’t get the picture of the leaflet he sent me to load properly, but it says:




You can see the leaflet there.

If you want to and can help David out, can you email him, please.


27 thoughts on “ANYONE WANT TO HELP OUT?”

  1. We love the BBc we love the BBC but not
    the snp oh yes the truth will out and the nats
    Don’t like it up them ….And so just like Trump
    They attack the media to browbeat journos and
    Terrorise the Independent media or more like
    Mugabe and his one party state……

    Still if you do leave a calling card in The restroom
    It will come in handy as I wipe me erse wid it…

    Just remember history is written by the winners
    And you lost massive in the greatest free and fair
    referendum ever ……

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      1. For Niko’s BritNat bahookie?

        A simply splendid idea!

        Wotcha fink, Niko, you old hack of a pro-Brit, anti-Grivas luvver of all fings Ottoman and Betty Windsor with her erse planted on thrones (some toiletry?).

        Jimminy Cricket and by golly gosh, am forgetting Betty’s ride is PHIL THE GREEK whose Ottoman loving forebears had to leg it when the Greek populace came after his forebears.

        Crikey, where’s Biggles and Algy when one needs them?

        PS You up for a pint and some Turkish baklava in Peckham soon along with the 77 Brigade gang of pissheads?

        Assorted other BritIntel trolls will be there in shagging/pinting mode including your old pals, GWC2 Natsi and Aldo, plus a few jackboot others (wink wink).

        Looking forward to seeing you pished and spreadeagled with the old Commonwealth team combining to service your urgent AngloOttoman needs at the Old Cock and Bull (just at the back of the station in case you are needing a heads up a reminder)

        Viva Kurdistan and Jockistan, free!
        Kemal Grivas Ataturk MacDuff of Fcuk the Bwits ilk

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    1. Thanks Nico for your successful appeal to us that support Independence. You have ensured my support for this appeal.

      Keep up the good work, a sterling job. Don’t be shy now about letting everyone in Scotland know of your future bodily functions. Just remember history will be written by the winners, your contribution I’m sure will play a part.

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  2. I’ll gladly take some. Plenty, in fact. Between my own family and extended, the avenues for distribution are wide. Your troll need have nothing to fear if there is nothing to hide. People can read and see for themselves if they take the time to do so, once pointed in the right direction, to be able to weigh facts against ‘alternative facts’. I’ll be in touch via email.

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  3. I’ll have some, I’m running out of the stickers kindly given to me by Iain Brotherhood. Wee tip: put them inside library books as bookmarks. People that use libraries are thinking, logical beings.

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    1. Please email me a delivery address. I have several envelopes stuffed already, and ready for mailing in the morning.

      Thank you – and the book mark idea is great!

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      1. Let me pile on about Niko. Will Niko really fit in with a free Scotland? Any way that he could be exiled to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave? As an ultra-pro-UK nationalist, would he not be quite comfortable with an ultra-nationalist orange faced moron as head of state? We do in fact have a big welcoming statue in New York Harbor that talks about the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. And she lifts her lamp beside the golden door. Just sayin……

        On another matter after reading these comments, I would like to know what “Crikey” means. Lord Grantham uses this term quite often in “Downtown Abbey.”

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        1. Probably a polite version of FFS, Danny.

          I’m not sure poor old Niko fits in anywhere, bless him. I dunno that he’d much care for an orange faced moron. I think he wants Kezia, who hasn’t got an orange face but seems to be adequately qualified on the other scrore.


    1. You’re right. It needs all of us to work hard here. Get the message out and make sure that their lies don’t work. They are going to be desperate. It’s too soon for them to repeat the lies of better Together, UKOK.

      They’ll need to find new ones.

      Can’t wait to hear them.


  4. Danny. A euphemism. When fascists rule, and if they don’t like what you say, it can be dangerous.
    Cor Blimey meant God blind me, if I have not told the truth.
    Some cultures didn’t like the name of their favoured god taken in vain…

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    1. Hi Cherry,

      Hope you get some response from that.

      The post is a 3rd on the list now, But I’ll find a way of introducing your site in a future post, and you can always repost on other articles we have up.



  5. hi Tris, thanks! We are attracting lots of people, it takes time to first of all come to terms with the fact that…my bbc are lying to me…once that is taken on board it gets easier. Plus they (bbc) seem to be helping with more and more propaganda on their website. They really are the gift that keeps on giving…once you see it, you find it’s everywhere. We all just need to keep questioning everything they print about our SG and any and all about our resources. It’s a huge undertaking, however I have faith in my fellow Scots to keep showing them up for what they are we will get there because we are never going away!

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