Amazing how, when they no longer have to obey the whip and say what they are told to say, they seem to get so much brighter…and so much more honest.


Talking of stupid, I read on Twitter (maybe someone can confirm it) that Boris has said if Scotland gets independence he will rebuild Hadrian’s Wall. Now, I know Boris is a buffoon, but I’d  have thought that, with his education, he might have known that Hadrian’s Wall is in England. Is he intending to cede part of his country to us?

Finally, this is not really connected at all, but Niko sent me this on the last thread and you may not have seen it. It’s hilarious.


Always said there was something fishy about him.



  1. I’m not sure about numpty bumpty Boris but am pretty sure Mayhem herself has threatened something like this.

    Apparently the border between Northern Ireland and Eire will remain completely open post Brexit. However, for some obscure reason (as yet unspecified by her despotness) the border between Scotland and England will … ahem be guarded by guards and walls and everything … allegedly.

    I have it on good authority that while Mayhem is in Washington she will be discussing with the Orange master how best to build walls! LOL

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    1. Ah, well, he’s the expert when it comes to walls, although I see the ex-president of Mexico has told him that if he wants Mexico to pay for it he can F*** Off.

      I guess Nicola could tell Mayhem the same thing.

      I wonder why the NI border is so important? Oh yeah. If she messes with the Irish they will block any deal she makes with Europe.

      Glad the Irish are on our side.

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        1. I guess we all hope that that won;t happen, but it’s not beyond possibility.

          Credit to John Major and Tony Blair along with teh Irish, and President Clinton for leading on the road to peace. But, yes, this, and Arlene Foster’s refusal to take responsibility for that scam, may well mean that their work was in vain.

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      1. The trouble for Mayhem though Tris is that it appears that she could be on the verge of seeing the Good Friday collapsing in front of her eyes. I’m guessing the “no borders” thingy in N.I./Eire is her one and only chance to try and rescue the agreement. I don’t think it will work myself and we will see N.I. revert to how it was before the Good Friday agreement bombs bullets and everything. Hell it looks like it may have already kicked off with the shooting of the P.S.N.I. officer the other night,

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        1. The trouble is, Arbroath, that there is no one remotely capable of sorting out any kind of trouble in NI now.

          Major and Blair and Mo Mowlem did put a lot into it, as did the Irish government and Bill Clinton.

          I seriously don’t see May or her Bumblecluts secretary of state, whose name escapes, me manage anything like that. As for President Orange. Pfffffffff. He wants to waterboard people. and build a wall…

          I doubt that the Irish government, however sensible, can sort it themselves.


      2. Oops.

        Forgot to mention that Mayhem will NOT be making an appearance in the Irish government when she visits Eire next month apparently. She must still be pissed that the Irish kicked the U.K. out of the vast majority of Ireland back in the 1920’s. LOL

        I think this sort of behaviour should be filed under the heading of “How to win friends and influence people!” LOL

        I suppose we shouldn’t be too worried though Tris after all when she leaves Washington on Saturday (I Think) she will be joint leader with the Orange Tangerine in the class of World Class Trading Leaders! LOL

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        1. Yeah, I think she might be worried that the reception that Nicola got in Dublin might overshadow her own appearance.

          She was right. It would have.


  2. I’d quite like it if they rebuilt Hadrians Wall. It would give us an enormous chunk of Northern England and make Newcastle United a part of the Scottish Premier League. It would, unfortunately ruin my joke about playing an international fixture when my team, Partick Thistle played Berwick Rangers. And that wasn’t so long ago. Great day out btw.

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    1. I’ve always wanted to stop at Berwick when I’ve been en route for Paris, but never got round to it. it looks really lovely. be a shame about your joke, but would be nice for the people of the far North to come and join us.

      I worked with a woman from Newcastle. She and her husband came to Scotland because they felt they’d far more in common with Edinburgh than with London.


      1. I like it. Mrs Conan wanted to retire there at one point. Then I pointed out that it was in… um… England.

        Eternal Tory rule isn’t to her taste either.

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    2. The town of Berwick has always been disputed and ransacked by which ever army was going through it. I reckon the residents should be given a referendum on which Kingdom they wish to belong.

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  3. The lack of a border between Northern Ireland and the Republic makes a nonsense of a so-called border between Scotland and England. Interesting situation in Gibraltar considering they are heavily dependent on Spain and the EU.

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    1. I think that they will HAVE to have some accommodation with Spain/EU over Gibraltar. As I understand it people and goods cross the “border” every day and this is essential to both, but most particularly the Gibraltar economy.

      If they don’t find an accommodation between Ireland and NI, again both economies will be seriously affected.

      They’ll have to find an accommodation for their City upon which so many governments have depended so strongly for the money that keeps the UK afloat.

      They’ll have to have a exceptions in the case of the economic black spots of the “North-East” (although in British terms that SHOULD mean Aberdeen/Inverness/Wick but really means Newcastle), otherwise the car companies may well go, and those that voted so strongly to leave the EU will find themselves in a much worse situation.

      So, if they aren’t going to do much about Scotland, bless them, they really ARE as stupid as I sometimes think they are.


    2. Unfortunately, there is a certain reality to be faced here. If the UK, or indeed rUK, really is hell bent on leaving the customs union and the single market then at least a minimal customs border is unavoidable in both cases.

      Now, this isn’t the end of the world. These would mainly delay HGVs and some vans. It shouldn’t affect people who cross back and forth for work, leisure or other personal reasons. It’s called the Common Travel Area. I’m a bit vague on the exact history, but I’m sure the CTA operated with a NI/Eire customs border previously, before the single market showed up and helped make the border there almost nonexistent.

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    1. Hi Ian… Galloway is a bit of a twit, isn’t he? Still, if that is how he feels, I’ve no problem with it. I’m guessing he’d be on the English side gunning down Scots.

      Berlin wall style.

      Like I say, what a twit.


    2. And how would that affect Scotland’s territorial waters in the North sea? A line out from North Shields would bring a lot of rUK gasfields under Scottish jurisdiction. I don’t think I would object to that proposal – although there may be planning issues as I’m sure English Heritage wouldn’t want the wall damaged.

      Feckin eejits!

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      1. I think your last line is a reasonable summation.

        Even if Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson PC MP doesn’t know about Hadrian’s Wall, you’d have thought that Gorgeous (Whit?) George might have.

        PS. Munguin says if George is gorgeous, he’s been sorely misled about the meaning of the word.


  4. Tris

    Nothing new really, hasn’t the treasury guy who boasted about saving the union now admitted that virtually everything he said was bullshit now that he is in the House of the Dead having been rewarded for his role in the great lie. They are all a bunch of w****** to be honest, sell outs of the worst kind. They will say and do anything to maintain the established order in this country but people can change it if they would just take an interest, learn the facts and bloody vote. It doesn’t have to be this way in this country, there are enough ignorant and non voting people out there to make a real difference, if they would stick their heads up and be counted, get informed before it’s too late. The NHS is just one the many things the three Tory Parties are going to come looking for, I also wonder how many private health insurance companies are queuing up to meet Theresa Margaret May next week on her visit to worship at the alter of the Oval office.


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    1. Ha ha, Bruce. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bloke for the Treasury, who broke the Civil Service rules of service to take a political position has admitted that he was a liar.

      I just wonder what they can throw at us this time, given that it was by and large lies last time and it’s been found out.

      I suppose it will be Hadrian’s wall, barbed wire and machine guns. Ye’ll never see yer granny again and Stair Heid’s son will be a foreigner.


  5. Don’t normally comment, but love your blog.

    I believe Common Space are looking for ideas on a gift for Trump from Scotland.
    I’d like to suggest a framed copy of your ‘fishy Trump’
    What’s not to like? Scottish smoked salmon with a big Finnan Haddie on top.

    Don’t you just love Scottish humour?

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    1. Hi Shinty,

      I’ll send it into them…though I don’t know its provenance.

      I saw it, as I do with so much, on Twitter. (I should probably get a life.)

      Oh Scots humour is up there with the best.


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