14 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. smashing stuff there. Though not sure what a nwols is, are they related to the owl? 🙂

    Cute Orangs – check
    Beautiful scenery with stunning colours – check
    Elephants – check
    Funny kittens – check.

    Made me smile, which after Andy Murray losing and my freezer dying I needed.

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    1. Ah… Everything for Soppy Sunday has N before it, so I can find it easily among my photographs. WOL is what Owl called himself , or rather how he spelled his name in Winnie the Pooh. Remember Owl was the clever one who could read and write…almost.

      You forgot to mention that there were a few Orangutans in there too.

      Seriously sorry to hear about your freezer… and Andy Murray. Will you get a new one (freezer, I mean)?


      1. how come Marcia gets a like and I don’t! That’s happened several time now. Don’t you like me any more? I’ve never read Winnie the pooh so thanks for the education! I did mention the orangutans, well the first bit. Yeah will need to get an new freezer. Spent all day cooking up the rapidly defrosting food after passing some of it onto brother. It will be the Atkins high protein diet this week – let’s see if it’s true you lose weight on it…

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        1. Hmmm. Munguin made me do it.

          Sorry, sometimes I forget. I’m getting past it.

          Did you see that “Two Doors Down” show where the freezer went on the blink and they had to invite everyone round for something to eat. Hilarious. It’s available on Youtube.

          Ah Winnie the Pooh is an essential. Tiger, Wol, Eeyore, Piglet, Rabbit, Kanga… Magic.

          Not the daft films though, just the books.


    1. Awww, Marcia. Really sorry to hear about your flu. It’s really horrible. My mum had it and she’s struggling to shake it off.

      Munguin sends his love. Hope you’re better soon.


  2. I have to admit that the white kitten “Peu importe qui m’a revéillé, il va mourir” makes me laugh every time. The ridiculous thing is that I am a morning person! I don’t feel that way no matter how early I am woken up!

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    1. Yeah, what a face!!!

      Oh, I’m the exact opposite. When I was a kid they couldn’t get me to go to bed; nor did I ever want to get up.

      I’m exactly the same now.

      I’ve got a really good friend who likes to get to bed by 10, but is up at 6 every morning. My idea of a nightmare!


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