I had an inauguration party, but no one much turned up…


Do you think it’s my hair? Or the fact that my face is Orange? Or I got my decoration tips from Liberace


On the other hand, just imagine if it had been Jeb Bush that had won. He didn’t exactly know how to pack ’em in now, did he?

Still, he is brighter than his idiot brother, who couldn’t even handle the plastic mac thing and keep the rain off. Food on his family and a plastic bag over his head. Jeeez.


20 thoughts on “I had an inauguration party, but no one much turned up…”

  1. I think there’s more to the Trump Presidency than meets the eye.

    Presidents are selected not elected.

    What’s to come will almost certainly surprise!

    I hope we get out of the UK before the shit hits the fan.

    Bon voyage Ecosse.

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    1. Who knows. It’s a whole new ball game.

      He may be the breath of fresh air that we could do with, although I doubt it.

      One thing for sure, I cannot stand the sound of his voice. And that fact that he says everything twice drives me nuts!


  2. conan so rude so you ! how the hell do you know wot a fart in a spacesuit
    smells like….er on second thoughts dont answer i am to delicate for the

    The Donald Three times divorced ( people do but he being a stand up Christian well ??)
    six times bankrupt and worse his (the cowardly scum ) five times thats five times
    deferment to serve his nation in the vietnam war..America certainly did not come
    first then no his snively cowardly skin came first second and last ,,,

    Still his mantra Grab them by the pussy and the heartless and mindless will follow
    has been sadly proved corrrect…..

    Its democracy jim but not as I know it (westmonster aside )

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    1. Aye. Some weird things they do they call themselves Christians, just like sister Theresa and all her evil towards the poor. (I see someone died on the way home from the Jobcentre after being told he was cut off from his sickness benefit coz he was healthy. Massive heart attack.

      How’s Taz’s legs??


  3. although Pres Clinton was a draft dodger
    pres George W Bush dun his service flying in
    the danger zones above Texas USA when not drunk
    vice press Dickhead chaney asked begged on his
    cowardly knees for five draft deferments to not
    serve his nation at a time of war while others
    gave ‘the last full measure of devotion’…

    Must be something in the water I mean they were
    so fecking patriotic when called upon

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    1. Texas Ranger Bush, lying under a table. I wonder if there were many Vietcong about.

      I suppose President Obama was too young, and Mrs Clinton too female to have served.


      1. Jeez, I wouldn’t have let him drive the golf buggy he was so often seen in. I’d have thought walking and chewing gum was the stretch of his intellect. Still, he looks like a giant next to Trump.


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