Tiresome Tess makes her speech tomorrow (or today, if you’re reading this on Tuesday). This is pretty much a map of Great Britain after March 2019. Goodbye, cruel world.

PS: How dare they have French on a map of Britain. Next thing Liz Saxe-Coburg Gotha will be having her family motto in French. Dieu et Mon Droit, or something. Not at all the done thing, what!


24 thoughts on “TAKING BACK CONTROL”

  1. It’s gonna be very interesting to see what happens on the Foreign exchange markets immediately before/during/immediately after May the Day opens her gob before engaging her brain later today.

    Interesting she is allegedly going to announce her 12 point plan to a group of diplomats. Funny I always thought important announcements had to be made in the House of Commons first. Hmm….


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    1. You’re right there, Arbroath. Parliament has been asking for this plan for so long, and now she’s going to deliver, but snub them. nice one Tess.


      1. The trouble is Panda. If they just had someone who knew anything about anything, they might have a way of dealing with that.

        But they don’t.

        Not a single soul with an iota, it seems.

        All Farage wanted was to get rid of foreigners.

        Pleeeeeeeeease let us get free this time……


  2. Excellent point Arbroath on top of the Doc’s.

    Very interesting and about to be shared, again:

    “God and my right to shyte all over Ones perceived plebians” (in an impolite translation of the “crude” Normano-Viking French motto: A Faragist style rendering of haute Francais (if my spelling serves me and not that utterly vile shyster)).

    One thinks not from a Jock sovereign “plebian” perspective over which the Dizzy German Upstart Lizzie has zilch comparative legal bunga wunga pull compared to Ms Millie Murray from the tiny if beautiful village of South Dell in the Point of Ness in Lewis or a Kirkintilloch supporter of Rob Roy planted therein the support by some foul Kilsyth upstart who, secretely, hails, bi-gendered, from the republics of Croy and gallous Twechar.

    The Anglo-Hun dame has zero head start ante on an Invernessian or a Shetlander, Orcadian, or Gallowegian and Doon Hamer despite the illegal drivel of Mundell and his boss woman as well as the pretensions of the foreign monarch.

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    1. Indeed. the English motto seems to reinforce the idea that god chose Elizabeth for Queen.

      In Scotland we weren’t so sure that it shouldn’t be US who chose who would be head of state. After all, it is us, and not god, who have to live with it.

      I think I prefer it that way.

      You can be right poetic in your writing, can’t you!!!


  3. The only people who are going to feel “free” from EU exit are England’s Tories whose political representatives will now feel free to do as they please and we all know where that is heading.
    The future is back to the dark ages and an unfettered feudal system where a small group of people own everyone else.
    At some point down the road,the idea of collectivity and democracy might take root but probably not in HM England.
    Free at last,free at last.
    Thank Nigel Farage,free at last!

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    1. Aye, that’s a bang on prediction, bringiton.

      We’ve already heard about how Jacob Rees Mogg wants to reduce all the standards. I’ve just heard Ian Drunker Smurf rabbiting on about how companies wouldn’t need to stick to European standards (because clearly Bangladeshi standards are better, right?)

      If Donald comes up with his trade deal, we will not have taken back control. We will have given control of everything to the USA.

      I sometimes wonder if, in the end, England will end up as a 51st state.

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  4. Just a wee side thought line here Tris.

    Seeing as the great ‘Historian’ that is Neil Oliver has, apparently, left these shores for a country that is of equal population size AND independent (unsure if it is a permanent move or just temporary) I wonder if, now the barbed wire is finally up and completely surrounds these foreigner loving islands if he will consider returning. That said it is known that the SNP branch of New Zealand (we DO stretch all the way to New Zealand and other lesser known countries these days you know) has offered him a seat at their upcoming Burns Supper. As of yet he has not indicated his intention to accept the offer. LOL

    Just think he left THESE SNP infested shores for a country on the other side of the planet to land in a country that has SNP infested shorelines. LOL

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    1. Aye. Amazing guy, complaining about the SNP and presumably independence, whilst escaping to a country of 5 million which got its independence from the UK and is thriving.

      I hope he knows it’s very windy there, and that hair will be everywhere. He’ll need to have a top knot, like the kids are doing these days. Can you imagine him with a bun? He’ll look just like Munguin’s great auntie Gertrude.

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  5. Free for the Tory English to lie free to steal free to rape the working men and women
    free do impose inequality in education the nhs (before privatisation to Trumps allies )
    free to increase power in london and take away power from every where else.
    Free to bring back bombs and bullets in Northern Ireland free to abuse non Christian
    and ethnic minorities free to go hungry free to be homeless free to be without Hope.

    Yep lots of Freedom in Tory Brexit Britain

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    1. It must surely be on its last legs.

      What’s happening in Belfast is the disintegration of the Good Friday agreement, and I think that it is more than the fact that Arlene has been at the dodgy deals.


  6. As the case is – to my mind made for independence – I would just like to (pedantically) point out that the name of the royal parasites is “von Sachsen=Coburg and Gotha” and not French version you quote.

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    1. Ah sorry. Je suis un peu francophone!

      I can see how Von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha could be rendered in French as Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. How it manages to translate to Windsor in English is beyond my linguistic skills.


  7. I was a bit bored there so I read the entire transcript of May’s speech. All that fuss for one fresh factoid: vote on final A50 deal to be put to Parliament. Even at that it isn’t clear what choices will be put to Parliament eg does that include no Brexit? I would guess that won’t be one of the choices, no matter what the courts say about whether A50 can be revoked. It will be no deal at all or whatever has been offered.

    Not really fresh information but T May still conflates A50 negotiations and the subsequent trade deal with the EU/EEA. This is very worrying. Do they really not understand this yet?

    One other thing of interest is that T May did mention she would listen to devolved Parliaments. She specifically mentioned Scot Gov’s plan for remaining in the EEA and also that she awaits a plan from Welsh Gov. Thing is, she already rejected the Scot Gov’s plan about 2 hrs after it was published.

    How long till indyref2 is announced?

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    1. How bored do you have to be to read all that?

      I really don’t think they do understand what it’s all about. No more do I, I have to say, but in fairness, having read Iain Dunt’s book and your blog, I think I have more of an idea of the complexities than any of the British government has.

      How May can say she will listen to Scotland when she rejected the Scottish plan within two hours of Nicola announcing it, is really beyond my understanding.

      Must be a British thing. I’ve never understood them.


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