I’ve decided that what happened was that I fell asleep about 6 months ago and I’ve been having a dreadful dream in which the president of the United States is an orange-faced moron (thank Danny for that one), who’s given an interview to a someone who isn’t a journalist, but some sort of a politician.

At the same time, a fashion model with trousers that cost 20% of a retirement pension, has become the unbelievably inept prime minister of the UK.

Please tell me that when I wake up everything will we well with the world and that the above picture is a publicity shot for the next Mr Universe contest.



  1. Was Farage moonlighting as a Times reporter (Murdoch representative) as well when he met The Donald?
    Questions should be asked in the House about Gove’s extra parliamentary activities.

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    1. Yes. I know they are allowed to do other work, and they do, and many of them write for papers, so it’s not illegal as long as it is declared.

      Dodgy working for Murdoch though, I’d have thought.


  2. I’m sure everyone knows this already but a reminder is always worth it.

    Back in the 90s, Gove appeared on a satirical comedy show on C4 with Tracy MacLeod and David Baddiel. I actually watched a couple of episodes at the time. It was a truly terrible show.

    Michael Gove was never what you’d call a young man. He was 26! Really hard to believe.


  3. Tris

    Time will tell, no one knows how Trump will turn out yet, the American system does have some checks and balances that are easier to bring about political change than our own dark ages so called system of democracy. Is Trump an idiot, maybe, is he a racist or just totally ignorant, maybe, is he thick, no I don’t think he is. I suspect he will go down the protectionist route and that will have a detrimental effect on the world and bring in a new trade war, I’m not surprised the Tories are kissing his ass but the test will be congress and the senate and anyway we can’t really slag them off, we have the Tories.


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    1. I find it hard to be anything other than seriously judgemental with this bloke.

      He has factories in China and Mexico and other off shore locations and yet complains about Obama allowing people to offshore.

      His attitude to race, disability and gender/sexuality sexuality is repulsive and belongs in days gone by.

      He’s a dangerous ignoramus in my opinion, but …as you say, time will tell.

      May is off to see him soon.

      He probably thinks she’s inferior because she’s only a woman.

      We, of course know that it is nothing to do with her gender, and that Fox and Davis are equally inferior despite being male.


  4. Gove, in front of a Playboy cover, is a step too far for me. He’ll be getting ideas above his station.


    May I share this with all fellow Munguinites because it’s funny.

    “There are two types of people in this world. Those that extrapolate from incomplete data.”

    Well, I thought it was funny!

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  5. It’s time for a prediction…. not that they ever work…but you’ve got to extrapolate from known knowns. LOL

    1) Major General Schwartz who is overseeing the Trump inauguration is being terminated at 12:01 on Inauguration day.
    2) the US has just deployed 3,000+ troops to the Poland Russia border. Plus a whole lot more aggresive moves.
    3) the media is going ape shit trying to blame Russia for anything they can
    4) the CIA doesn’t get on with Trump
    5) the CIA, Bush Senior was intimately involved in the JFK situation
    6) the CIA, Bush Junior was intimately involved in 911
    7) the US has been doing regime change ops for at least 75 years. The most recent being Syria, also Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Ukraine
    8) a major gamma ray burst is headed this way after a similar one caused the Northern Lights to be seen in November far further South than normal.

    1) Trump to be assasinated on inauguration day
    2) blame is to be allocated to Russia
    3) Gamma ray burst will be deemed an EMP attack by Russia
    4) WW3
    5) Babylon will be destroyed by the good guys

    Mmmm WTF is that toooo much information.


    1. LOL.

      Well, I’m kinda hoping none of that will come to pass Kangaroo.

      I’m not one for violence.

      I’d prefer mr Trump come to his senses between now and Friday, and decide hat he doesn’t actually want to be president, and that it was all a big ego trip, but he’s not really up to it.

      Altogether a better end to the wretched thing.

      But if you’re right, what would happen to Soppy Sunday?


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