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20 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Tris,

    Signed the petition, thanks for pointing me towards it. Perhaps others should read the second last line of your post again?

    Anyway, we have now have over 100,000 signatures so nothing will happen because it never does. Maybe if more people voted for it, perhaps some of your readers did, then maybe it would have more impact?


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    1. Well, I hope people will.

      I doubt the UK government cares much though. They are too busy insulting doctors and messing up Brexit, trains, care, social security, pensions and …well everything to bother much..


  2. ahhh my favourite day on my favourite blog. That wee kitten – want! I usually run away from pigeons but that pigeon I might approach 🙂 The wee warthog looked cute too though less cute when grown! And some lovely little orangs. May I echo Douglas’ comment re the ivory trade. If there was no legal market it would help. Save the elephants! Wonderful creatures and so intuitive.

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    1. Thanks PP.

      I’ve got a couple of pigeons that eat bird food. I don’t mind as long as they don;t frighten the blackbirds, tits and robin. One of them is quite tame and doesn’t seem to bother when I get up close.

      I’m not a cat person, but who can resist a kitten?

      Why anyone would want anything made of ivory is quite beyond me.

      The thing I hate more than anything is the proud murderers being photographed over their kill. I always hope that one of the dead animals relatives will come along and give as good as they got.

      That’d be a photograph I’d relish!


      1. Cages are quite normal if you have to leave puppies alone for a short while. I didn’t use them until Gizmo decided to ignore all his toys, get out of the whelping box and chew off the corners of all the kitchen cabinets. Within an hour and a half.
        Mrs Conan decided it was time to spend a couple of grand on a new kitchen, and I decided it was time to spend twenty quid on a puppy cage.

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        1. Well, obviously, your economics are sound. You’d make a better chancellor of the exchequer than Philip Hammond. On the other hand so would Gizmo or Taz.

          Thanks for the explanation. 🙂


  3. Good to have other things to think about other than politics. Good for the blood pressure.

    The Black Lab pictures made me think of a Black Lab called Mister Jiggs that I once knew. Such a delightful animal.

    The fungus is I think called (commonly) shelf or bracket fungus. That snippet comes from my sister who is knowledgeable about and good with plants unlike me who can boast (or at least confess) to being able to kill a spider plant. No mean feat that, I can tell you!

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    1. We ha a black lab when I was a kid. He was called Mac, because no one had any idea who his father was, hence “son of”.

      He was the best dog a boy could want.

      Shelf fungus seems incredibly logical a name.

      I managed to kill a Russian Vine. No, really, I did!

      This is a kind of antidote to Terry’s blog today.

      The future looks pretty grim.


  4. Russian vine – haven’t tried growing it yet……

    PS I generally succeed with plant nthat I do not given TLC to. If I stick them in the ground with rough treatment and ignore them, they do quite well.

    Not sure if the futur looks that grim. The more the Tories screw up, the better the SNP looks to the international community.

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    1. Heavens… I’ve no idea.

      This site is a total nightmare.

      I can’t get them back either because I delete them when I put them up.

      I’m really sorry.



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