It’s not an unreasonable interpretation, and I don’t doubt that it’s true, particularly when you consider where the majority of Leave votes came from. But, as you may remember, there were no questions on the ballot paper about levels of general satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Just a simple “Leave” or “Remain”. bexit10

What Mrs May is saying, it seems to me, is that in England and in Wales, with administrations run by the Tories and Labour respectively, people are fed up. Britain doesn’t work for them. They are not listened to. No one cares. Queens live in palaces, MPs get pay rises, Lords continue to be paid for sleeping while pensioners have to pay the bedroom tax, kids are hungry, and people sleep in the streets. They are dissatisfied, and because the tabloids have told them for years that everything,


that was wrong with Britain was wrong as a result of the UK’s membership of the European Union, and foreigners/immigrants being here, they chose to vote to leave.


Mrs May might like to take a lead from the administrations in parts of Britain which did not vote to leave the world’s biggest trading block: Gibraltar, Northern Ireland and Scotland, if she is looking for inspiration on how to make things work for people who didn’t go to Eton or Oxford; maybe those who don’t have titles, aren’t royal or indeed who hold other “celebrity status”.

And given that both Northern Ireland and Gibraltar have close cross-border ties with their “foreign” neighbours, and therefore have a desperate need to stay attached to Europe, if I were her, I should concentrate on how things are done in Scotland.


Mrs May indicated yesterday in a nervous jittery stammering tv interview that there was little chance of the UK remaining in a single market with Europe, the result of which was that the pound lost 1% of its value. This may be seen as another disappointment for people who haven’t been listened to.


You see, that WASN’T what folk were led to believe, at least by the ever hopeful Mr Davis.

And you could understand, given the current mess of the English Health Service before the worst of the winter has actually happened, that people may be wondering where the £350 million a week that it was promised on the side of that bus, has gone.

If I were Mrs May I’d start delivering. Reducing tax for the better off and imposing bedroom tax on pensioners, allowing people to die after 30+ hour waits on trollies, having to depend on the Red Cross for medical care isn’t what folk were expecting. And frankly, an extra few million for mental health issues that apparently affect 25% of the population, is a slap in the face to the sufferers and clinicians alike.

Oh, and for those that thought that all would be well with their workplace, here’s a little reminder of the way the trade secretary’s mind is working (if you can read that without choking with laughter).


Aye, that’s your job that will be deregulated. Enjoy!

33 thoughts on “ISN’T BREXIT FUN?”

  1. Brexit has mysteriously turned into a catch-all phrase that means whatever Theresa May wants it to mean. It’s the new “austerity”, a phrase that has come to suggest a difficult but necessary task like unblocking a toilet or a trip to the dentist. The way in which these phrases enter the public vocabulary and the layers of meaning they accumulate is quite scary. The truth is that most of what will happen under the banner of Brexit is neither necessary nor to our economic or social advantage or democratically mandated. Theresa May is just using the cover of Brexit to do whatever she pleases, safe in the knowledge that the Labour Party couldn’t organise an evening of craft ale tasting in a micro-brewery. George Osbourne did pretty much the same with “austerity”, safe in the exact same knowledge about the Labour Party. I guess what I’m saying is that I blame the Labour Party to the same degree that I blame the Conservative Party.

    There must be some friction between May and Fox. May’s recent pronouncements seem at odds with Fox’s ultra-libertarian fantasy. Of course, maybe it’s all just words for tabloid headlines.

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    1. Yes, I agree that if there was a powerful large party opposition in the Commons, one which might conceivably take over, then maybe the Tories wouldn’t have got away with riding roughshod over people.

      The SNP doesn’t do a bad job of opposing the government but with only fifty odd members it’s hardly likely to be a real threat.

      The Labour party does a very good job in opposition. The unfortunate thing is that it is in opposition to itself and seems to have forgotten about the Tories. Yo guys, they’re over there!!

      Fox seems to have been left out of most of the discussions about Brexit. I’m not sure why,. I suspect it’s because he’s a pompous know-all crashing bore but seriously thick. And maybe he doesn’t wash enough…

      As you say, Osborne used the excuse of “austerity” to do what the Tories love to do. And that turned out to be spending even more money making poor people’s lives even more awful.

      Now Brexit, which was voted for in spades by the downtrodden working classes who believed what the tabloids told them, will make life less safe, less clean, and will undercut them in every way.

      Remember when Mrs Thatcher did away with the minimum wage and wages councils? Suck it up guys.

      Stephen Paton did a great piece of work on a telegraph video. I don’t know how to copy it, but you may be able to see it here:

      (Love the craft ale testing bit..very witty! You should write a blog…)


      1. Fox is very quiet. Don’t worry, he’ll be back in full voice soon enough. I suspect he has little to do until the whole customs union in/out decision is finally publicised. Looks to me like we’re leaving but have no plans to change our current tariffs. Even that is complicated enough.

        Words fail me on the Labour Party. They are just absent. Corbyn really is a dreadful leader and his MPs are a shower of back-stabbing incompetents. Then there’s Mcluskey and Burnham whipping up yet more anti-migration anger, sounding more like UKIP each passing day. Maybe silence is the best thing. If they did get involved would they just make it worse?

        Love the link to the telegraph video response.

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        1. I guess in some of these places “Oop North”, a mixture of immigration mugs and Ukippish behaviour is what they think may get them reelected.

          Just wait till the jobs go, inflation rages and all the “heath and safety gone mad” actually goes. Not to mention the terms and conditions of employment.

          What rights?

          I do look forward to some words of wisdom from the Fox though.

          I’ve always found his haverings to be particularly amusing.


  2. Pensioners are exempt from the bedroom tax Tris. It’s only for working age folk. Well currently, who knows with this lot.

    But otherwise, I agree the place is going to hell in hand cart. And God knows what mess she’ll make of the latest crisis – Northern Ireland. Frankly I hope they do have another election. The DUP were the only ones wanting brexit -be interesting to see if that affects voting patterns.

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      1. Just read about Martin McG’s resignation.

        Dear me, Mrs May isn’t up to dealing with that.

        She must wonder what on earth she is doing in Downing Street.

        If I were her I’d have a sneaky phone chat with Nicola and get some sensible advice.


      2. Hehe.

        Apparently, the first three people David Cameron phoned after the results were in were: John Major, Michael Gove and Nicola Sturgeon. I imagine these calls went something like:

        “Hello, John. You were right about the bastards.” *click*
        “Michael, you’re a bastard.” *click*
        “Help me!” *line goes dead* “Nicola? Nicola! Bugger.”

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  3. Love the idea that die Fuhrerin May thinks all the print media have got it wrong when they say she is going for a HARD Brexit. LOL

    Apparently she is going for the best possible deal for Britain. That is all well and good dear but due to you wanting to hold immigration controls guess what … this means you can not be part of the single market. The reasoning is quite simple. To be part of the single market requires FREE movement of people and this can never happen so long as immigration controls are in place.

    Meanwhile back in the REAL world the pound carries on falling, currently sitting at £1 = $1.21 and 1.15 Euros.

    The way May is carrying on we’ll be getting independence sooner than anyone thinks … she’ll be saying to us to ‘just go and give me some peace will you?’

    Just to make May’s day even better, if that is even possible, Angela Merkel has stepped up to the plate and told her that without free movement of people there will be NO access to the full Single Market!

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    1. See below. I think Theresa and the no voters – come to that – have bitten off more than they can chew.


    2. And Northern Ireland has fallen apart!

      So on top of the health service (and its useless secretary) and the complete pigs ear that is Brexit, she now has the fact that NI has no government.

      She’d be lost with one of these problems.


  4. I’ll apologize first, because this isn’t going to be nicey, nicey.

    Britain has put itself in an impossible position. It is a bit like a bullet flying towards you and attempting to dodge it. The two do not compute. Your ability to dodge is infinitesimal compared to the bullet’s velocity.

    It is absolutely ridiculous to think that the rest of the EU will negotiate on a compromise basis. They will act in exactly the same way as you would if you had been spurned by a lover. They will not compromise at all. Why should they? There is no advantage, for them, in appearing weak on exit terms. Indeed the departure of Greenland was a protracted process, and, self-evidently not a cornerstone of European solidarity.

    What we have here is the UK retreating from any concept of Europe as an idea, peaceable and prosperous. To be replaced by what? It behoves us to recall just where the last two world wars started. But we are past that surely?

    Quite why some people voted to leave is beyond me, We have had peace in Europe for my lifetime, and my lifetime has not been short. The post war settlement consolidated a rapprochement that most of us would have found incredible.

    If I were a Belgian, or Dutch or whatever, I would see the withdrawal vote as a smack in the mouth. I would be incredibly angry about it and I would vocally tell my politicians to make any exit process as humbling and painful as possible.

    Which is what I expect will happen.

    Theresa May might wish to negotiate, but I doubt she will be allowed to. Quite why she wanted to be PM is an open question because she is in charge of a party that is utterly fractured.

    Your opinions may vary.

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    1. Mrs Merkel has said she cannot cherry pick. Mrs Merkel may not be there, of course when the cherry picking (or otherwise) comes, but in the end it only needs one country to say NO… and unless it gets the deal it needs Ireland will be that country.

      have a read of Terry’s piece and a look at the video on it from Channel Four.


    2. Certainly my opinion doesn’t vary, Douglas, I’m just sorry we are involved. However, I trust Nicola to guide us through the minefield that is “Brexit”, as she is one very astute, and intelligent lady.
      It’s becoming more apparent, day by day, that May, Johnson, Davies and Fox don’t have the intellectual capacity to implement the almost impossible task that awaits them, and the resultant catastrophe that will engulf the whole of the U.K.
      Even although we do vote Yes in Indyref2, and become an independent nation once again, the fallout from the shambles across the border will still have a knock-on effect on all of our lives for many years to come. But at least by then our future will be in our own hands, and we can make our decisions based on what is best for the people of Scotland.

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      1. I wondered to begin with if May had chosen the stupidest of her ministers to head up the Brexit team for some reason. The I looked at some others on the ministerial team, y’know like Hunt teh Health Secretary (which is a pastime as well as his name) and Leadsom, and I thought, nah, she just doesn’t have anyone who is very bright.

        I agree with you. Regardless of her politics, I would rate Nicola Sturgeon over the rest of them at Scottish or UK level.


  5. On top of the Brexit fiasco, the blithely incompetent Theresa May now has an impasse in Northern Ireland to deal with. At least she can rely on the stunning talents of NI Secretary, James Brokenshire. I hear he’s almost as stellar as Mr Muddle from Dumfries-shire.

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  6. Going back to the Shelter if I recall, the Tory voters of England voted over 60% in favour of leaving the EU. So it is not all down to the dispossed Northerners.

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    1. No, absolutely not. I merely mentioned that becasue much has been made of the fact that typically Labour voting areas were amongst the heaviest Leave voting areas.


    1. I can’t help thinking that they make a habit of that.

      If your site is big enough to become a business then you have to make it a popular business so that people will pay to keep on reading your stuff.

      Wings has done that. Bella Caledonia apparently has not.

      In that it is a bit like the BBC, except that in order to read Scot Goes Pop or Terry Entoure, or Grumpy Scottish Man, you don’t have to pay Bella a fee!


      1. I have a feeling Bella made the mistake of pissing off the SNP supporters last May. The yoon papers are desperate to divide and rule us. The venn chart showing people with money to donate to fundraisers vs SNP supporters/members is likely to overlap substantially.

        I liked a lot of the articles, and I would really prefer if Bella continued, but the time for the People’s Front Of Judea to split into competing factions is the day after all the Union Jacks have been removed from public buildings and we are free.

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        1. Yep. We could do with some solidarity at the moment, not internecine warfare.

          We’ve a battle to win adn we’d do it better all pulling together, and realising that we don’t all see things exactly the same way, but we do have broadly similar goals..


  7. I know the MSM (especially the BBC) is “bigging up” the rise of the right in Europe but they forget that Europe is watching the escalating farce that is Westminster and Brexit. How do you think the European ordinary voter sees this? They want this kind of turmoil in their Government?

    If the far right is doing so well on the coat-tails of Brexit, why has Marine Le Pen rowed back on her exit-EU drop-Euro policies, and why have the Italian 5 star party MEPs jumped ship from the grouping in the EU parliament that includes UKIP?

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    1. Absolutely.

      Reading the polls in France, Marine who would love to be president, has decided that it’s a vote loser to emulate the Brits and get in the kind of mess that this lot are in.

      Britain made inadvertently have played its part once again in stemming the rise of the right. This time by being a part of the rise and sickening others.


  8. I have it on good authority that Dr. No is returning to politics in NI….Never,Never!
    What ticket are the DUP going to stand on in the coming election?
    Solidarity with England’s Union?
    Given the expressed desire of their constituents to remain in the European Union,they may well be on a sticky wicket.
    Trying to keep the British nations sack of ferrets together is going to prove impossible for the managers in London and some form of federalism will be the only viable option.

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    1. Good old Arlene has chosen the best, or worst, possible time to get caught out, don;t you think?

      She really would have done better to go quietly when they first found out about her.


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