This is rather a long video, and for those of a delicate disposition, there are a couple of swear words in it,  but it comes from a witness, an ex-employee of the jobcentre, who is prepared to go on record, showing his face, about what goes on in the job centre. I thought it was worth watching.

Fraser worked in the Dundee jobcentre and was happy trying to find work for his clients (sorry, they call them customers) until the Tory/Liberal coalition changed the rules and you got brownie points for destroying people’s lives.

I think that we must be pretty close to what passes for full employment in the UK. With something like one and a half million unemployed (4.9%). A large number of these will be people aged over 50 who, in general, find that it is a good deal more difficult to get a job unless they are professionally trained (lawyers, doctors, nurses, architects, teachers, etc).

Then there are people who are all but unemployable for a variety of reasons ranging from addictions to a variety of substances (including alcohol) to criminal records, or learning difficulties.

But the government knows that the general population doesn’t see it like that. “Hard working families up and down the country,” think that their hard-earned taxes are being thrown away on wastrels, so the unending battle to reduce the appearance of unemployment continues.

If you can’t get them a job, get them off the figures, and save us some money. Not our problem if they go hungry; not our problem if they have kids; not our problem if they get evicted, appears to be the thinking.

Shameful. And if you add to that the dreadful news about what is happening in the English Health Service, where the Red Cross has had to wade in to help hospitals which simply cannot cope, and stroke victims are left on trollies in corridors next to fire doors for more than 24 hours… and now one woman has died as a result of this neglect, it makes you very glad that prime ministers and monarchs alike keep reminding us that this is a Christian country, run according to the teachings of Christ.

Goodness only knows what mess we would be in if we were a bunch of heathen bastards.


4 thoughts on “WHAT I LEARNED WORKING IN A JOBCENTRE by Fraser Stewart”

  1. I was watching that thinking if he was interested in politics he should stand for election. Hopefully he will one day SPOILER after finishing uni. He’s right – things are always worse for the majority during a Tory government. Maybe we should stop voting for them – oh that’s right we did but still get them anyway. Thanks neighbours, thanks a bunch.

    You can be sanctioned for three YEARS now. And if they turn to crime to live then the cost of prison dwarfs the cost of social security. Of course there needs to be a way of ensuring people comply. But if you are five minutes late for work your boss isn’t allowed to not pay you for that month and still expect you to comply with your contract as is the case for sanctioned people.

    Anyway not long until cute animals and lovely vistas to cheer us up

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    1. Yes, I agree. I don’t care who he stands for (clearly it won’t be the Tories) but that was heartfelt and I salute him.

      When he finishes uni, I hope that he will get a job right away, but if not, they’d better not take this out on him in the jobcentre, because if they do, they’ll get another round of it, and Munguin will start a crowd fund to help him out.

      Oh, what day is it tomorrow?


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