A Scotsman, Englishman and an Irishman walked into a bar. They all had to leave because the Englishman wanted to.







Q: Why does Britain like tea?

A: Because, tea leaves!


Q: What did Britain say to its trading partners?

A: See EU later.




  1. One wonders as ever why the snpBAD wish to separate
    From one (long and glorious Union ) because the snp
    The larger partner imposes their will on Scotland
    Regardless of the will of the Scottish people.
    Although rush to remain in a even larger Union with
    Have even less influence on what decisions the EU
    Decide to impose.

    Brexit means brexit has run of the road time for
    a change of mantra but the result will be the same.

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    1. The union we’re in is not beneficial to Scotland, a union with Europe, however, is in Scotland’s interests.
      The time to wake up and smell the coffee, is long since past. Not that you, or the zombie party that you still, unbelievably, cling to, will admit it.
      It is plain to see, by anyone not blinded by ingrained ideological hatred of the SNP, that “Scottish” Labour are a busted flush, that have no vision for Scotland; except as a play thing for Westminster, given attention every time there’s a UK. Wide election, and robbed blind of its assets, health, wealth and young.

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      1. I wonder if Niko has seen the piece by Wings on just how unbelievably blinkered Labour has become.

        The Leader in Waiting seems to be not one tiny bit more realist than the current incumbent, or any of those going before.


    2. If you can’t see the difference between the powers of the UK and the powers of the EU, then I think you’re too far gone for me to explain it.

      But I could just put a few bullet points your way:

      Nuclear weapons, military, wars;
      Social security;
      Foreign affairs;
      Houses of lords and Privy Councils and 40 odd royals to be kept;
      Embassies all over the world with Rolls Royce ambassadors…
      Massive infrastructure spends on English only projects paid for by the UK.

      Oh, I’m sure there are many other differences that you can think about.

      I’m not suggesting that the EU is all good. Far from it. Bloated bureaucracy and all, but it’s a bit more 20th century than the antiquated nonsense from London.

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      1. yes well having read the missive on wings
        although even visiting such a dark repellent
        blog makes me fear for life under snp
        unfettered rule .
        one can only conclude the nats revel in the rise
        of the torys which proves how much they have
        in common and indicates the form of society
        the nats would endeavour to ram down the throat
        of the Scottish peoples.

        Conservative (Thatcherite )red in tooth and claw.

        And in the game of % any rise in Unionist support
        doesn’t bode well for the extremists nats.
        and their delusional belief in Independence.

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        1. The Tories aren’t really rising. It’s just that natural Tory voters are switching back there now that Corbyn threatens to make Labour Socialistish. And Kezia is such an abject failure.


      1. tris

        Bloated bureaucracy and all,

        A very usa republican alt right view…..tris dear sweet tris where are you going

        House Republicans revive obscure rule that could allow them to slash the
        pay of individual federal workers to $1

        Republicans and Trump advisers have been quietly drawing up plans since the election to erode some of the job protections and benefits that federal workers have received for a generation, starting with a hiring freeze Trump has pledged to put in place in his first 100 days in office.


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        1. Good heavens. They aren’t going to do that for real are they?


          They really don’t know what they voted for. Not that they had a great choice mind.


  2. Niko, you can apologise forthwith, NEVER EVER infer a Thatcherite.
    You probably voted for the arch Thacherite, in the shape of the war criminal Blair. So get aff her pious horse, and wake the fek up.

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  3. Brexit is going to be even harder now since nearly everyone in England thinks the economy will not be adversely effected by brexit. The EU negotiators will be under no compunction to make things easy for Westminster. The so-called united kingdom continues on its merry course of disintegration.

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    1. Well, that is what people voted for. I listened to a programme on Radio the other day. Interviews were with working and retired people in Dangenham. For them it was all about immigration.

      Without immigration they will be in a mess, of course. We know that. But they are determined that the queues of refugees shown in the Sun, were what was threatening England and the English way of life.

      The Norwegian prime minister has suggested that it will be a very hard Brexit, and things will be tough becasue Britain doesn’t have negotiators with any skills.

      Bumpy ride anyone?

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  4. Just an aside see Andy haldane B of E saying NOW economists need
    adapt to regain trust.
    Ignoring the Greater truth that regardless of reality
    political partys and the elite raise up EXPERTS? who
    promote their views and use them as a fig leaf of scientific
    empirical evidence claiming this proves the accuracy of their Dogma.

    In Olden days Politics and economics were linked together
    and know as Political Economy reflecting the fact they were
    actually the same and and are subjective and based on individuals
    opinions and devoid of any real SCIENCE.
    More a propaganda exercise…


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    1. LOL I hate to say it, but in agreeing with you I seem also to be agreeing with Michael Gove.

      The one thing you could say about Michael Gove is that he is definitely not expert in anything!


  5. tris and other nat stirrers

    I ask for sage advice and wisdom
    Taz has alarmingly started gnawing
    at his front legs( a not uncommon occurrence
    in nat circles ) there is no pain etc but is quite
    annoying .I have read up on this and the usual
    reason is Boredom discussing this with significant
    other and was told ” perhaps its going on and on
    about our glorious Union and how wundeful the
    Labour party is and how wrong are the Scottish voters
    not to see this ”

    Well I shan’t be paying any attention to Her ..Really though !!

    He does not have any infections ,fleas (the very idea ) etc

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    1. Aye Niko. I frequently gnaw at my front legs.

      Not sure how he could be bored, or at least why he would suddenly become bored unless his lifestyle has altered.

      I see Jim has come up with an idea. If that doesn’t work you’ll have to take him to the doc.

      Munguin sends him his best regards.


  6. Jimminy

    Your advice on the boiled cabbage er unfortunately twas in a hurry
    so did not read the bit about eating and having some itching
    around me old John Thomas after preparation began rubbing it around
    me Cojones …The arresting officer was very understanding but as he
    explained riding on the omnibus was not the place to administer
    boiled cabbage Anyway been bailed to later date…

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  7. Well said. Notwithstanding comment wise, this is all rather fierce. Scotland has been hard done by for centuries. As a reluctant Englishman who rejects the theft of his European identity, I wish your nation well it trying to protect and expand upon all the ‘my kind’ have stolen from you. Yours, A member of this once powerful, rarely ‘great’ nation of mongrel breed.

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        1. If we end up breaking free, I suspect that there will be a rush to get Scottish passports, even from people who will want to remain in England. Rather like there is for an Irish passport now.

          Remember that we tend to take the attitude here that if you want to be Scottish and you’re happy to work, you’re welcome to come and be Scottish.

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          1. A free Scotland within the EU and a bankrupt England outside it would logically pose a major impediment for the likes of me. We had planned living in France permanently but waited to get the Referendum out of the way ‘just in case Brexit won’. The fools did win and now we dare not make our move for fear of being stuck with a property in France and no right of residency. The bastards have stuff me to the extent I can never forgive. Notwithstanding, you Scots get yourselves free of the scabby union. Best of luck. As previous, you have my support…for what it’s worth!

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            1. First of all, I’m really sorry that your plans have been stuffed by this, Mike.

              I know someone who has a house in Europe, as well as living in Scotland part of the year. It will be interesting to see what happens about those who already have property.

              I think that, disappointing thought it was, you were absolutely right not to go. A house that HAS to be sold is always a bargain.

              I imagine that you could move to Scotland though.

              Bien sûr, nous n’avons pas la même qualité de soleil que la France, mais nous avons, néanmoins, “ceud mìle fàilte”.

              Thanks for your support. 🙂

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              1. If Scotland is independent and also in the EU, whereas England (plus lunacy Brexit voting Wales) are adrift ad bankrupt after the City of London bankers have moved to Edinburgh then border controls and rights of residency would apply…that, I think would be most interesting. We’d see if the Tories had a vestige of compassion should this scenario evolve! Watch this space!

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