She gets more like dear old Maggie by the day. The cartoon is by Peter Brookes.



      1. I’m trying to think of a cabinet minister in England that I respect in any way at all.

        I like Boris because he’s funny. He would be better though if he just presented “Have I got News for You” or something like that. It’s worrying that he’s actually the country’s most senior diplomat and the least diplomatic guy you would ever meet.

        Some of them are scarily thick: David Leadesom, Fox, Patel, Fluffy, Grayling, and that Defence bloke who needs an aide with him at all times in case someone asks him his name.


  1. To be honest the Brexiteers do
    Have a lot a LOT in common
    With the snp/nats.
    Both have the same blinkered
    View on being right on thier nations road to Independence.
    Both insult .. Decry and pooh pooh any and all individuals who disagree.

    Everything is looked at through thier prism of them
    Having the superior ideals
    If only the unenlightend
    Would accept the rightness
    If thier cause.

    Yes the sno and Brexiteers may have different goals
    But they are using the very same tactics to force thier way
    Onto others


      1. That was very interesting. I cannot be bothered registering to comment on it, but I would say two things about the Indyref report. Practise of “any Protestant religion” is a metaphor for old age. There are fewer people who practise than there used to be, and them as do are predominately old.

        Secondly, I don’t think enough effort was made to show the higher earners – in fear of higher taxes too – that they would in fact benefit disproportionately from the repatriation of professional services to Scotland, the higher paid jobs presently going south to Oxbridge graduates in the upper ends of “management”, and the extra wealth which would be generated – and retained – in an independent country not squandering the money on southern or militarist priorities. Ireland is considerably wealthier than Scotland nowadays. This is a group we need to concentrate firepower on in the next go. Many are not going to care much about policies which help the poorest without understanding and taking on board fully, the opportunities for personal wealth improvement that will undoubtedly accrue to them.

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      1. @davidbsb

        I think “any Protestant religion” has nothing to do with religion at all, merely a tribal precursor to membership of certain organisations; one that promotes long walks in the late summer whilst singing cheery songs about wading in blood, the other watching football games whilst singing songs about wading in blood.

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    1. Mr. Nico – Whilst I appreciate it is difficult to keep one’s ‘finger on the pulse’ from afar, you may be confusing the Scottish Government with ‘Scottish’ Labour and the Ruth Davidson Party

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  2. They can’t even agree on the name for the kind of Brexit they want – hard – soft – red white & blue – and the latest option a clean Brexit. Twelve weeks max till Match Day.

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  3. @ Conan

    But it specifically says those who practise. The Orange order is a shadow of its former power. I canvass in a area with a certain reputation, yet I know that a great many people vote SNP, and support independence in our area. True we have crazier no surrender types – and a lot of aprons on flagpoles – but I would still posit that Protestant religious practise is pretty much auld folk. Go past any kirk on a Sunday and you will see old people and wealthy people. Those two groups are already included on the Venn diagram.

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