8 thoughts on “CHILD POVERTY”

    1. Well, we can be grateful that there is at least a little less here than in England and Wales. (I’m not sure why we never get figures for Northern Ireland.)


    1. Post industrial messes with massive areas of multiple deprivation….as well as very considerable affluence.

      People living on short term contracts, zero hours contracts, minimum wage jobs, part time, under employed, requiring food banks and social services.

      Too much crime; too many drugs; too much booze; too many people with criminal records who can’t get work at all.


  1. Something that I think would be interesting is to compare that image with a “population concentration” one.

    I am aware that it’s %, so already takes that into account, but it looks to me like there is a correlation between how densely people live, and how many children are in poverty.

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