So, Anas says that the SNP hates the Labour Party and thinks that its (Labour’s) destruction is the way to gain independence.

Odd really because the best way to gain independence and have a socially just Scotland, would be for Labour and the SNP to work together to counter at least some of the horrific effects of Tory rule in the UK, and the rise of the Tories in Scotland. So I think “hate” is a bit strong. The SNP is certainly mystified about a party which is supposed to represent the poorer people in society, but which sides so often with the Tories on matters that affect the poor. But hatred? I don’t think so.

But, bless him, he says that their solution is to unite the Labour Party.

Good luck with that, Anas. I suppose we could really just stop there. After all, as parties go, Labour, “across the United Kingdom”, is about as far as you can get from being united.

In the UK parliament they don’t have time to be in opposition to the Tories. They are far too busy being in opposition to themselves.

Their members want Corbyn by a massive record breaking majority; 75% of their MPs don’t. When the membership voted decisively for Corbyn, after years of Tory-lite leadership from Blair, Brown (and Mandelson) and then Miliband, the MPs insisted on another leadership battle. Knowing what the odds were, no one remotely serious stood (Angela Eagle or Owen Smith as prime minister???? Oh please!), and Corbyn was re-elected with an increased majority.

But instead of listening to the votes of members and supporters, the PLP decided that they knew better and embarked on a policy of undermining the leader, and to hell with being the opposition. That inspires no confidence at all in a  party of potential government.

A civil war is going on inside the party, and if the Fabian Society is to be believed, they can look forward to a crushing defeat in 2020, and we can look forward to yet another 5 year period of Tory rule, despite the pitiful quality of leadership.

I can’t see any way around that problem, but then I’m not Anas Sarwar!

In Scotland Labour has reached what must be close to “core vote”: a presumably ageing and diminishing group who have voted Labour all their lives, through Labour’s socialist days and their Tory-lite days, and are too old to change. Hard to believe these people were in government 10 years ago. The leader and deputy leader disagree about the way forward and Dugdale has just handed Riley a job at which he can only fail dismally: Campaign Manager for the 2017 elections.

Again, I see no way through this, but I’m not possessed of Anas’s intellect.

In the meantime, the UK is facing the biggest challenge in it history since the second world war, and it is in the hands of Theresa, Boris, David, and Foxy. And her majesty’s loyal opposition is too busy tearing chunks out of itself to bother much about the mess they have made so far.


Scotland voted firmly against leaving the EU. Nicola Sturgeon has put forward reasonable membership proposals to keep the country in the single market, enjoying some of the benefits of EU. She’s one of very few leaders in the UK to come up with ideas (along with the Deputy First Minister of NI, and the First Minister of Gibraltar).

Kezia Dugdale’s response has been to say that Nicola HAS to rule out any possibility of a seocnd referendum on independence, which of course, she knows will never happen.

Anas is probably the next leader in Scotland. He has to be positioning himself for a take over in the summer, so we should get used to that. It’s a pity that they won’t pick someone a little more open to listening to what Labour supporters seem to want.


21 thoughts on “ANAS SARWAR HAS A DREAM”

  1. Anas Sarwar, thoroughly rejected by voters at the UK GE15, zombie-elect through the List, Leadertobe-in-desperation of Labour in Scotland.
    Not a lot I can add, except a long time ago, when I had some remaining feeling of support for Labour I thought, ‘Gives me something, some small thing, that I can still at least respect you for”.

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    1. Aye. The man who said the Scottish parliament was a dictatorship, but who then secured himself a seat in it without having been personally elected, who at one point took off on a lecture tour of Pakistan when he should have been attending to his constituents’ needs.

      Yep Anas the Unwanted.

      Once upon a time I was a Labour supporter too. I worked in socially deprived areas of the town. I hoped that a Labour government might do something to help them.

      I thought they might care. Then I read people like Mandelson and Harris, Murphy and Alexander. Some of it dripped with hatred of the working classes. They certainly didn;t care. It was understandable that southern English Labour MPs wanted to move to the right to secure their seats. That they were supported by MPs from some of the poorest constituencies in Europe, was beyond belief.

      And they’ve got worse and worse and worse.

      No wonder they are so anti independence. They get such a good living out of the British state, and they don’t suffer under Tory rule.

      Why, for example, would they care about how much the trains cost when we pay their fares or the busses cost, when they never use them?

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  2. Most of the SNP members have come from a Labour background,either as members,activists or simply supporters.
    Hatred is not how most feel about their former party which continues to masquerade as being socialist.
    Despise perhaps but certainly regard British Labour in Scotland as being completely irrelevant to their aspirations.
    If there is any hatred,it comes from the dregs of the Labour party who see the SNP as having replaced them in the left of centre political spectrum (some might argue that Labour were never there in the first place).
    For those who have political aspirations beyond self interest,Labour is not the place to be. and that is a fact and not blind hatred.
    Hopefully,after May,British Labour will just be a rather unpleasant memory in Scottish politics.

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    1. Yes, I think he has transferred Labour’s loathing of a party that stole their members and stole their jobs… to the SNP.

      I’m disappointed that the party of the greatest ever prime minister Clem Attlee has come to such a pretty pass. That’s all. I don’t have a sentimental attachment to these things, though. They stopped representing me. I stopped supporting them. Simples.


  3. Its hard to hate something that doesn’t exist. “Labour” haven’t been Labour for generations, even then, as soon as they had a whiff of power promises, home rule for instance, hoofed in to a void; never mind the long grass.


  4. Labour … the party of the people for the people by the people … REJECTED by the people for the people by the people!

    If things keep “improving” for Labour as outlined by the Fabian Society and others we may well be looking at Labour (UK) sitting at or BELOL 20% in the poll ratings whilst its wee branch office improves significantly from its current 15% poll rating to UNDER 10% poll rating.

    Only one thing to say I think.

    Gaun yersel Labour … Kier Hardie will be spinning faster and faster in his grave for every percentage point lost!

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    1. Can’t add much to that. When I think back to the people that started the party and how they fought for the workers, the unemployed, the old, and the sick, and then I look at today’s bunch…

      Yep. Kier Hardie must be doing 100 rpm.


  5. Anas Sarwar has dedicated his political life to finding a gravy train to stay on, so he can keep filling his boots at our expense, presumably till he dies. He inherited his fathers old constituency of Glasgow Central after daddy had to whizz off and be governor of the Punjab. Then after one term as MP for Glasgow Central he was booted by the people of Glasgow off the UK gravy train. How annoying these elections are.

    So what now for Anas? He still has years of trough swilling at the public teat ahead of him (despite that MP pension and the “sorry your not wanted as an MP any more” golden handshake). He could see if the people of Glasgow might elect him as an MSP, but the chances are they would give him another great big Glasgow raspberry. So why not pull some strings and get himself to the top of the Glasgow regional list, where he would be a shoo-in for a seat without bothering to do any work or consider the irony of the fact that he gets to be a Glasgow MSP (with expenses, salary and pension) despite being given the bums rush by the actual people. How annoying these elections are!

    What other gravy train could our Anas get himself on in the future. Well as long as those pesky Scots don’t vote for independence there is always that hallowed bastions of useless toadys and creeping has-beens the House of Lords. That whole place is a retirement home for the useless, the rejected and the Tory donor! That would give Anas the full set of pensions, he might even end up as rich as his dad, and all without having done a hands turn.

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    1. As that well-known statesman David Muddle once said at a time of great pressure…

      ” Aye…. well”.

      Not a lot you can say about Anas that you haven’t already said.

      We could, I suppose, always hope that he inherits his father’s governorship of the Punjab and buggers off there to be unelected.


        1. I was just informed of that, Arbroath. I missed the fact that he displeased the boss and was obliged to resign… so it looks like there’s nothing there to inherit. Hmmm. Looks like we are stuck with him.


  6. Tris

    Scottish Labour, the gift that keeps on giving. Sarwar, I noted in my last blog, may well be the next leader and possibly the last leader of Scottish Labour. There will be no deal with Labour in Scotland obviously, but I don’t believe at Westminster either. I can’t see any hope for them other than a split and two parties coming as a result, or the Labour lite MPs go and join the Tories or the Liberals. Either way they are fast becoming irrelevant other than comic relief.

    I think there are people within the SNP that hate them and there are many(within their tiny membership) in Labour that hate the SNP, it’s all part of the reason our politics are so poor. If we should be hating anyone it should be the Tories, followed by UKip, many individuals in Labour and Willie Rennie, but hate is to strong a word to be honest, life is too short and none of them are really worth our energy to actually hate.



    1. Yes, that was where I read it Bruce.

      By and large i don’t think SNP MPs hate Labour. They are more likely to love them for making such an almighty mess of everything and providing a shockingly poor opposition.

      There are of course people who are ordinary members who hate Labour. Many of them Labour ex-members who supported them for years to be let down by them.

      Some people worked hard for them and got slapped in the face.

      I don’t hate them. I just think they are really foolish. It’s like they are standing up for something that will only ever spit at them. I seriously wonder if they will ever be able to form another UK government. Slab should cut and run while they can. Of course being the FM of Scotland will never be as prestigious as being the PM of England with its WMDs and seat on the security council, but it’s better than being a minority party and being laughed at.

      I really don’t hate any of them, Bruce. Not even daft wee Willie. He’s just not important enough to hate.

      I maybe don’t like them much, but hate is a positive thing. I couldnt be bothered to hate them.

      I might make an exception for that idiot prince Airmiles. Fat pig.


  7. The Labour Party is the same as the Conservative Party (AKA Ruth Davidson) (That’s a plus point?!?!).

    1. Did anyone ever think Lord Arboretum Darling (“As a Revolutionary Socialist student, my parents bought me a flat in Aberdeen so I could host sophisticated dinner parties.”) was the kind of Labour guy our grandparents trusted.
    2. Did anyone ever think Lord Snooty Gordon Brown enjoyed having to meet the unwashed during his climb to the top? Despite his Moral Compass.
    3. Did any working person ever imagine Tony Blair gave a shit about their interests? Fnarr fnarr.
    4. Does anyone know who Kezia Dugdale is?
    5. Does anyone care?

    My Mum’s Auntie Eva told us the Labour Party stands for ordinary people – she’s 96 and remembers when they did. Now they don’t.

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