No, girls don’t. Nor do women, lads or men. Sometimes you ask them to dinner and they say no, and sometimes you ask them to the movies and they say no. Sometimes you ask them if they’d like to go for a drink, or to the match, or for a run … and they say no. Sometimes you ask them if they would like to marry you and they say no. And on all these, and many other occasions, you might ask again, and if you care enough or you’re hard necked enough, again. And sometimes, the no becomes a yes.

If you think that his tweet had to do with sex, then you have to have a word with yourself. People ask people all sorts of things and surprisingly, many of them have absolutely nothing to do with sex.

“Can I have a pay rise, Munguin?” “No.” (I’ll try again next month!), “Do you want to go shopping, Mum?” ” No, but check again on Saturday.”, “Do you want to buy me a pint, Petula?” “No. I have better things to do, but maybe someday.”

OK. If he had stopped and thought about what he’d typed before he’s sent it, then maybe he wouldn’t have sent it. And as an MSP, he SHOULD have stopped and thought about it before he sent it.

We have made great strides to teach that No means No through education/campaigns over years. How on earth did John Mason miss that memo?!

Of course, I take Kezia’s point there. Mason was stupid to Tweet that line without thinking of the implications, of how it could be read, but I suspect that that is more likely to have been naivety rather than wickedness on his part. Reasonably, you might say we don’t pay him to be naive, but then you’d have to look very hard at all his colleagues, Holyrood, London and Brussels.

Fair to say here that I’m no fan of Mason. Actually, far from it. His religious belief seems to dictate his voting in parliament and that, in my opinion, is plain wrong unless he very specifically told the party, and his constituents, that they both played second fiddle to his church and I don’t think he did.


Needless to say, no such fuss about Jill Stephenson’s boyfriend, Brian Spanner’s tweet about old people needing coffins, in response to the life-saving baby boxes. Incidentally, they were pioneered in Finland, and later in England, and given to Kate Middleton when her son was born, but apparently they’re evil things when introduced by the SNP to save Scottish babies’ lives. Based on the assumptions that they make regarding Mason’s tweet you might think that they didn’t want Scottish babies to have a better chance of survival. But we all know that’s not what they are saying.

And, even though Spanner is a repugnant foul-mouth misogynist I can see the funny side of it.



  1. It was a poor choice of words, his age and belief may have influenced his choice, but the knee jerk reactions of those in opposition, to the SNP, and those on the “left” of Scottish politics, unbelievable.

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    1. I don’t know the man, but he comes over to me as someone who is probably a bit naive. Very churchy. I bet it never occurred to him for a second that people could think anything so foul.

      As I say, people turn down invitations all the time, but in mason’s world, I suspect that he was thinking of marriage proposals.

      Of course you’d expect some people to have a laugh at him over it, but people like Dugdale should have read it and moved on.

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  2. I am probably older than John the Mason. I have a daughter in a good relationship. When she said no previously, to a man that was playing the field, she really meant no. Eventually that was final. I frankly admired her for that.

    Respect to the guy that fucked up his future. He was a grown up. Lesson learned. Other like John Mason.

    Nowadays she and her new man have a beautiful baby boy. John Mason has no comprehension of how completely deflating it is to discover a cheat. How would you like to discover that?

    Better sooner that later, perhaps.

    And that is probably the closest thing we will ever see by a sitting MSP to an endorsement of stalking.

    John Mason should be deselected.

    I hope my daughter never see’s this post, for it comes from my heart and should probably not be made public.

    She made good choices.


    1. I’m glad your daughter is happy too, but my point was really that he was saying Scotland may say yes to independence next time. Just because it said no last time doesn’t mean that it will say no again.

      He equated it with a woman saying no and then saying yes. i read it as being to a marriage proposal. Some people read it as an invitation to have sex.

      Even if it was about sex (and knowing of mr Mason, I rather doubt it), I don’t think that in real life people never change their minds.

      In fact it was about Independence.

      As i say, a brighter lamp would have though… oh no, there some Labour or Tory person out there who will crucify me over this (see if I were brighter I’d realise that some Christians may object to my use of that word), and the morons at the Sun will hang me out to dry, and that wee lassie that is running SLAB into the ground will tweet about it…

      But alas mason isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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      1. Your piece was good. It is sadly the puritans that excuse their sexuality. Only they feel that obligation. Perhaps because they have to. Mr Mason may or may not be one of them, but to post such bullshit? It was indefensible.


  3. I don’t know Brian Spanner, but a lifetime of saving your baby box as a coffin is probably not going to work. You will have growed a few cm. since then. Certainly a few copies of the Daily Mail might be useful as a sort of extension piece. The problem would be the Nazi Art. Or propaganda around your feet.

    Better the standard Pine version.


    Not everyone want’s it.


    1. That was my impression.

      Although in fairness to them both, it was another thing to beat the SNP with, and that was probably what they thought first and foremost.


  4. I’ve changed my mind on several occasions. I was one of those people who originally said “No” to the SNP and to the Tories, and said “Yes” to Labour and sometimes the Lib Dems. Now I say “Yes” to the SNP, and “No” to Labour and the Lib Dems.

    I said “Yes” to Tony Blair in 1997 but by 2001 I changed my mind and said “No”. Conversely I said “No” to Alex Salmond in 1997 and “Yes” in 1999.

    People change their minds abut politics.

    People also employ metaphors and even parables to illustrate and convey their point more easily. Those with a religious frame of mind are very fond of doing this as the bible does it a lot. So rather than say “people change their minds in politics” John Mason said “Girls don’t always say yes first time”. I’m sure John meant that as a witty metaphor for people changing their minds in politics by comparing it to girls changing their minds over a marriage proposal.

    Some people like to jump on any band waggon that comes past their door by helping to whip up a storm in a teacup, Kezia Dugdale is very good at this

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    1. Exactly. There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind.

      I remember too being an enthusiastic supporter of Tony Blair and “Things can only get better” after years of Major and the his granny. I certainly said “yes” to him. Now I’d say “to the Hague, you murdering old bastard”.

      I repeat that those who’s minds immediately jump to “rape” need to have a word with themselves.

      I see James has written a piece on it too.


  5. Mason’s comment looked to me to be using the analogy of a marriage proposal. Hard to see it as condoning rape except as a measure of desperation on the part of Dugdale and the Unionist press.

    But if minds work that way, no avoiding it. I once scandalised some acquaintances by referring to the “girl who cain’t (sic) say no” when they failed to pick up the “Oklahoma” reference. (Btw, should that film not be banned since it may be taken to condone rape in this song ?)

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    1. Hi Jim…

      Exactly how I feel.

      Clearly Ms Dugdale will be calling for an immediate bad on Oklahoma.

      The girl in question should immediately undergo some sort of therapy!


    1. I’m not too hot on musical theatre only ever having seen one piece, and then only because Petula Clark was in it.

      The point is well made, even if it was in Jesus Christ Superstar!! 🙂


  6. Looking forward to any of those ‘newspapers’ articles or promotions on St Valentine’s Day.

    ’14th Feb. World looks on in disgust as British newspapers promote stalking and sexual exploitation’.

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    1. LOL. Yes. They’ll have started a whole new puritan trend.

      For heaven’s sake, if the girl at work you fancy turns down an invitation to go for a drink after work, NEVER speak to her again, otherwise you may be on the sex offenders’ register.

      In fact, you should probably just NEVER ask anyone out again. We can all be celibate and the human race can come to an end.

      Well, orangs and cheetahs would be saved, so it’s not all bad.


  7. I perhaps should add that the context for the song mentioned in my original post was a woman who suffered stress because of an inability to say no to additional work tasks, many of which had been body – swerved by more assertive colleagues; nothing to do with sexual mores.

    My mind has also turned to that poor Tarbert widow hounded over many years by Para Handy (even though he was usually afraid that she might say yes to his marriage proposal.)


  8. I am frightened by people whose morality is driven by adherence to a Middle Eastern monothestic religion. Religion had nothing to do with morality – it has to do with religion. In our country, religious extremists should be on their knees begging the forgiveness of decent people – how many lives have they destroyed by their malice? It’s disgusting.

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    1. Tends to be my point of view.

      You don;t have to be religious to be good. You don’t have to be religious to care about people. You may be, but it isn’t necessary, and the two aren’t necessarily connected.


  9. PS. I have only ever voted for independence since I first voted at age 19. Only once did I not vote, and that was when I chose not to vote for John Mason when I lived in Tollcross. I am not denying him his views, but I won’t vote for anyone who seeks to ensure that I, as a gay person, has fewer rights than he does. I thought nationalists were in favour of equality.

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    1. Religions have some bloody funny views (as opposed to practices) when it comes to matters sexual.

      I used to vote Labour, and on a couple of occasions I voted Liberal Democrat. Then I got talking one night to a couple who were both strongly SNP. I hadn’t really thought much about independence, but they opened my eyes.

      Everyone is entitled to their views. I’m sure I probably have some quirky ones.

      I’d not vote for Mason either, any more than I would have voted for Gordon Wilson. They belong in another age.


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