First two are from Gerry, who flew over the bridge especially to take the photos for Munguin’s Republic… no expense spared here for your enjoyment.

The next four from Les, who, as you can see, travelled endlessly on your behalf.

Don’t ever say that Munguin isn’t good to you.


12 thoughts on “FOTOS FROM FRIENDS”

    1. Don’t know, Tree.

      Yeah, the first two had our Gerry hanging out of a plane by his ankles as he crossed Edinburgh the other day… (Brave man, but no more than Munguin expects.)

      Les sent me the other ones.

      Les, if you’re out there…. Help!


  1. Nice to see the bridge nearly finished, on budget and on time….even if 700 people had minor accidents while building it according to The Ruth Davidson (for a strong opposition) Party. But doesn’t their English branch advocate less health and safety?

    For the record: during the building of the last road bridge to span the Forth 1958-1963, seven people were killed. Surely even the Ruth Davidson Party would say that was worse than the 700 bumps and scrapes ostensibly caused by the odious SNP’s total disregard for health and safety. Who was in charge of the construction of the old bridge? Why none other than dear old Harold Macmillan and the then English iteration of the RDP, the Tories ooops!!

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    1. Good point Dr.

      I understand that some of the brexit type Tories are looking forward to lowering all sorts of standards once we are not a part of Europe.

      I hope we can avoid being part of that.


  2. gosh you have some talented readers Tris. The first two of Les’ are like cgi planets in sci fi – really other worldly. Lovely. What a feat of engineering yon bridge is. And a pleasant diversion from babyboxes bad! Though love how twitter is ripping the pish as with Jill Stephenson’s SNP bad tweet.

    You can take away our freedom but you’ll never take away our ability to rip the pish.

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    1. We do. Gerry, of course, we know from way back with his nature pictures. But his flying over the bridges was pretty spectacular.

      This is the first time Les has sent us any, but as you say, spectacular.

      The SNP BAAAAD about baby boxes is an own goal. They have been proved to save lives in Finland. That has to be good. They have been trialled in some parts of London. Indeed their royal highnesses prince Willie and Kate Middleton got one from the Finnish government when George was born.

      But when you have them in Scotland obviously they are bad.

      Jill Stephenson is such a womble. So full of hate for the SNP, so full of love for Brian Spanner the racist sexist.

      Stuart noted that she had tweeted about neighbours and friends from someplace in England.

      But yeah. One thing you can’t fault us on is our ability to laugh like a drain at stupidity. And as you say, rip the pish!


  3. Dr-de-la Zouch. Re the new bridge. I have this horrible “what if” feeling of the last part of the bridge not meeting its counterpart and the ensuing headlines, not aimed at the contractors which would be the accurate reaction, but the SNP, as if it had been giving directions during the construction.
    Let’s hope I’m totally wrong!!

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    1. Aye, they’d fair love that. It might tip Murdo Never Elected Fraser over the edge for good. And who knows what it would do to Jackson Carlot.

      But, fear ye not. Munguin has faith in Scottish engineering. Why he may even consent to drive across the bridge and inaugurate it (if he gets asked to, of course!!)


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