15 thoughts on “OOOOFT, TAKE THAT, MORGAN”

  1. Zing! Well said Andrew – but is your surname really Hackett or are you pouring salt into the wounds? Ach well not long now til 2017 when celebrities can breath a sigh of relief in making it there.

    Hoping Soppy Sunday has some cheetahs big hint! well two if you include the assumption there will be one, Still some of the supermarkets are opening on New Year’s day. Flipping liberty – poor shop workers who will be snookered if they have no car since no public transport.

    It’s okay for Tris to work though cos he’s Munguin’s slave and there is no travel involved 🙂

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    1. Ah, well, you’ll have to wait and see…

      Surely no supermarkets in Scotland opening on NYD… For heaven’s sake.

      They hate that there’s a whole day when they can’t make money, don’t they. I’m surprised they haven’t tried to do a Napoleon and invent a ten day week!

      Yes, I don’t have a travel problem. I sleep in the cellars at Munguin Towers for, oh, sometimes up to 2 hours a night.


    1. Welcome home.

      I know, next they will be having the dancing… and worse, alcohol. I’m going to hide in Munguin’s cellar for I fear the wrath that will shortly descend upon us.

      What has the world come to?

      How are you? How was Lebanon?


      1. Hi, Tris, unfortunately had to cut our holidays short. Lebanon is a beautiful country that, like many others, has been ruined by ‘religion’….

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        1. Sorry to hear it, John.

          I’ve not been. Would love to go.

          But I know it’s had its share of battles over religion in the past. I thought the worst was over and that the big problem now was that the population has been almost doubled by refugees from Iraq and Syria and other places where we have poked our stupid ill-informed noses and caused Mayhem..

          For someone with absolutely no religion at all, it is very hard to understand people getting so bent out of shape about belief that they are prepared to violate most of the principles of their religion, in order to support it.

          It goes for all of them, as far as i can see. I’ve no favourites.

          It’s quite mad.


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