You actually believed it?



Jacob, bringing control back home in an 18th century kinda way.



So, why, one might ask, are MPs exempt from this new law?



Bringing back control of our courts to England, erm sometimes.



BNP or Gordon Brown?




Working for everyone?
“I’ve got a target to reach, and they are nothing but numbers to me.”



Choice is yours…
It’s strange how all the things the Tories accuse the SNP of plotting are things they are doing themselves. Think about it.
I guess if you print a variety of stuff, something is bound to be right, at least occasionally.
But don’t worry, there SHALL be enough money to do up parliament and the Queen’s Town House, and find suitable accommodation for the Ugly Sisters. I know causing you great anguish.
Don’t you just love it when they try to use street speak? And I had been hoping that Ruth was going to be IMproperly brilliant!
Looking forward to this Ruth. Enlighten us. Put our faith in Mr Fox, you say? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha . Properly funny!!
Well, what do you expect from a dead smoked fish?
And lo, with the passing of time, the prophecy came to pass.
It’s Me …Munguin.


18 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Mencken aka Nostradamus! I wonder if 2017 will perform a miracle and be worse than 2016? Hearing Carrie Fisher had died and today it was announced that cheetahs (two lovely ones last Soppy Sunday) are on verge of extinction.

    Still Brexit means Brexit and it’s red, white and blue!
    As a late Christmas present, can I get a independent Scotland please?

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    1. Over the last few days I’ve gone on Twitter wondering whose name I would see next.

      Watership Down writer Richard Adams, of course was 95 as was Liz Smith and there’s a certain inevitability about death coming to them… George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Rick Parfitt… You just don’t expect it.

      And yet it happens every day. Just don’t see these people on Twitter.

      Then there was Trump and Brexit. Well you can’t take anything good out of these people’s deaths, but maybe there will be some good come from these two events…

      The imminent demise of cheetahs is more than sad. Remembering that everything lives for a reason, the extinction of a complete species is not just sad, it is worrying.

      Munguin assures you that he is working hard for independence.

      I thought this might be of interest to everyone:


  2. The UK gets ever more frightening. We have to get out. The Faroes have another advantage over Scotland in that they are dealing with the Danes, who are a much more tolerant and reasonable folk than the British establishment.

    There lies the conflict in the mind of a Scottish unionist – when compared to Great Britain, the Faroes and Denmark are just another bunch of daft foreigners. However when compared to Scotland, any country and its people are vastly superior to Scotland and all of us who live here. What a weird way of thinking.

    Along with closer links to Ireland, I hope Scotland might gain honorary Scandinavian status.

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    1. That’s what I’d like. Although we hae picked up many southern ways I think we have a lot in common with Scandinavian countries. Norden even… which if I remember from way back was Greenland, Iceland, Faroes, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. I’d like to see us join up with them in co-operation.

      I guess Denmark didn’t find it a threat to their masculinity that Greenland and the Faroes thought they could do a better job of running themselves.

      I think London would. it would diminish their superiority in the eyes of the world.

      What was it that daft old fool of an aristo said… if Scotland left the UK it would bring about instability in the world order? Strange that Iceland getting independence from Denmark didn’t make a ripple.

      FM was a huge hit at the Arctic conference in Reykjavik this year. So there is hope for us. Hopefully Ireland too.


  3. Think you can add this news to your excellent article Tris.

    The BBC at Pacific Quay will see the rocks melt with the sun before I ever trust the BBC again. (apologies to Alex Salmond for nicking his famous line there )

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    1. She’s not wrong there. I imagine there were a lot of licences sent back (like mine) and tvs binned, or like mine, disconnected from an antenna.

      Like you I’ll never trust them again. They have in their constitution an obligation to stand up for Britain.

      That kinda limits their ability to report openly. They are obliged to tug forelocks. Why on earth otherwise would a government which would privatise its own granny if it thought it could make some money out of it, steadfastly refuse to divest itself this bloated state run industry?

      Because it can control news!

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      1. Can I place a daft idea I have here?

        This has been bugging me for ages:

        Humans have always had a vote on the shape of reality. If enough of us believe that heavier than air travel is possible, up pops the Wright Brothers, which was arguably a good thing. The heavier than air moment, If it hadn’t been them, and there are arguments that it wasn’t them and then. Someone else would have done it. It was ‘steam engine time’.


        Penicillin and the whole biochemistry we have now? We didn’t want it? Of course we did.


        Y’all know that we can do whatever we want. Some things just take a little longer.

        For instance, AIDS went away when we didn’t want it anymore. It wasn’t popular enough, and then it was. We voted, unconsciously because we changed our opinion. Events happened.

        Or Armageddon (Part One) where Cuba didn’t end up killing us all. Pretty obviously we didn’t want that either.

        The collective consciousness, is slow to act, slow to respond, but it usually works.

        Not so sure anymore about that philosophy. For it gives agency to a ‘collective consciousness that may not even exist, or that reality itself can be tricked, if you are fast on your feet.

        And for a brain dead act and then – to hell with the consequences – oor Donald is a fast trick from Hell.

        Just saying.

        Apart from that, A Happy New Year to all the people here that have become at the very least ‘pen pals’ and sometimes a lot more than that.

        Best wishes.


        1. It seems to me that we are capable of amazing things, which get more amazing as time goes on.

          When I look back over the last 25 years I sometimes wonder where we will be in 25 years time.

          Computers a thing of the past? Cancer gone? Diabetes eradicated?

          Of course that all sounds rather optimistic, but if the will is there it can almost certainly be done.

          Then again you see the narrow mindedness of the likes of Trump, and the greed of big business. Anything, as long as it makes me even richer.

          So who knows… Anything is possible, but we have to have the will, and I think we need to learn to stop equating success with so much money that it would be unspendable.


  4. signed english independence petion and left a wee comment easiest solution all round england gets to be as right wing as possible privatise everything or whatever is left to privatise gets rid of workers rights runs its economy the way it wants all profits going to the elites where they belong and leaves us whinging jocks to run our enconomy the way we want to for the people the way its supposed to.

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