…And the rich and “cultivated” needing their share of murdering things… I thought I’d just put up a picture of these Brit Cabinet Ministers.  If anyone sees any connection with cruelty and barbarism, it’s all completely coincidental.


While we are on the subject of Boxing Day, I saw earlier this cartoon character explosion in a paint factory, who must smell like a beery ashtray, was at one of these Jeremy Hunt things and presumably the Fox was there too. Anyway, be warned should you run into him, stand upwind.



  1. Cowards plain and simple tear a tiny fox apart they
    Cheer life red in tooth and claw they saw survival of
    The fittest they say .

    Turn their house over stick a knife in them take
    Their wheels…..Law and Order becomes most
    Important ..tossers

    Made me laught Mervyn tosser King tosser going on
    about Hard Brexit being a wonderful thing no one seems
    to ask him what he did to avert 1988 and his response to
    Mitigate the effects of his disastrous leadership of the Bank.

    He is a total cunt who did f/all and fecked it all up
    And now attempts to rewrite history and his guilty part.
    A bit like asking the captain of the titanic to design a ship.
    You wonder if the brexiteers must be in fear to roll such
    a pile of useless shite to defend their position .

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    1. Language, Niko!!!!!

      But that apart, yeah. Can’t say you’re wrong. Merv was a disaster. And I’m pretty sure it was he who said that loosing jobs in the North (newcastle and such) was a small price to pay for stability in the City of London. (Not that he brought much stability to the City of London.)

      Still, he’s comfortably ensconced in the House of Fun, on £300 plus expenses a day. So it all worked out well for him.

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  2. Until recently,I always thought of most Tory politicians as being like second hand car salesmen,dodgy spivs but they appear to have moved things on to a whole new level of spiviness with some of these chancers.

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    1. Some of them are exactly that. Jackson Carlaw, for example.

      But mrs May seems to have reached down and scratched the bottom of the barrel with her Brexit team. It’s almost like she was willing them to fail.


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