1. Cunning way to attract business to UK. Let them get away with avoiding tax and make up for it with cuts.

      I see the Mirror is reporting that there are plans to cut a massive amount from the health service…and there they were selling us Brexit on the back of £350 million a week in health spend.

      Ever felt you’ve been suckered?

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  1. Surely even the most committed Labour unionist supporters in Scotland must now see that when the restraint of EU legislation is removed by Brexit,we will be exposed to the full mindless incompetence of England’s Tory governments for ever and ever.
    No amen to that!

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    1. And with people like Jacob Rees-Mogg indicating that one of the advantages is that we will be able to reduce standards, employment, wages, safety, etc, it looks like we can expect everything to be brought down to the level of the railways. The dirtiest, most inefficient, slowest and most expensive in Western Europe.

      Happy days.


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