12 thoughts on “SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP?”

  1. Golly, who would have thought other countries would use Brexit to take away business from the super duper trading nation that is the UK, with it’s vast experience of letting witless planks run Westminster.
    Never saw that coming.

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  2. But take from the article the most important truth. Countries don’t do goodwill, they look to their own interests first and foremost.

    An independent Scotland is in our best interest, but not theirs. They know that. They act in their interests alone in trying to keep us.

    I would prefer myself that when we regain our independence, the financial services part of our economy wis not the driver of that economy. It is a spiv economy, with side effects including ridiculous prices for property, distorted currency valuations and a general misallocation of capital away from productive assets into speculation.


    1. Ye. You have to be in for the main chance for your own people. Folk didn;t elect Trump so that he could make life easier for Brits. They want things to be better for them.

      I think they will be sadly disappointed, but…


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