Munguin and his minion (Tris) would like to wish everyone a good holiday and compliments of the season.

We’d both like to thank you sincerely for your input into Munguin’s Republic and  Munguin’s New Republic in the last year. It’s hugely appreciated.

So have a great Christmas day. We hope Santa is good to you.

Munguin and Tris

39 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. “We’d both like to thank you sincerely for your input into Munguin’s Republic and Munguin’s New Republic in the last year. It’s hugely appreciated.

    So have a great Christmas day. We hope Santa is good to you.

    Munguin and Tris.”

    On a personal note, Santa brought me two grandchildren this year. I think they have a secret, otherwise why do they look so damn happy!


    We’d both like to thank you for providing one of the most inclusive, intelligent and human sites on this internet thingy.

    Sadly, as there is only one of me – my alter ego left years ago, complaining about the mess – it just leaves me to say Merry Christmas to you too!

    Best wishes.

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    1. Congratulations on the grandchildren, Douglas. Surely no greater gift. (In a couple of years you can get them to clean up the mess!)

      Thanks for your kind words. Happy Christmas.


  2. Merry Christmas fellow citizens of the republic – if only! And Kangaroo I too hope it is the road to freedom from those inept, corrupt and venal Tories ruining (no not a typo) the country and its people.

    But on the subject of the pictures – thank you. Lots of lovely kitties. I think no 10 are cheetahs. And what do you mean the world’s only brown panda. I’ve brown hair with white bits too 🙂 I wish my school bus had been so cute. Actually I didn’t have a school bus – it was close enough to walk too.

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    1. I think the diprotodont (see what I did there, research!) aka Kanga, has a place in her pouch for for a wee pretendy jumping up and down nation, such as our good selves.

      Or just her offspring, between posts here.

      Admirable quality, if you ask me.

      And in any case, is it now a site requirement to be either an animal, part of an animal, a stuffed version of an animal or summat to post here? I worry that jimnarlene is a synonym for a Yeti!

      Thanks for all the fish.

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  3. Merry Christmas, Tris.
    I’ve caught every post on the new site, although this is my first reply on it. You know me, unless I can add to the convo’, I tend to keep it shut (most of the time).
    Still lovin’ your work, sir. Just wanted to let you know.
    Big kiss for Munguin.
    Darren xx

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    1. Merry Christmas Darren.

      It’s good to know you’re still with me and Munguin (who was quite in awe of you when he met you… only his second superstar!)

      Anyway, we missed you. .. and Munguin sends back a big kiss. Have a great day mate. xx


  4. Promise this will be my last Christmas present. Maybe two.

    These are dreaded English people. Whom we all, instinctively hate. It is. apparently genetic. Quite why I get an erection is inexplicable. Which is a tad better than hating, right?

    Well a little bit, give me space here?

    Or, if that is not to your taste, and it ought to be, hell mend you:


    Is this not the vote for freedom that Edinburgh rejected in it’s empty knickers?

    The Proclaimers:

    Quite astonished that there are that number of wankers in Edinburgh that don’t listen to this.


    1. I was brought up in England, and there are many English people that I love dearly…as there are French, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Icelanders, Swiss, Germans… even some Uruguayans and I got a lovely present from Mexico the other day. I don’t hate anyone because of their nationality, nor their skin tone, nor their religion or lack of religion, nor their gender, disability or sexuality. So it is always beyond my comprehension when people want to classify say Engish people, or oriental people or gay people or disabled people or Jews… as a homogenous group.

      We all know that there are nice Christians and horrible Christians… nice French people and horrible French people, nice Scots and horrible Scots.

      The whole thing goes over my head.

      I love that song, as I love much of what they do… Cheap Flights is one of my favourite pieces of comedy:

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  5. Happy Christmas and 2017 to Mungiin, Tris and everyone in the Republic. This blog makes us laugh and sometimes makes us angry (at Westminster and its lackeys), but most of all it brings us hope.

    On the subject of the old anti Enlish crap, I recently spole to an English lady who was one of the most passionate supporters of Independence I have ever met. The windows of her house, let alone her car are festooned with Yes and Yes2 stickers.

    Hopefully soon we will be having our first Christmas in a free, independent Scotland.

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    1. Thanks Lanark… Glad we are doing a job 🙂

      One of my Twitter mates is English and dynamite on independence for Scotland.

      Nationality means nothing, I reckon.


  6. After having a very nice dinner (which I cooked by the way) and being at present part way into my second bottle of wine (a very nice Langedoc) ( excuse the excessive use of brackets). I had pause on logging in to ponder a couple of things.

    The first was how much I like this blog because, strangely it seems to have an almost ‘homey’ atmosphere. This I think is .quite difficult to achieve in an environment consisting solely of the written word which I’m told enables only 6% of communication to take place. This exacerbates the problems with misunderstanding due to lack of context, gesture etc.. It is well managed here however so regular bloggers gain a sense of safety and community so well done Tris.

    The second is the elephant in the independence room i.e. Anti English feeling. In the course of my career I attended a variety of awareness courses which included gender, sexuality, disability, older adults, racial equality etc.. I remember at my last racial awareness course saying as a joke to the trainer that I wasn’t racist, that I hated everybody equally. To my surprise she thought this was very funny and acted like she’d never heard it before. Anyone who’s ever been on a course before and had that sort of reaction from the ‘boss’ will realise I was understandably chuffed with her reaction.
    It’s a wee aside to illustrate the point that I promise I will come to eventually but you will have to bear with me for a wee bit yet.

    I was brought up with Scottish Nationalism through the 60s and 70s. My dad always maintained that Scotland was economically viable in the face of all the negative stuff. My dad aside, a lot of it was anti-English, new year consisted of grown men in our house crying into their whisky about The Bonnie Prince, Robert the Bruce, when will we see their likes again etc… I remember coming out of the cinema after watching Braveheart having a stand up argument with some arseholes from the SNP who were targeting folk who’d just watched the film. I asked them when they were going to get serious about independence instead of harking back to all this emotional shit and come up with some viable policies. The guy was quite miffed and didn’t realise it at the time but I was on his side.

    It’s a lot different now I’m glad to say, my pals are mostly pro independence with the exception of 2 unionists, who both I’m afraid believe that the independence movement is covertly based on anti-English feeling. Even though they know that none of us in our circle are at all anti-English. We’d rather ship the Orange Lodge south and bring some decent English folk to Scotland in their place.

    Problem is that there’s a whole chunk of England that doesn’t vote for the torys and doesn’t have the SNP and the hope of independence and they’re every bit the victims of the British establishment as we are so we’ll be leaving them to they’re fate. They’ve been conned into Brexit and they’re soon going to discover they’ve no place to go. It’s jolly scarey and Chung with his clicky ba won’t be able to sort the restless natives out this time.

    Anyway and to conclude. We should not now or ever pretend that Scottish people are somehow more welcoming and accepting of other cultures than other folk. I would love it to be so but my experience tells me this is not the case. Scottish folk like everyone else are trying to do the best they can with what they’ve got and are just as likely to scapegoat anyone they perceive as a threat as anybody else. To insist that we don’t is not only dishonest but it inhibits contrary opinions from being expressed and consequently exposed and challenged. It doesn’t allow our society to develop and encourages the creation of unhealthy underground extremist cultures. In our independent Scotland, equality must instead be enshrined in our values, taught in our schools and be worked towards as a common goal.

    I hope I tied that up though I’m not at all sure and I hope in my inebriated state I didn’t state the bleedin obvious too much. It made sense to me. Merry Christmas and all the best to you all.

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    1. First off, Dave, I don’t need to say I hope you had a good time, because clearly you did 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words. The guy to taught me about blogging and encouraged me to get involved back in 2009, “Spook”, had a warm friendly blog. He tried to answer every comment and do it with a splash of humour, which he had in abundance.

      I think if you’re a trained journalist and if you have time to do the research, you can maybe be “the Rev”, whose work I admire enormously. If you’re just Joe Blogger, it helps to make the place a nice one to go to.

      I think we do a bit better than some other places over welcoming people. Since the referendum police forces in England have reported a massive increase in race hate crimes, Police Scotland hadn’t, the last time I saw figures. We’re clearly not as anti-European, given the result of our referendum.

      But there are people who are racist, and there are anti-English folk too. I’m happy to say I don’t know any, but of course they exist.

      How could racism not exist in a country that is bombarded daily (and has been for years) with stories in the chip paper that passes for journalism, blaming everything on foreigners.

      What will they blame when all the foreigners are sent home?

      LOL…. Enough seriousness.

      Have a good Boxing Day!


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