Really, sometimes I’m embarrassed for them.



  1. The media will portray it as, strife for the public by greedy postal workers.

    Have a great midwinter celebration, to all at Munguin towers; and to all of the Republics denizens.

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    1. Aye that’ll be greedy postal workers who want to keep their jobs, and work for a living, like good strivers, instead of being treated like human detritus at the jobcentre for less money than it takes to live for a couple of days… Ho hum , funny ol’ world.

      Thanks Jim, and I hope you and Arlene and your family have a great time too.

      Thanks for all your support over the year(s).

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      1. I am bemused by the usual hypocrisy of our overlords.

        But on the general post office situation, we don’t use it any more. Most of my commercial correspondence is by email nowadays. When did you last even send a postcard? Payments are by BACS or by cards – the cheque is nearing obsolescence too. And however much of a museum the UK is, it isn’t a good idea to keep obsolete business models alive on life support. Postal services were revolutionary in their day, but they are past their sellby now, and its hard to see how you could reinvent their business. So, however sad, the post office is doomed to go the way of the tea clipper and the steam engine.

        Merry Christmas one and all. Start planning in earnest now, for we are going to have ID2 sooner than we want, and its up to us to deliver our country ( no post office pun intended ) .

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        1. Yes, David. I understand what you are saying, and we have to move with the times. Post Offices are, indeed, not what they used to be.

          They will die out sooner or later…as I suspect will shops of all sorts as we buy all our stuff online.

          It was however, the hypocrisy of the government that a temporary closure brought about by the unions fighting for their jobs, for their right to be strivers, was disrespectful to “ordinary” people (as opposed to who, exactly, noblemen, royalty, MPs, top bankers?) and permanent closure of the same number, and half again, was another Great British achievement.

          Reminds me of Southern Trains. Some people are saying that at least the strikes bring some certainty to the timetable. On strike days you know that the train will not run; on other days you’re not really sure.

          Seasons Greetings to you from Munguin Towers! 🙂


  2. Festive greetings back to you all (Psst, wee typo in headline re “sequal” lest Niko leaps on it in order to deflect and derail).

    Onwards to re-independence and a hundred thousand welcomes to our pro-Ottoman troll(s)should (s)he/team wish to relocate here post the repatriation of our sovereignty from the decadent copycat Istanbul that is Londinium and it’s WM version of the Caliph’s court at which, I put it to Niko, his/her/their – the team’s – “Greek” forebears served in the Ottoman secret service (just as (s)he/Team Niko do for the Brits, today).

    PS Niko, will you be joining Glasgow Working Class, the resident pet troll on James Kelly’s blog, and the sundry other trolling operatives of the British security services across the social media and mainstream Brit print/broadcast MSM outlets for a fair few swallies of retsina over the festive season to console yourselves over your imminent political oblivion?

    Should be fun! Enjoy!

    However, remember the Grivas precedent and us Scots when you do so:)


    1. Ooooops. I didn’t notice, but corrected now! Many thanks.

      Dear old NIKO has been a part of the team here forever. I think he turned up the day the dinosaurs were wiped off the earth. We’re kinda used to him by now and his SNP baaaaad rhetoric. When he gets to be too much we just remind him that Brownlie will be down in Edinburgh soon, and that encourages contrition. 🙂

      Festive greeting to you too, from all at Munguin Towers. I’m told that we will be allowed an extra ten minutes for lunch tomorrow as a gesture of Munguin’s Goodwill. Oh joy, oh rapture!!


  3. Seasons greetings to one and all. It has been one hell of a year yet somehow we have all survived to a greater or lesser extent.

    On the Post Office thingy.

    Down here in Dumfries and Galloway the Post Office has been gaily shutting smaller sub Post Offices like there is no tomorrow. Don’t worry though cause they have not actually closed them down (their words not mine) they have just relocated them in the local SPAR shops. Let’s just say the locals were not impressed by Post Office ‘action’s leading up to these closures. We even had a meeting where they sent someone to attend along with someone from SPAR. This was despite, in their words, no final decision had been made. Aye right and the cheese on my toast n roast comes frae Mars!

    Oh just in case anyone thought that their plans were just to shut our current Post Office and relocate lock stock barrel and ALL existing services to the SPAR forget it. They not only ‘re-located’ to the SPAR but CUT the services that were available to locals.

    Only one thing surprised me about our village meeting … how the hell did Mrs Post Office get oot the meeting alive! LOL

    At the last count we now have no local Post Office in Gretna, Eastriggs or Annan. If you want to make use of one of the very few Post Office services in these villages/towns you have to use the SPAR shop in Gretna and Eastriggs and a small grocery store in Annan.

    This is what happens when GREED drives politicians. Services in villages/towns/cities are cut to the bone and beyond all in the name of PROFIT for the by now PRIVATISED service.

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    1. Progress, Arbroath. That’s what it is.

      I had a letter from the bank to tell me that in order to provide me with a better service (which they passionately believed in), they would:

      (a) pay interested at a reduced rate on a reduced amount in my current account and savings accounts.

      (b) stop the cashback on use of contactless.

      (c) close my local branch.

      Thank god they weren’t trying to make my life more difficult!

      Seasons greetings!!! 🙂


      1. Likewise to you and Munguin Tris.

        I agree about banks though. They and the other ‘BIG’ institutions always seem to make changes for ‘our’ benefit that in reality make life HARDER for us but easier for them. Hmm…


  4. I can’t imagine that the politics in 2017 will be any less stressful, and at the same time entertaining, than 2016. Lots to look forward to. A good Christmas to you all and a prosperous New year.

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