Let’s see if I can get this right.. bear with me, because it’s not easy!

The Secretary of State for Leaving the European Union has brought a case against his own government’s policies, to the European Court in Luxembourg, which he appears to have won.

Congratulations David…because, as they said in the Britnat press, British judges are the enemy of the people, huh?

Really, if this is true, don’t Boris Johnson’s many faux pas pale into complete insignificance by comparison?



  1. yeah it’s true – the Brexit minster that wants to bring back control to UK parliament brought an action against the UK parliament in the EU courts. But he is a unionist politician so you know black is white and if you don’t like my principles I have others.

    More importantly Christmas day is Sunday – what about our weekly does of flora and fauna? Will it still happen? Did you watch the secret life of the zoo?

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    1. Did Franz Kafka write the script?

      Indeed did he write the whole Tory party Policy? You know, how something can be bad, no disastrous, one minute and then “en un clin d’œil” (I know you do French), as it were, it’s the biggest opportunity that ever came our way. I’m sure there’s something of a giant insect about Mr Fox. Mind you I was sure about that long before Brexit.

      Soppy Sunday will appear on Soppy Sunday. Munguin doesn’t do days off. That’s for wimps and Munguin isn’t a wimp. I am, but that doesn’t count.

      I forgot about that. Is there any chance that you could send me the link? 🙂 🙂 🙂


      1. well seeing how it’s Christmas and Munguin is like a Tory workhouse owner – holidays, what are holidays?- here is the link

        which also includes series one which I’ve not seen s0 it will give me something to do whilst hiding from Barbara who is a bit wild outside.

        Fellow citizens of the Republic have a good festive break. And here’s hoping 2017 is better than 2016…

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  2. So… the Minister for Despising Foreigners gets the Court of Despicable Foreigners to decide against the Government for Despising Foreigners because the Court of Despicable Non-foreigners isn’t anti-foreign enough.

    Listen very carefully, I shall say zees only once, ‘Carry on, you’re all doing terribly well.’

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    1. I’m wondering if I’m replying to Young Mr Grace, or Herr Flick of the Gestapo.

      Is bring back control all about bringing back control to Luxembourg? (Lovely place btw, if you ever get a chance to go see it._


      1. Well, the Great British government IS peopled by comic giants like Young Mr Grace, Herr Flick, Rene and the cast of Hi-de-hi. Can’t wait for the cinema release of Carry On Governing.

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  3. So let me see if I have got this right here.

    The Secretary of State for Leaving the European Union runs screaming to the European Court because he doesn’t like what his boss is planning to do about snooping on the people of UK. The Secretary of State for Leaving the European Union wins his court case.

    Don’t you just hate those European furriners? LOL

    I give it two years. (Well that is how long May and co claim it will take to leave the E.U. right?)

    Two years and one day later May will be re-introducing her Snoopers charter again only this time without any fear of those dastardly Furriners in Europe stick their noses in where May doesn’t want them to stick them. LOL

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    1. Munguin’s gold supply is extensive. Unfortunately it’s all second hand gold. He couldn’t afford the new stuff.

      I noticed that two stories today :house prices in London and the SE of England are dropping becasue of some tax they have put on them. And inflation is taking off, because the pound is worth a lot less.

      Roll on independence day.


      1. Well the latest “rumour” with a fair amount of truth in it is……
        America’s fiscal year is 31 Dec and Trump has said he will half the capital gains rate. So nobody is selling shares until the first day of the new fiscal year to take advantage of the supposed rate drop.
        Mmmm. What happens when they sell on 2nd or 3rd Jan…..

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        1. They will have to wait till he’s president, which won’t be till towards the end (?) of January, but yes, what will happen then?

          Mind you, what Trump says and what he does…


  4. tris and other nats

    Embarrassed would imply some element of shame alongside
    reflective thoughts of how others perceive us tinged perhaps
    with a sense of guilt.
    These common emotional responses English Conservatives as
    American republicans they do not possess not a jot or smidgen.
    The English conservative vermin even now use this to claim when
    Brexit is upon us all decent laws will be rescinded and the English Conservatives
    will have carte blanche to freely rape and pillage throughout the
    United Kingdom.

    Magna Carta will be as nought what the Prime minister (conservative of course )
    wishes will be come law. the wheels of drudgery once again under English conservative
    misrule be set upon crushing the ordinary man and woman .
    Meanwhile enriching our masters no longer free men and woman just below
    the poverty line wage slaves.
    The English conservatives whip of injustice and the mace of Conservative
    brutality will be brought down upon any dissent or what was once lawful
    protest all under English conservative laws and David Davis will rejoice
    to see it brought about……

    Hmm ! may be I should delete this comment bloody good
    reason to depart forthwith the Union which is soon to come
    into being….

    Er ! Dont let Taz read this it will only encourage his errant ways..

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    1. Well Niko. One of my huge worries is that released from obligations of the EU, and stuck with permanent Tory (or Toryesque) governments designed to appeal to the population which lives in the South East of England and with zero interest in any other part of the UK, that what you foresee is what will come to pass.

      Scary, huh?

      I’m not sure we can do much about Taz seeing it. I suspect if he decides to read it, he will.


      1. That’s definitely my main worry, too. The EU and its protracted decision-making processes were the closest thing the UK ever got to protected constitutional rights. The remnants of the European social model in the UK can now be cast aside and replaced with something much more American in flavour. Terrifying.

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      1. @tris 10 years is required to apply for Swiss citizenship and the process can take about 2 years. It’s the longest residence requirement in Europe. I believe it is only 7 years in Germany.

        It gets complicated because citizenship requires federal and cantonal permission. The federal rule is 10 years to begin the application. You also need to have lived in your current canton for a minimum amount of time at the time of application. That varies from canton to canton but is of the order of 2-3 years. That’s just the last 2-3 years of the 10 total years. Different cantons impose other rules on language proficiency. Some rural cantons even allow your application to be rejected by the community a bit like a planning proposal. There are some nasty stories about that.

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        1. Ah… Erm, someone will be dismissed, or possibly even shot… probably me… so if I’m not here on Sunday to do Soppy Sunday it will be your fault for complaining!!!!

          🙂 🙂 🙂


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