…write something intelligent (well, by my standards) about the Scottish government’s proposals for Scotland’s future relationship with Europe, which I consider to be measured, logical and sensible.


But then I read Terry’s analysis and I decided that I really couldn’t add anything to that, so I’d direct you to his more learned comments.

I should like to add that it seems the British government produced a report on the same day with their full analysis of the situation (above). I should add that in reply to a series of questions yesterday when she point blank refused to answer whether MPs would have a chance to debate the final Brexit deal (as MEPs will), she said: “I said what I said”.


What Scotland thinks? Do I look like I care?


So now we know that Brexit means Brexit…red white and blue… and she said what she said.

Comforting, eh?

29 thoughts on “I WAS GOING TO…”

  1. I’m still waiting for the next Brexit analogy. Serving suggestions might work. Brexit – it will be served up cold. Maybe estate agent euphemisms are better. Brexit – retro decor, fixer upper, priced to sell, quick closing possible.


  2. If the United Kingdom departs the eu ( a step I would regret)
    then Scotland as an indivisible inseparable part of our great
    and Glorious Union. Will leave ..thats a fact.

    Now we all know the snp/nats are just using all this poppycock
    over we vote England voted out as a feeble transparent excuse
    to ram another tedious Referendum down the Scots throat.

    Although the only way the snp can carry out their dictat on
    how the snp would like to rule the eu is for Scotland to become
    an Independent nation and negotiate entry into the eu.

    So why dont the snp/nats just give up on the sophistry and
    just declare for another referendum and stop bullsh@@@’

    apropos conan he has come to my blog and well left a tirade
    of injudicous slander and cant on me and mine to say i am
    shocked is an understatement.
    one can only put it down to conan imbibing on a surfeit
    of Alcohol. A pitfall many of us bloggers are apt to take
    and when sober regret our drunken actions.
    still i forgive him as long standing and dear friend
    really though !!!!


      1. Well, we certainly can’t have you shocked, Niko. It’s not right and, as your legal guardian (Spook left me in charge till you were old enough to look after yourself) I just won’t put up with it.


  3. Prison Minister in La-La Land.

    Paul Flynn (Newport West) (Lab)
    It took three written parliamentary questions from me to get the Government to confess that only one prison in Britain was free of illegal drug use. It took a fourth question to get the information that that prison had no prisoners because it had closed down. This is symptomatic of the Government being in denial of the corruption and chaos in our prison service. Have not the Government’s policies for the past six years been, like the Minister’s statement today, evidence-free and ignorance-rich?

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    1. Ah yes. Having privatised the prisons and let G4S make a lot of money out of them, they now find that they are in utter chaos. Penal servitude is not for cut-price amateurs looking to make a pile of dosh.

      I wonder where the minister got his information about ‘British’ prisons, though. I’m not sure if prisons in Wales and Northern Ireland are devolved, but they surely are in Scotland and, whilst I’m sure they leave a lot to be desired, they certainly aren’t in the chaos that England’s prisons are.


  4. Ignoring Niko, who seems to fu’ o’ the Christmas spirit – or maybe just fu’ 🙂

    I think the UK Govt is so bereft of ideas that the SG proposals are what May’s brexit team has been patiently waiting for. Somebody to come up with some ideas. Just watch May & co plagiarise it, wrap it in a union flag and present it as their own idea (I know – tautology). Then they will kick the original into touch as “too complicated”.

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    1. Probably Meths Finn…

      Oh you can bet they were all over Scotland’s proposals like a rash, looking for ideas from a government which seems to have some. In the end, Mrs Mayhem repeated the oft-heard words, Brexit is Brexit and I said what I said… after which she ran giggling and dancing into the garden at number ten, naked as the day she was born, with her fingers in her ears, singing tra la la la la…I can;t hear you laughing…

      I wonder if Mr Johnson will be the next prime minsiter


  5. There is another solution to Scotland staying in the EU as a full member. We don’t need independence, we need to join another union – with Ireland.

    Think about it. We share cultural links, the currency issue would be sorted out (we would use the Euro), there would be no “hard border” as the UK have already promised the Irish that the Common Travel Area will not be affected and we will finally have a decent football and rugby team. And we would of course automatically join the EU as we would be joining an existing member state.

    We would continue to have our own Parliament in the form of a Dual Republic similar to the old Dual Monarchy of Austria -Hungary. Also the Ruth Davidson party and the Orange Order would be cataclysmically pissed off. Whats not to like?

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    1. It’s worth a thought. I thought Ireland was one of the nicest and happiest places I’d ever been. I’d be proud to be a part of it. We’d certainly be more likely to be an equal partner… and we could ditch the bloody Sax Cobergs.


    2. Now that’s an interesting idea.

      And I don’t see Ireland objecting. They’d get access to our oil fields (even if only indirectly), our fishing grounds (better Ireland than Spain), our massive renewable electricity potential, and we’d get to stick the finger up to Westminster.

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    3. I seem to recall reading something a wee while back about the SG asking Ireland to unofficially represent our interests in Europe.The only complication with Ireland is the attachment some people in the north have for the British state.
      Once that is gone (the British state that is),there is no more need for the already non existent border on the island being used by certain politicians to further their political agenda.
      Scotland within some sort of European union,Ireland in the EU and England in Little England’s union of one will probably see the end of the No Surrender mob. If they can’t accommodate people with slightly different origins and religious beliefs then they,along with the Little Englanders,don’t belong in any sort of Union.

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      1. Thanks for your replies everyone. If we do have to pool and share with anyone, I would rather we did it with another friendly, neutral, outward looking nation that is at ease with its place in the world.

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  6. Niko been on the ouzo, again, or should that be rake given his neo-Ottoman inclinations projected onto his fantasy notion of the GB?

    Season’s Osmanli greetings to you. Sundry wee bevvies enjoy for the clock is going tic tock on your beloved Yookay and will be chiming its demise very shortly just like it did on your beloved Sultan in Istanbul and chucked into historical oblivion your Greek collaborator predecessors to the point that Phil the Greek did a runner and married a Hun rebranded as an AngloBrit.

    I wonder what Grivas would have made of you?

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      1. Gypsy Creams… goodness. My granny liked them. I don;t think she did anyone any harm with them though. On the other hand, courgette slicers…

        Aren’t courgettes foreign?


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