An oath for ? What like Tory MPs having a £39 breakfast on expenses while a million queue at foodbanks?

So, we’re told that any person working for the state will have to swear an oath to uphold British Values.  I was just wondering which values they will be.

Hey Sajid Javid most of us do live by . It’s government who doesn’t – they’re more intent on abandoning the sick & poor.


Seriously, when I think of the things that make Britain Great, I think of the 22 countries that the Brits never invaded. Now that shows some restraint. What a great value that is.

I look around and see that MPs and royals are getting more money this year and that bucket loads are being spent on the palaces of Westminster and Buckingham. So presumably one of the great British Values is to make sure that the people at the top have more feathers in their feather beds, double paid for by yet more cuts down below, while spikes are put in anywhere that homeless people might try to sleep.

Great British values seem to extend too, to ensuring that foreign companies own just about everything, while they rant about taking back control. Control of what? The great British Justice system that people like Farage wanted to see prevail until it ruled against them, at which point it became the enemy of the people! Great Nazi values if you ask me.


I assume we’re not talking of in Amristar or Boer War for example? More recent? Selling weapons to Saudi’s? Iraq War?


Ah yes, Saudi Arabia. One of the dictatorships in the Middle East that somehow the Brits don’t feel the need to replace. Although everyone knows perfectly well that the Saudis and Iran are fighting  proxy wars in the Middle East, the Saudis with weapons supplied by the UK, and the targeting of these weapons overseen by the Brits’ army, when Boris happened to let it out that HM gov was on to them, in his foot in ear way, he was reprimanded by No 10. So presumably British values include murdering Yemeni kids in hospitals and assisting in their starvation? And of course, Blair’s desperate efforts to please Bush ended up with how many innocent Iraqis being murdered?

Are these the values we are talking about?

What about taking £30 a week from disabled folk? Is that another value? Saving them wasting money on frivolities like heat and food?

And then there is slapping a spare room tax on people who have nowhere else to go because no one has built any truly affordable single accommodation since Mrs Thatcher decided that we all should own our own homes.

And what about starving the social care budgets so seriously people are left lying on trollies for hours in hospitals. Is that a British value? 

Or is it a British value to sell off prisons and then ignore reports that say that they are operating dangerously understaffed? Well, until riots break out, anyway, then send in proper staff to sort it out. Not to mention the privatised probation service that  doesn’t have a clue where most of its clients are!

Maybe it’s a British value to try to cover up the child abuse stories involving “important people” whilst being secretly relieved than some no-mark football coaches have taken the heat off their betters?


Or maybe it’s just killing off animals for the sheer joy of killing? That’s VERY British.

Can you just imagine what the press and the Andrew Neil would make of it if one of our ministers had the audacity to suggest that civil servants here would be required to vow to uphold Scottish values?

I’m sure that her majesty’s Christmas message next week, another great British value, (when she will doubtless, yet again, bang on about spending her life following Jesus’s teachings), will make all these things clear. Just remember ma’am, what he said about rich folk making it into heaven!

And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Matthew 19:24


48 thoughts on “WHAT ARE BRITISH VALUES?”

  1. Punching above “our” weight, and striding the planet like a Walter Mitty colossus, with a quixotic rage against “others”; seems to be British values.

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  2. I refuse to swear an oath of allegiance to Britain. I WILL swear AT this oath of allegiance but will NEVER swear one of allegiance. In any case I have already sworn an oath of allegiance to another more caring, more accepting, non warmongering, peaceful country … beginning with the letter A!

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      1. Sorry Tris, and Munguin, no it’s not Antarctica it’s somewhere a lot lot closer to home.

        As for the swearing well let’s just say my partner thought it might be good idea to redecorate the living room in a nice blue sort of colour. Unfortunately the walls are untouched … the air however is a lovely shade of Saltire blue. LOL

        Between unionist politicians putting my country down and mega rich spending senseless amounts of money on ridiculous “gifts” lets just say … BAH HUMBUG! LOL

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  3. British values

    well that easy for a patriot but no wonder the nats struggle with
    that which that hate with very fibre of their being.

    some elucidation for youse
    British values are
    not being black or any colour other than pale white
    not being foreign or outside the SE of England
    not being a Muslim or sikh, Hindu basically
    anything not C of E .
    knowing ones place at the bottom of the stairs
    to our English Lords and Masters begging yer pardon.
    Honour our Glorious Flag and armed Forces but not
    the disabled and wounded dont look right in the English
    History book.
    look after the wealthy for they are blessed by God and the
    English State.
    These are just some of our British values they are not
    an exhaustive list you can add some yourselves just
    remember British is Great and everything else is shite
    to guide you on the way to becoming a true British Patriot.

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      1. Aye, so do I. But then, I’ve been worrying ever since Spooky gave me the keys and left me in charge.

        I wish he’d come back. He said he was only going to Forfar to get a pint of milk, and that was 7 years ago!

        How far away is Forfar?


    1. I want British values like not letting Chinks from Hong Kong come here. Proud to be British – let me loose on a Moslem poof and you’ll see what I mea.


    1. Ah, when I heard about the small matter of £400 million, quite a bit of the NI budget, being stolen in a scheme facilitated by the DUP, I thought to myself, that first minister person, she’s defo not guilty. It will be some minor functionary, or a cleaner maybe, possibly even a dinner lady, who is at fault.

      I mean, she’s a friend of Mr and Mrs Robinson… and they are friends with god, so none of them could possibly have run a nice little earner like that.

      That lot are just brimming over with good British values, red, white and blue ones. God save the queen.


  4. My current take on British Oath of Allegiance:

    I, Jock Diznamatter, do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and all who play for Glasgow Rangers 2012 and are members of the Conservative and Yoon Party, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God or Theresa May.

    I swear that I will work until I drop for as little pay as my employers want to pay me and/or be sanctioned for a) being Scottish b) living in Scotland c) Voting Yes d) Voting SNP, e) breathing so help me Theresa.

    I swear that I will get all of my news from BBC Scotland, BBC World Service, BBC News 24, the Daily Yoons and/or Fox News so help me Theresa.

    I swear that I will happily pay more tax than anyone else in the United Kingdom to mitigate the never ending Yoon Cuts to the Scottish Pocket Money and I will thank the Yoon Parties for the privilege so help me Theresa.

    On my honour I will do my best for Theresa, the Queen and my Region and will obey the Yoons law at all times and will never ever fly a Saltire in anger or jest or celebration or whatever, I will only ever fly the Queens and Rangers 2012 official flag on pain of death or sanction whichever comes first.

    I swear that I will hate foreigners, including my own children, if I should become a members of Scottish Labour in an Independent Jockland.

    I swear I will swear a lot on tv at foreigners.

    I swear I will disown Andy Murray if he ever wins another tournament again, esp. Wimbledon in England as he is a dirty Jock.

    I swear I will watch benefits street every week, and the Queens or Rangers Manager Christmas day Broadcast.


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    1. LOL. Pretty much covers your oath.

      I’m wondering if Theresa has a job for you as the official oath writer… not so much ‘Writer to the Signet’ as ‘Writer to the Old Pen’! Nice work if you can get it, pretty much guaranteed a seat in the house of lards.
      Imagine £300 a day plus expenses, even if you are going to listen to tributes paid to a colleague who was assassinated by a Nazi terrorist!



    1. Well, Brits are certainly good at that.

      When I was a kid my dad got a job in England and we moved there. I was 12.

      At school I had a hard time with other kids who called me Jock and accused my father of taking their jobs.

      I have always remembered that, because it’s what they do with anyone who isn’t them.

      So I’ve always felt a sense of brotherhood with immigrants.

      I got over it. I’ve got good ears so within a very short time I’d learned the accent and all the local words and phrases. Within a few months I could have been taken for native English, and the Jock bating disappeared.

      Not so easy if your skin is a different colour or your native language is Bulgarian.

      That said, I grew to love England and made some great friends.


  5. Whilst the Guardian has a huge comment thread under Zoe Williams piece, I was a tad surprised that the Herald appears to have nothing on the topic.

    Some of the comments – on the Guardian piece – are trenchant and funny.

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  6. Thanks. Yes. I think basically people are saying get stuffed.

    I’m interested that people, British people, in Northern Ireland. will be excused, for the obvious reason that many of them subscribe to Irish values, whatever those are. I subscribe to my values. I wonder if I should take an oath to that effect.


    1. Oh! I think, correct me if I am wrong, people are starting to recognize the idiocy of our beloved United Kingdom, our beloved Masters, aka the House of Lords, or even the evil Theresa May. Or simply an English majority as a right to rule.


      Perhaps their will be enough changelings to get us out of this mess.

      For it only takes around 10% to make this history.


      Personally, I think that we should be free now. We voted SNP and won almost every seat at Westminster. If that is not enough, tag every next election to Westminster with the unequivocal statement that a vote for the SNP is a vote for separation. We would still, probably, win a huge majority. If not, we know what we have to do to win.

      And where would we be then?

      Not subservient and able to make our own minds up.

      Which is where we shouldn’t have been after we elected 54 SNP MP’s.

      Frankly, if anyone had a bit of sense, we should be negotiating independence right now.

      Let’s see how the brain dead Tory Party deals with that.

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      1. Mrs Thatcher once said that all we had to do was elect a majority of SNP MPs.

        We should remember to quote that at them the next time they say…Alex Salmond said “once in a lifetime”!

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  7. Just so’s I’m not entirely unfair, the Herald does now have an entry about this. Unsurprisingly, the commentariat are also agin.


    1. I genuinely think this is a make or break issue. The SNP and the Greens should put the question – as they used to say about torture – to the electorate in their manifesto’s.


      Yes or No!

      Frankly I cannot see either parties support evaporating. Between us, and with the ridiculous UK electoral system, it would be astonishing if that proposition lost. The SNP occupy all but three seats at Westminster. And, frankly I would like the question to be put in a General Election, not as a separate issue.

      “Know this”, I might say, “know that a vote for the SNP or the Greens means you are voting for independence.”

      “Make no mistake, your vote will count.”

      And then we would have – potentially – our mandate.

      It would take a heck of a decline in our vote for that to fail.


      1. It’s more or less the way that it is, but yes, why not put it in the manifesto.

        The other parties, particularly theTories, might win some seat out of it, but overall I suspect they wouldn’t form a government.


      1. Replying to your post of :

        December 22nd @ 11:36.

        We only need to win a majority for it to be a result. Sure, we would lose some, the Borders come to mind, but I think we would sweep the Central Belt and the North East. Edinburgh might be a problem.

        I am serious about this idea.

        It seems to me that a manifesto commitment is the Ace of Spades in the political game. Perhaps Nicola has already thought about it?


        Thanks for fixing things for me.

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        1. I suspect that we could take more than half the seats.

          Of course what we need to do is ensure that the international community accepts our independence to be democratically achieved.

          The alternative is legal challenge and non acceptance by other countries. This is what Northern Cyprus has to cope with.


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