PS: Jim just sent me this page. Too good to keep for next week… You’ll love them.

Cheers Jim.


13 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Are the big hairy animals a particular breed of cattle? Very impressive appearance, but they might look more refined if they combed their hair. 😉


  2. lovely photos again, starting with the hairy coo! They have hairy coos at Pollok park in Glasgow if anyone is ever passing. The cabin in the snow (see I can translate from the French…) was lovely though not sure I’d like to be stranded there.

    Can I recommend the Secret life of the zoo on demand 4. This week’s has some meerkats – meh, some wonderful elephants and some escaping animals, described by the keepers as very intelligent, who were only lured back when it suited them in order to eat bananas. Guess who? Clue – our cousins…


    1. I’d love to be stranded there over Christmas, if only to get away from the mad rushing crowds doing their best to spend everything they have and all they can borrow to satisfy the demands of big business that you can only have a good Christmas if you break the bank (and earn them their bonuses).

      I’ll go watch Zoo this afternoon.

      Jeez, I hope it’s my orange cousins. I’d cross continents to miss my human ones.

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  3. As always Tris AWESOME pics.

    That said I think Jim is trying to sneak a steal on you though with his wee collection. I can see why you couldn’t wait till next week to show them off though. LOL

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      1. With those squirrel pics I thought you were practicing for a job at the BBC Jim. You know “nothing to see here move along now … oh look squirrels!” LOL

        Then I realised you would never look to join the Biased Brainwashing Corruption company would you. LOL

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