…would anyone in their right mind find this kind of cruelty anything other than repugnant?

…would anyone pay these people £300 tax-free plus expenses and subsidies booze and food, a day to sleep?

…would Boris bend low in front of a king/ dictator of a tyrannical and murdering regime?

… would anyone leave a drain like this?

…would anyone give either of them a job, any job?

…would we continue to subsidise this arrogant self-opinionated wastrel with his helicopter trips and blood princesses?

Must be good old fashioned British values…

47 thoughts on “WHY…?”

  1. Tris

    Those photos sum up all that is wrong or certainly much of what is wrong with the UK right now. There is us and there too many of them and the papers have the gall to be slating the SNP today with their lies as pointed out on Wings. I thought I would have a wee politics break and wasn’t even intending to comment on anything until the new year but this stuff gets the blood boiling.


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    1. Ah, well, I didn’t intend to spoil your season of goodwill, Bruce, so sorry about that, but I keep on seeing stuff like this and it makes me shake my head in disbelief. Actually I can’t believe it. It’s stranger than fiction..


  2. snp sycophants and delusionals

    Er wots wrong with raising taxes on the unfairly wealthy why should the snp
    and their slaves be terrified to say out loud we will raise taxes to help our fellow
    Scots….or do the snp only care for the wealthy the snp being part of the rich list now.

    If you take money away from someone its called a cut sorry and all that I know in
    nat snp speak Unionists make cuts whilst the snp rain manna from westminster
    into their private Bank Accounts.


      1. I think he’s been on the cooking sherry, or maybe he was reading about someone else’s budget, or possibly just reading about our budget in the Daily Mail.


    1. How does that work out Niko. You are beginning to sound like a deranged Daily Diana journalist, or Daily Mail reader.

      The have refused to give the richest part of society a tax reduction that the Tories were going to give them, and are giving them all over the UK.

      The have allowed councils to put up the top few bands of Council tax.

      We can guess what the Tories would have done. Followed London blindly.

      What would you or Kezia have done?


      1. Kezia would abstain, or forget to press a button.

        Niko, have you stopped taking your pills?
        I’d be careful about the accusations, re monies and pockets.

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        1. Aye, these pesky buttons…. They are separatists, I tell ye, damned separatists.

          Talking of which, Terry is doing a three act tragedy over at his blog. it’s hilarious… but true and let’s just say that it doesn’t look good for Liam and David.

          Acts one and two already done… three on Saturday.


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      1. Aye Deirdre, Niko’s totally delusional, but over the years we’ve grown to love him. We kinda feel a sense to duty to try to educate him into reality! Sometimes (rarely) he makes some sense. 🙂


  3. I must admit that I have fallen asleep at work after a pleasant lunch. Just glad that my office isn’t live streamed. Wasn’t someone caught playing candy crush on their phone at a Parliamentary committee?

    Fox hunting really is terrible but Liam Fox hunting sounds like a lot of fun. Where do I sign up?

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    1. Yeah. Candy Crush was Nigel Mills at the work and pensions committee. Clearly as a Tory he wasn’t that interested in what they were talking about… poor people or something, huh!

      Thing is, if you caught Foxy, what would you do with him. He’s not much use for anything and virtually untrainable.


    1. They are both of dubious origin… we don;t know if they are related in any way at all. Who knows with aristos.

      Tell you this though, Airmiles didn’t look anything like the rest of them when he was young. He was actually tolerably good looking before he turned to blubber. That’s not something the rest of his family could claim to be.


  4. Foxhunting. Once useful in training horsemen, giving people an eye for the lie of the land and experience in moving a horse at speed over rough ground. Now totally obsolete. Although a burst of 30mm cannonfire from the Hewitt boy’s helicopter might be more of a humane way to kill them…

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    1. Conan the Librarian,

      A way of training obvious psychopaths in the ways of psychopaths, what’s not to lurve?

      Well, dead foxes obviously, and psychopaths moving on from generation to generation, even into the modern world. Still comfortable with fox hunting? Repeating the errors of the past? How very droll.

      Kiiling animals, etc. Frankly I would castrate every gun owner on the planet, but that is just me. Might improve the murderous bastards a tad.

      Look over your shoulder. You will not see a wolf or a fox, what you will see is a psychopath.


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      1. In what way was I “comfortable” with foxhunting? I stated an obvious fact on the training of horsemen. As for guns; I have only ever killed to eat, and not managed game, pheasant or grouse. Castration? I don’t think my wife would like that…


        1. It’s fair game to kill to eat (if you pardon the pun).

          I don;t do it, but an abattoir does it on my behalf.

          But to kill for pleasure? That’s very very different, I think.


      1. I was brought up in a shooting culture. My stepbrother was a gamekeeper and between us we fed my mum’s ever growing band of feral cats on rabbits and cushets. Got my licence at seventeen and bought my first shotgun off a mail order catalogue!
        I don’t shoot much at all anymore, the last thing I shot was a couple of stab vest inserts that were out of date.

        No, I didn’t eat them…

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  5. Conan,

    Try looking in the mirror. There is a death dealing trained psychopath when all is said and done.

    You say:

    “I was brought up in a shooting culture. My stepbrother was a gamekeeper and between us we fed my mum’s ever growing band of feral cats on rabbits and cushets. Got my licence at seventeen and bought my first shotgun off a mail order catalogue!

    I don’t shoot much at all anymore, the last thing I shot was a couple of stab vest inserts that were out of date.

    No, I didn’t eat them… ”

    Killing animals, even to feed other animals, is a mistake. One that leads to the notion that the words “shooting” and “culture” could exist in the same sentence.

    Could, within reason, see the point of guns to protect farmed animals, though I doubt that foxes do the damage claimed and suspect it is just an excuse for very weak humans to exert their ‘authority’ through a .303 barrel. Same goes for folk that kill to feed cats sunbeam.

    Do you have a mirror in the house?

    Probably not.


    1. The amount of times I’ve argued* with vegans…

      1.There are billions of animals alive today that wouldn’t be, if our ancestors hadn’t eaten theirs.
      A vegan world would be a rather lonely place without dogs or cats, or sheep and goats, or pigs and cows, ducks and chickens etc.
      2.We humans need vitamin b12 that can only come from bacteria found in animals. Live with it. Or rather, die without it. Or you can pay for factory grown stuff, as the vegan ethos of not exploiting animals apparently stops with animals they can’t see with the naked eye.

      * Talked *at*. They don’t listen to argument, something like yoons.
      Q. how do you know there is a vegan in the room? A. Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.


      1. I’m similar to Conan, but his stepbrother would have been looking out for me!
        Everything was for the pot, or selling for a few quid when I wasn’t working. Kids need feeding.
        As I grew older, I found I couldn’t kill anything anymore, but I still love meat.


        1. The argument is interesting, and everyone to their own.

          As Jutie says, sometimes it could be a necessity.

          I like meat too, and in a way of course, that makes me a hypocrite, because I let someone else do my killing for me. But it doesn’t seem unreasonable to kill something to eat. After all a carrot is a living thing too!

          What I can’t stand is killing for the joy of killing. That is different. Domestic cats that kill birds annoy me. They don’t eat them. They aren’t hungry. And they don’t even store them like wild cats. They just kill them and play around with them, and then go do something else.

          And humans kill for the sport disgust me.

          Harry, Charles, Philip, Edward William. Seen them all shooting animals for the fun of it. Don’t know about Airmiles. But too energetic for fatso maybe.


  6. Hi Tris. I do not like the self righteous, be they ignorant Little Englanders or people who think they are morally superior than others because of their lifestyle choice.

    And rather strangely threaten violence to back it up…


  7. I did a bit of shooting in my late teens but haven’t for many years. It was the hunting bit I liked but I always felt like a complete git after the kill so I gave it up. I’m not so much against shooting now because of the enjoyment factor but more for the environmental damage as a consequence of organised shoots. The extermination of every predator that might kill the baby pheasants, grouse etc has been I think criminal over the last century or so. Stoats, weasels, pine martens, foxes, raptors the list is long and grim.

    I take your point about domestic cats Tris but it’s in their nature so they can’t help it. Unregulated cat ownership on the other hand does a great deal of damage to wildlife. I read somewhere that your average moggy, kills/tortures around 12-14 small animals a week. This includes birds, amphibians and rodents (not all of which can be considered vermin) Then I heard that the latest research has shown that it’s actually more than that. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had cats and I’ve loved them dearly but some folk have lots of them and it’s easy to do the sums.

    My point in this and I hope I’m not up for first prize in stating the bleeding obvious is that the things human beings do for fun exact a huge price on the planet.

    And we haven’t even mentioned gardening or golf courses.

    To quote that well known optimist Roger Waters “This Species Has Ammused Itself to Death”.


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