Scottish Budget

From the SNP Website “All you need to know” summary of today’s draft budget.

Seems not unfair to me. I guess the well off will be rather less than pleased.

Today Finance Secretary Derek Mackay announced the Scottish Government’s budget plans for the year ahead.
The Draft Budget includes new investment in public services, as well as new measures to support business, jobs and economic growth.

Here’s what you need to know.
Investing in our public services

  • We will invest a record £304 million extra in our NHS.
  • It is unacceptable that too many children from less advantaged areas achieve less at school because of their background. Over the next year £120 million will be invested in our schools to help close the attainment gap. That’s £20 million more than previously announced
  • Local services will benefit from up to £241 million of additional investment including.
–       Funding from the NHS for health and social care to pay the living wage to care workers.
–       £111 million raised through Council Tax re-banding will be retained locally.
–       Local authorities will also be able to increase the Council Tax generally by up to 3 per cent next year, which would generate an extra £70 million.
  • The police budget will be protected in real terms.
Protecting household budgets
  • The basic rate of Income Tax will be frozen – helping low and middle income earners. And, by asking higher rate taxpayers to forgo a Tory tax cut, extra revenue will be available to invest in Scotland’s public services.
  • By 2020, we’ll increase the provision of free, high quality childcare to 30 hours a week. The Draft Budget allocates over £60 million in new investment in the workforce and infrastructure necessary for this expansion.
  • A £3 million investment to bring down costs for rail users.
  • We will provide £47 million to mitigate the Tory Bedroom Tax, and abolish it at the earliest opportunity.
Supporting jobs and investing in growth
  • We will support jobs by cutting Business Rates. And, the extension of the Small Business Bonus Scheme will lift 100,000 small and medium sized business properties out of Business Rates altogether.
  • To support more businesses – particularly start-up companies – with the potential to grow and export more, the new Scottish Growth Scheme will provide up to £500 million over three years of investment guarantees and some loans.
  • We will deliver a £4 billion investment in our infrastructure, supporting 30,000 jobs. Our investment will begin the delivery of 50,000 new affordable homes, energy efficiency measures and improved digital connectivity. The next year will also see the completion of major projects like the Queensferry Crossing, the AWPR and the M8/M74/M73 improvements.
  • Skills, training and employment in Scotland will be supported by a £221 million investment. And, 2017-18 will see the next stage of our expansion to 30,000 Modern Apprenticeship new starts a year.

It’s not entirely without irony that Tories have been demanding more from the budget whilst doubtless rejoicing in and most assuredly agreeing with,  the cut to the Scottish budget, presumably so that the money can be spent on their railway from London to Birmingham, Heathrow extensPalacehe Plalace of Westminster and Buckingham Palace been made fit for a king, bribing Nissan to stay in Sunderland, etc. I dare say too that, given the coverage in all the tabloids today, we will shortly have to pay for another royal wedding. Oh, how lucky we Scots are.


46 thoughts on “Scottish Budget”

    1. Aye, those SNP bastards have out flanked us. Balanced the budget and done exactly as we thought they wouldn’t, vile separatists are doing it on purpose.

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    1. Indeed Jim.
      Anywhoo, the drunken laird did not interact with us “cybernats”; it was his assistant.

      Fifi le bonbon.

      Now, I don’t wish to bum up Labour activists, but I’m pretty sure it was Fifi who came up with “cybernat”; *not* the red nosed Baron.

      If only the person who was known a “Fifi le bonbon” hadn’t deleted her account on the day that Kezia Dugdale got elected…

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      1. If I remember rightly she called herself Fifi LA bonbon, which of course is grammatically incorrect. The gender of the article is is determined by the noun it accompanies.

        I have vague memories of pointing that out to Fifi.


  1. Oh look … SNP take what pittance is thrown their way by the greed merchants of Westminster and spread it as far and wide as possible for the benefit of the people of Scotland. Meanwhile the part time Tory leader, when not searching out her next photo op, does nothing but moan and complain about the rich and infamous not getting their tax cut as promised by die Fuhrerin May.

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      1. Ruthie’ll sort out the SNP by appearing on Strictly Come Dancing………….
        As for the Red Baron, I’ve met him and I can say that even by just existing the SNP drive him mental.

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    1. Well, for the £314 a year that they won’t get, by living in Scotland, the rich could always bugger off and live in England, if they want.

      I mean £30 a week that the disabled lost is a sight more, but the rich seemed to think it was nothing.

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  2. £314 a year to stay in the most beautiful country on earth? Bargain.

    And if Scotland were to become a republic then they could save the 56 pence a day the monarchy supposedly costs too. Net 30p? Canny buy an apple for that.

    Anyway, how could we possibly have a Royal wedding next year? Is Andy getting remarried? If we’re to pay for Hewitt I demand a DNA test.

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    1. LOL.

      Now wouldn’t that be a laugh. Actually we should probably have a similar test done on Andy. I’m told that there were rumours at the time that Phil was a bit shocked at his arrival… and his looks, which aren’t in the least inbred Windsor.


  3. tris and the snp sycophants

    A truly underwhelming and regressive budget Thatcher would be happy to see.
    The basic rate of Income Tax will be frozen – helping low and middle income earners???
    how so they will not see an increase in their basic incomes and seeing as most are on
    in work benefits the net effect is given inflation snp cut to peoples living standards.
    And now tris and the other snp right wingers can explain why the snp did not increase
    both the council tax nd the income tax on the most wealthy in Scotland which now more
    and more encompasses the snp hierarchy oh that explains why..


    1. But they did, Niko. Have you been watching the Greenland budget?

      The British rate of tax for high earners is coming down. Not so for Scottish high earners. The Council tax for big houses is going up, not so for small houses. More money to be spent on health and education. Despite a large cut in block grant.


    2. Worth noting, due to inflation more and more middle earners will be sucked into paying the “frozen” higher rates of income tax. The SNP are making more Scots pay higher taxes than in England.



      1. If you earn big money is it a huge problem. It’s less than £400 a year. You’r government saw fit to take between £1000 and £2000 a year from disabled people.

        However, I’d be interested to see what your budget would do, and how you’d balance to books.

        Maybe you’d like to lay it out for us.

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  4. Bunkum!

    Scotland has seen unemployment rise and the SNPs solution is to double business rates burden on business from 1.3% to 2.6?! Higher unemployment, tax punishment for job creators. The SNP aren’t fooling anyone with their tax bombshell budget.

    SNP 2016: higher taxed than elsewhere in the UK, higher joblessness than elsewhere in the UK, collapsing education outcomes than England…but hey, “constitutional crisis is a good thing”…right?



    1. If only we didn’t have the Tory run Parliament in London, controlling the real economic levers, how much better Scotland could be for all.

      Taxes are being at their present level, instead of cutting them in a period of enforced ideological austerity, to appease the Tory home counties, whilst trying to out UKIP, UKIP.

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      1. Aye amazing how it’s the SNPs fault for not giving tax relief to the people who earn 1.5 time the national average. Not the Tories fault for doing that while leaving the poor worse off.


      1. There’s no tax increase, it’s just that rich people haven’t been given the tax reduction of £300 a year that the UK has. .

        Business rates are reduced (not increased), so businesses could compensate by paying their top people a little more…if that is what they thought would be their best move.

        More money for health. We all know that there are problems with the health services of teh UK. Under investment, increase in demand due to the demographics, foreign doctors and nurses leaving becasue of xenophobic threats from the Tory conference , fewer people wanting to be nurses becasue of Osborne’s fees.

        But most of that is down to British government decisions.

        The UK government appears to me to be in meltdown. There’s not a department operating properly, and a lot of it has to do with their idiotic policy of privatising everything.

        Even some Tories don;t like that. What was it Harold Macmillan said about family silver?

        They’ve sold the paintings too and now they are selling the carpets and settees.


    2. You’d get a better discussion going if you adopted a less aggressive tone.

      If things are as bad as you paint them, why oh why is it that the SNP has twice as many seats in parliament as its nearest rivals, the Ruth Davidson Party, and why is it that in a recent poll was it shown that, if there were another GE today the SNP would increase its seats, as would the Greens?

      All you have to do, of course, is defeat the budget. The SNP is a minority government. You should be able to do that no bother.

      A more mature and sensible leader, like the one you USED to have, was always able to negotiation concessions with a minority government.

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    3. Bunkum. The smaller businesses – which account for the vast majority of private sector employment – get up to 100% rates relief. That system is continuing. It saves me £3 1/2 k a year and is the ONLY assistance I have ever had from the state in over 30 years in business.

      The rise in council tax which is coming in does raise taxes on the more expensive houses, however council tax has been frozen for several years. Prior to the frieze council tax routinely rose at double the rate of inflation. While it was frozen the average council tax in the south has continued to rise to the point where it is now the same as in Scotland, but excludes water charges which are included in Scotland. ( That was in the Telegraph no less 2 weeks ago ).

      If you want a tax system designed to encourage economic growth in Scotland, you have to push for ALL taxation to be devolved and then elect a business friendly government – like for instance the SNP has been since it took power. The SNP have a good record on business. Look dispassionately and that is obvious to anyone.

      Oh, unemployment also rose in NI and Wales. How is that the fault of the SNP pray tell us?

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  5. Ah, the days of Fifi, Highland Mighty, Independence NOW, Mr Lickspital, etc -where are they now? Did the Spook frighten them all away before moving on?

    Of to the Leb for a couple of weeks so I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. Catch you all in January – with a bit of luck! Keep up the good work of showing there is still some sanity in the world.

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  6. As my cognomen implies, I once was a librarian.
    In my years of working in many libraries I dealt with many unfortunates; from alcoholics and addicts to PTS ex squaddies who may have been both, but sometimes weren’t either, just flotsam that their ex CO’s forgot about as soon as they got that safe Tory seat in the “Home counties”. Mind you, they still wear a poppy once a year, so that’s alright then.

    I then moved on; I worked in Community Safety and walked the streets of Edinburgh old town down to Leith, dealing with users who saw nothing wrong in injecting heroin into their penis within the stairwell of a high rise. It was normal.

    Rant over. Why am I saying this, here and now?

    Because I detest the Tory party and all of its middle class self satisfied grammar schoolboys who cry “Bunkum” from afar… who fucking caused all this.
    Aye. *You*, Dean. And Osborne. And Cameron. And a trail of arseholes right back to Thatcher.

    That is all.

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    1. That’s the difference between us really. Whereas I can simply disagree with a centre-lefties analysis; you genuinely feel morally superior to (and hate) those of the centre-right; who care to disagree with you.

      Suppose that’s also a common difference between centre-left & centre-right more generally.


      1. Dos that mean then, Dean, that the centre right is full of more decent, better educated, more broad minded people.

        Sounds a wee bit like you defeated your own argument there.


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