czjleg4xcaaxuw2The Sun, in its usual helpful fashion, has kindly provided a handy “cut out and keep” guide to a what a terrorist looks like, lest perchance you should see one in the High Street when you’re out and about Christmas shopping. (Munguin is fond of Nuit St Georges 2012, by the way!)

Not surprisingly, given its source,  it was a rather over-simplified guide.

Like so much of the Sun’s coverage, it left out great chunks of relevant material. Y’know, the kind of material that doesn’t match the Sun’s right wing,  xenophobic, nationalist agenda. Fortunately, a Twitter friend of mine, Aamer Anwar, put up the above picture and captioned it: “So whilst the Sun does a ‘helpful’ cut out & keep terrorist guide they miss out Jo Cox’s Nazi killer”.

Odd that, we thought!

So in an effort to better educate the public, we decided to help spread it around a bit more. After all, you never know who you’re going to bang into in the darker reaches of Auchtermuchty High Street when you’re searching for that special bottle of ‘Nuit’!

Although the Sun’s circulation figures are on a downward trajectory, they do still have more readers than Munguin’s Republic. So, as we like to do what we can in our own way, can we ask you to help by spreading it around on your social media (with credit to Mr Anwar).

29 thoughts on “HELPING OUT THE SUN …”

  1. Another flaw in the Sun’s handy guide is that two of them are dead. But never mind, I ‘ll keep an eye out for anyone who looks a bit…..well, Muslim. I thought this kind of brain dead nonsense died with Julius Streicher.

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    1. Not a lawyer here, but it does sorta look a bit like that. Your enemy is Muslim? The Sun probably had it checked out.

      But there are some really weird things going on in the papers at the moment. The Daily Express was yesterday bragging about the fact that Ian Bradey agreed with them about Brexit!. Jeez, he’s the last person I’d be thinking about asking to endorse my views.

      And Ian Smart has been saying utterly vile things about Irvine Welsh on Twtter…at 12.30 am!!


  2. Nuit St George addles the brain -Auctermuchty not Auchtermuchtie. I’m heading up there tonight.
    Stick with St Andrews cream(?) sherry…………NOT!!!

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    1. Ha ha ha ha ah. Thanks for the correction. Munguin’s spelling is far from good, especially when he’s had a glass or two or three…

      Keep an eye open for these terrorists, Chas! You know what they look like now.


  3. I used to shoot on a farm near Achtermuchty (Sorry Tris) in the eighties. Crack of dawn till the pubs opened. In the pub, I meet an ancient auld buddy with the most curious accent; it turned that he had been captured in the first world war and had volunteered to work on a farm as you got better rations. He met a local girl and stayed after the war. Not having any English at all he spoke braid Scots with a Bavarian accent, even after seventy years…

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        1. I remember chatting to an old guy called Jock, who’d been in a prisoner of war camp in the East. His name was Jock, and he was a great old guy. He really liked his whisky, and was the soul of generosity to the point of being embarrassing.

          But what fascinating stories he told…


    1. conan
      blasting away non stop all day long blam blam blam wid his magnum .44
      and his buddy who is a former nazi prisoner of war from Bavaria.
      well there you are just an everyday tale from a well trained snp

      yeah I cant wait the day Knock knock on door
      whose that dear …..oh its conan just said could
      he have a word..
      niko jumps out back window legging it up vennel
      bullets ricocheted around doubt if conan wanted
      he could put one in me brain pan no probs .

      conan stone cold killer and also uses his dugs
      to eat the evidence chomp! chomp !

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  4. Sorry Tris I can’t spread it round on social media as I don’t have any pals cos every body hates me. 😜

    I wonder if the BBC could do a similar piece entitled. That’s what a predatory sex offender looks like? Please insert your choice of pics.

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  5. tris

    see Our Tom Harris has gone up in the world he is now
    on the premium tag at the Torygraph Ooer ! I say
    you have to pay extra to read his diatribes on how rotten the
    Labour party is and variations on that theme….

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    1. Methinks Old Tom used the Labour Party to get a nice wee earner till he could join McTeacake on the Torygraph, as one their their more right wing commentators. Just shows that the Torygraph isn’t what it used to be. I mean it was always to the right, but at least it had reasonably intelligent writers.

      I guess the cost of living musta gone up on Sark.


  6. yeah me dad used to tell us about an old soldier he knew who
    when he got pished used to take his clothes off sit cross legged
    on the floor in the pub taking the position the Japanese made
    him hold when they beat him ……not all war storys are nice.

    they all treated him with respect in the pub helped him home etc
    awful sight dad used to say.

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