June24.  Massive and utterly conclusive 61% vote to leave the EU. Surely absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the North East of England does not like being in the EU and wants no part of it.
October 1. But, when they said leave, we meant leave (y’know, Brexit means Brexit) but with a special deal for Sunderland, which excludes Nissan from the consequences of leaving. Cake and eat it kinda style, but with all of us paying for it presumably..
December  10. Well, despite there being some shady backroom deal (which we’re  not quite sure is legal or binding) and which only the Japanese government and Nissan are informed about, it looks as though maybe the locals have had second thoughts. Of course, newspaper polls are self-selecting and invariably inaccurate, but it is interesting that such a strong leave vote has been overturned.



23 thoughts on “…AND SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT”

  1. tris

    See Fatso (no not conan he of the 32inch waist yeah right I believe )
    but whatisname you know the once in a generation guy is saying/threatening
    due to Brexit Indyref2…..yeah yeah yeah BRING IT ON


  2. Off topic, but in need of an ambulance service.

    How do you spell “goany” as in “No gonae do that” or “Gony do that”

    Anyone know?


      1. GWC has destroyed James Kelly’s blog. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was some kind of paid agent.

        And with the shenanigans we have seen with Craig Murray, Wings ( and I am very curious at the placings of wings on a google search ) etc wrt twitter and facebook, I wouldnt be surprised if all the prominent sites start getting attacked in the run up to ID2. I suspect a lot of rehearsing is going on.

        I would say GWC took about 6 months or so to render James comments unreadable.


  3. GWC is a pain. And there’s nothing that James can do about him. You can’t bar people.

    It’s not James’ fault. The best way to deal with GWC is to ignore him. But people rise to the bait every time.

    It’s just encouraging him. I’m guessing that he’s a rather solitary person with not much else to do… the kind of person that they portrayed a typical Cybernat to be.

    No, he’s not Niko. Niko is fun; GWC is not.

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  4. I took a look at this and I’m not absolutely sure of the integrity of this poll. They don’t reveal the methodology of the poll beyond saying it was an “online poll” with 3000 respondents. That might be no more than a twitter poll or a doodle poll or an online poll that allowed multiple voting (it is quite easy to undermine an online poll just by clearing your internet cache and re-voting again and again; I even did that for a laugh once: https://terryentoure.blogspot.ch/2016/09/power-to-people.html). It honestly could be anything with any error margin. They then compare to a poll carried out by the newspaper on June 22nd with 5200 responses and 73.6% for Leave. They don’t say if that was an online poll or how they carried that one out, either. All sounds a bit dubious to me. I’m not sure if we are comparing apples and oranges.

    “Our poll is a snapshot of opinion and is as reliable as any other poll…and as history has shown, that reliability is built on shaky ground”. It is certainly built on shaky ground if you don’t publish the methodology.

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    1. Yes, as I said, I’m not sure about it either, but it’s a little interesting nonetheless.

      I don’t know if you’ve seen any polling from a reputable polling company on the current situation?

      I can’t help but think that there must have been a swing away from Leave… and let’s face it it was a relatively small win to begin with.

      Still, every day you notice some part of the population of the UK that wants special measures put in place for it.

      Nissan and the North East, London and the City, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, universities, Scotland… If all of us get special consideration, there won’t be much Brexit… More Foxy and Davis, Govey and IDS, along with Patel and that odious Grayling bloke, all round at Boris’s house, outside the union. The rest of us in some sort of special arrangement or series thereof.


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