Soppy Sunday


I noticed on my Twitter feed, that there is a wee lad called Bradley Lowery. He’s not very old but he has cancer and has only a few months to live. His greatest ambition now is to get thousands of Christmas cards. If you’ve got a spare one, and a stamp you don’t need, here’s his address:

Did you ever see a lovelier smile…?


20 thoughts on “Soppy Sunday”

  1. oh those were smashing. The animals were adorable, the vistas stunning. That has fair set me up for the week that has. The orangs in a wheelbarrow were gorgeous from a human point of view. But from an orang point of view would have been better with mum up a tree. Still without the rescue centres they wouldn’t have survived at all.

    Ach Soppy Sunday – never stop!!

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    1. But, my dear friend, they are under threat of extinction. I find that as unacceptable as you.

      So, what can we actually do about it?

      Tris has given us, and he, I am pretty sure he is a him, a forum for fighting back.

      (Tris, yes?)

      How could we all proceed, you, tris and me?

      Can we do something amazing, or not?


      1. There are so many animals that are under threat of extinction. There are more and more people. People need farms, farms have to clear land, land that animals lived in.

        And then there’s the fact that we are ruining the climate and animals can’t pack up and be refugees. And even if they could, Mrs Mayhem would turn them away.

        This wee blog can’t do much Douglas.

        WWW maybe….

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  2. Tris,

    Maybe, we could make a difference. Mark Frankland certainly did.

    And, I just guess, you could make a similar difference.

    No pressure my friend, but why don’t you start a similar crowd funding for our favorite monkeys and see where it goes?

    My tenner is in the post…

    Panda Paws, help me out here, Tris feels impotent and I do not believe that for a moment. We ought to be able to get the whole of the Yes! movement on side for an issue like this. Spreading the issue around every Yesser site should pull in a few quid.

    What say you?


    1. Douglas. I appreciate your faith in Munguin’s Republic, but i don;t think we have quite the reach of mark or Wings or Scot Goes Pop.

      I’ll think about it though.:)


    2. Douglas there are a number of charities and foundations helping our orang furry relatives

      and there probably are more lesser known ones.

      However did I detect an air of sarcasm there? Apologies if I’m misinterpreting your comments but I doubt the Yes movement would regard saving the orangs as a high priority. And they are apes (like us) not monkeys. In fact humans are the only great apes that aren’t at risk of extinction.

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      1. Thanks PP.

        I’ll certainly make a donation.

        And encourage anyone reading this blog that it is a worthwhile cause.

        It seems to me that so many species are at risk thanks almost entirely to us.

        of course we can get away with that for a while, but as we know, everything here on Earth fits into an ecosystem. Move one thing and it affects everything else, no matter how little.

        Start removing many species and we are heading for the drains.

        And one day it will be the human apes that will be extinct. Won’t the world be relieved when that happens?


      2. Absolutely no sarcasm intended. I came to this site completely unaware of the fate orangs. I came to love them, probably through your photographs and those of others. Can you accept that?

        Perhaps the ‘Yes’ movement should have a bit more depth to it?

        As a movement, we tend to care about folk, and ‘not quite’ folk. I quite like monkeys’ too.

        Y’know, this is not exactly a ‘nationalist’ movement, imho.

        It is a political idea that transcends race, creed and – if you like – species.


    1. Thanks PP. Is there anyone, anywhere, or indeed anything, that will be better off for having Trump?

      I choked myself at this: “Trump has claimed that climate change is a Chinese invention to gain competitive advantage over American businesses.”

      Why , we might ask, did he have his Trump Fashion shirts made in China?

      It’s all looking rather bleak at the moment, isn’t it?


    1. No, don’t apologise. I think thought that it would be a good idea for us to contribute to something far bigger than this wee blog, Douglas. And PP has given some good ideas there.


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