Over the last three years, the Department for Work and Pensions has handed out £139.9 million in bonuses to its staff – £124.37 million of which has gone to Senior Civil servants according to an article in the Independent.

I’m wondering what the proportion of Senior Civil Servants is to the lower orders? Because the bonuses given to the top people amount to approximately 89% of the total cash available.

I doubt if that is a reflection of the staffing situation.

I only mention it because it is your money.



  1. So £139.9 million in bonuses to its staff – £124.37 million of which has gone to Senior Civil servants … REALLY?


    Oh to be in a job where the top bods get massive bonuses for penalising the poor plebs without a job like for for example … erm … Donald!

    Great to see Mark’s fundraiser is still on the rise Tris. I’ve just checked it out and it’s currently sitting at £75 short of £5,000. Not bad for a wee fundraiser looking for £160.

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    1. Ye. I’m really happy for Mark, and for Donald and maybe a whole pile of Donalds in the area. But my god, why should people have to beg for money to help people like Donald stay alive over the winter in his CHRISTIAN country?


      1. I agree Tris.

        Why the hell should people in an alleged Christian country have to beg for money to help those in an even worse situation. Oh wait a second didn’t die Fuhrerin May claim to be a Christian?

        Think I read somewhere her father is a minister somewhere. Yet despite this she oversees the worst country in the world for care and assistance needed by those most in need!

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  2. I’ve long gone past pure anger at what the Tories do, much sneakily behind our backs.
    Now there’s a determination to make sure all the “mushrooms” are also aware of how much sh*te is being heaped on them/us…
    …more than all the horses in Scotland can produce!

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  3. Och!

    I tried to write a complicated post that made several points, with back-up! Lost in the mists of t’internet!

    But fuck it.

    We are just being played for idiots.

    It is a sort of reverse Stockholm syndrome, where we love not our captors but our mere capture.

    The 45% that have broken through the neuro-linguistic programming have a cliff face to climb in relation to the remaining 55%.

    Check it out.


  4. All these ‘bonuses’ started when the government set up ‘Agencies’, such as the “Benifits Agency, in the civil service so that Ministers could wash their hands off unpopular decisions and failures in the systems. These bonuses are not necessarily for civil servants but for outside agencies appointed to carry out the Government’s more unacceptable policies.

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    1. Ahhhh… if begins to make sense now.

      It’s part of the Thatcher school of employment. “We must have a low wage economy; we must pay top rates to management so that we get the best people”.

      I just wish we could get some of the best people for all this top money we are paying out, because the ones we are getting at the moment does see to know their a***s from their elbows.


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