Disagreeable old woman, oh sorry “lady”. She’s an aristo, don’t you know?



Citigroup has shifted from warning about moving jobs from Britain to firming up plans to do so by picking specific destinations, according to an article in the Indy. I wonder what kind of financial incentive this broke country can offer them to stay.



Donald Trump has increased membership fees to his Turnberry golf club by £700 per annum.  The 38% rise takes the fees to over £2 500 per annum. Serious stuff.



That just might be an offence, although your falsified votes are unlikely to have been counted. Even if you and your mates are a bit dim, the people counting the survey probably aren’t. Oh, and it’s “my pals and I” you silly boy. Here’s a wee tip. When you don’t know which pronoun to use, take out the other name(s). Would you say “me sat and made up 40 people”? No?  Well, why would you use a subject pronoun when you’re on your own and change it to an object pronoun when you add a few mates? Duh!





28 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Yeh! He’s obviously an idiot who can’t even speak his masters language properly.

    Is that Kez with him in the photie doing her piano with the lid open routine?

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    1. I couldn’t resist that rather cruel go at his grammar. Given that we all make mistakes, it was unkind of me. I just thought it would help him out a bit…
      Yep, there he is with Kez, who’s now decided that it’s important for Scotland to get a lot of new powers that her party voted against in the the Scotland debate.


  2. Even more important is Holiday Hewitt’s winter sun break in the Caribbean to celebrate the independence of a former colony. Lovely to see Young Hewitt on holiday, but when we gain independence could we get somebody actually related to the British royal family to collect their old flag and then yuck off home to their own imperial seat?

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    1. What is the point of being adopted by a revoltingly rich family of benefit scroungers if you can’t help them out by going on holiday to the Caribbean while the workmen are in at the council house?

      When we get independence Munguin will put a flag in the post o them. No need for them to come here.


  3. Here is the delightfully ignorant anti Scottish brain deid rool Britannia die Fuhrerin May rools OK “Dame” Ruth Deech in full flow.

    Just think folks, this is what Ruth “Photo opportunity” Davidson will be looking and sounding exactly like this in a few years time wearing her very own cloak of ermine.


    As for the ****heid Sheridan and his lovely 40 invented names well whoop de bloody doo. Guess what ya prat the National Survey returned well over 2 Million so your pathetic attempt at results rigging is what WE in the intelligentsia call a complete waste of time … se ya ya twat … noo get back tae Primary school where ye belong!

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    1. I dunno what she’s worried about. Her £300 a day plus expenses isn’t taxed so she’ contributing nothing. She does sound rather bitter though, doesn’t she. I hope it doesn’t give her ulcers.


    1. No matter how many times you tell them, and show them the proof they won’t go away.

      The only conclusion I can reach is that they aren’t terribly bright, poor things.


  4. 2m respondents.
    What’s that in terms of voters,around 50% depending on turnout?
    Should give the SNP a pretty good idea of how Scots are thinking about things and how to pitch any future indy campaign.
    The arrogant English establishment have always treated the revolting natives with disdain and the more revolting they became,the more irrational the response.
    The worst of the establishment outbursts came from the Uncle Toms and Aunty Tomasinas of the revolting population,probably driven by fear of their position without the protection of the colonial masters.
    I think the end is in sight and they know it too.

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    1. It’s a good sample. Even if you subtract the 40 names that the wee laddie and his mates added in at playtime.

      You think to yourself though, who, in a democracy, could much argue with the idea of asking people what they though in a survey.

      After all, it wasn’t a YES only survey. You had to opportunity to let them know that you’d invite Jeremy Hunt for a romantic weekend rather than vote for independence. (Sorry, I couldn’t think of anything more repugnant…well I could, but I couldn’t bring myself to type it.)

      So what was the problem with it?

      Oh yeah, asking the people before making your policies wouldn’t occur to the Labour Party. Or the Tories for that matter.

      In other news I saw that Tony Blair got a clean bill of health for lying to parliament. Seems that old aristocrat, Lard Malcolm Bruce, was right. They are LIARS.


    2. The National Survey is a strange fish. It is not really a survey because it is not a properly weighted sample of opinion. The rabid Nationalists ( like me ) will be all 10’s for independence. A rabid yoony loonie might boycott the thing because its an SNP initiative.

      It served to keep the troops busy while the Brexit manoeuvres were going on – where’s our renewed summer independence drive? . The only big advantage I can see is the rather huge database which will be able to be compiled. The stance of about half the voters on the matter will now be known. That saves hundreds of hours of canvassers time. And allows very carefully targetted action to deliver the yes vote – so long as it comes quick ( it will get out of date at the same rate as the electoral roll).

      We are entering the end game now.

      Saor Alba!

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  5. If I were the Germans, I would not be in a hurry to give Citibank access. Were they not involved in the scandalous costs and charges for the Skye Bridge?

    From personal experience I would say they are a pretty lousy bank. A year after I closed an account with them I started receiving statements showing ever mounting charges (ten dollars per month) for a low balance. Apparently the account closure was reversed when they ran the annual interest program and put 2 cents into the account. It took nine months and finally threatening to involve a lawer to get action. I got a zero balance statement, but no letter, no apology, no nothing.

    In my view, they deserve their derogator nickname “shittybank”.

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  6. Whatever gives you the impression that I don’t like them Tris? LOL

    Little niafs like him and his mates should be seen, at a phenomenal distance, and not heard. (or read) LOL

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  7. Those views expressed in the broadcast are patently stupid, scurrilous. But, rather than have people moan of ‘offence’, a far more useful avenue would be for more offendees to outline rebuttals.

    ‘Offence’ = a moan, a whine. It isn’t an argument. It’s laziness. And in a free society, being offended is a price we pay for free speech.

    Much better to outline why such views expressed are baseless.

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    1. They have been shown time after time Dean. No one seems to pay much attention to the figures.

      I see Trump has been insulting the Chinese again. he’s scary. I hope that President Xi understand that he’s just a fool that doesn’t realise what he’s saying. I don;t want us dragged into a war with China.


    2. I had a rather self-righteous response typed out for Dean.

      Didn’t post it. Respect for Tris.

      A Tory, living in an ex-communist society, seeing how international trade *now* allowed by the Americans has enhanced the lives of the proletariat…

      I live in Scotland, and what is happening *here*, isn’t reported in the MSM either Dean…

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