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I’ve just read Mark Frankland’s blog about Donald. As ever I leave Mark’s blog with tears of sadness and anger in my eyes. I am truly ashamed to be a part of a country that treats people like this but at the same time I’m  proud to be a part of a country that has people like Mark Frankland in it.

Mark has more than met his target to keep Donald warm until the mean-minded bastards at the DWP see fit to give the guy some money to keep warm, and Mark and his team will feed him from First Base until February.

But we all know that Mark will have to face more Donalds before long.

If you can give here’s the link.

Y’know, they talk big about Great British Values and how we are a Christian country and how their every step is guided by the gospels. But how in the name of hell can they be when they do this to people. Maybe they just had different gospels from the ones we read at school.

8 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. some very beautiful pictures which in a world of ugliness is ever more welcome. I love elephants and cheetahs but our lovely cousins – who for palm oil which is bad for us we may make extinct.

    However what hope for our orang cousins when we treat our own species so vilely. The Donalds of the country were why Mhairi Black’s sanctions bill was so important. Nobody, not least the vulnerable should be left destitute by the government. There are serial killers in prison who are never left without food or heat – rightly so. So why are jobseekers and the disabled and ill?

    Anyway thanks for a few moments of beauty. That’s why Soppy Sunday is so important.

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    1. Thanks PP.

      It makes me so angry that the Jobcentre uses people like Donald to get their targets becasue he is polite and decent and won’t kick off, no matter what they do to him.

      A decent country, Christian or not, would never allow that, not so that someone could reach their week’s targets for reducing costs…. not for anything.

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  2. I don’t know how many of us have read stories about desperate people breaking a shop window, then standing there waiting for the police to show up, just so they could have a decent meal and a warm bed for the night.

    “Judge a country by how it treats its most vulnerable, its worst off, and you see its true face.”

    I don’t like Westminster’s true face, Fawks probably had the right idea.

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    1. The UK is beginning to have a reputation for bunging its old in homes, abusing it’s children and treating its sick and disabled and its vulnerable, like Donald, with utter disrespect.

      As the magnificent Mhairi pointed out, however, we always have money for war, and for doing up palaces.

      It genuinely makes me cry.

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    1. I’m glad you liked them, Gerry. I thought it was a pretty smart feature, and as long as I type the caption in when I’m storing/saving the pics, it comes up on the slideshow, or when you slide the mouse over the pic.


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